Posted: December 2, 2018 by Adam Carr

The final semi final for this year is over and we have all of our finalists confirmed.  First as the person that created the Hall of Fame, i would like to thank our awesome team for nominating and writing about their favourite DC stars all year.

With that in mind, here are the results for the final semi-final of 2018.  Remember that the same as last month, the top two will qualify for the Hall of Fame final:

1st: Matt Ryan (77%)

2nd: Richard Donner (11%)

3rd: Paul Edwards & Chris Chalk (4% each)

4th: Christopher Nolan (3%)

5th: Mark Pillow (1%)

6th: Jessica Parker Kennedy, Frank Miller, Michelle Pfeiffer, Dan Jurgen (0% each)

Paul wont be making it into the DCWorld Hall of Fame this year, but there are still a great selection of DC heroes on show for you to vote from:


You can vote now by going to the Hall of fame page

Kevin Conroy

Cillian Murphy

Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster (Superman Creators)

Dean Cain

John Barrowman

Burt Ward

Batman (Character as a whole)

John Williams

Cameron Cuff

Hans Zimmer

Matt Ryan

Richard Donner



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