A Brand New Comic Book store has just opened in Upminster Essex and with it being where I live I just had to go and take a look as I’m always keen to support and help local business.

It is situated in the most perfect place like a comic book shop should be, just off the Upminster high street and down a small Alleyway, and hey presto there it is hidden in its own space and cool area…


So I went along and met the business Owner Jason Rutland a comic book fan and collector himself who told me he decided to set this business up and give it a go and I couldn’t support him more, such a friendly person and knows his stuff and the characters and I felt like we could of chatted all day and I’m sure I’ll be back very soon to continue.

We also talked about comic books, the characters, events and more and showed me around his new store that just opened this week and also made me aware he is a marvel fan and finds it strange on the Marvel and DC rivalry as I agreed and also he likes DC too.( Great news!!) Jason was also impressed that I had met Wonder Woman Gal Gadot too.



So Jason tells me he buys and sells collectors items too and this shop is an Aladdin’s cave for comic book and memorabilia fans. For sale are Funko pops including some exclusives, comic books, figures, posters, loads of merchandise and display cabinets packed full of great items and some second hand items too.



New and second hand comic books and bargains to be found I can not recommend this BatCave enough to all fans and collectors out there. It is such a unique and friendly place to visit I’m sure after you go there you’ll be back for more.



Jason has even created a Star Wars section in the store too full of figures, soft toys and more.


The counter area was also cool with a great big Venom greeting you with a bowl of key rings.


I want to wish Jason all the best and I can’t do enough to spread the word of his new shop and will be back soon to see what’s expanded, if you are in Essex or want a great place to visit I highly recommend a visit to Comic Book Heroes!


The full shop address details are below.


Comic Book Heroes

67 Station Road



RM14 2SU

Open Monday to Saturday 10.30 to 18.30


The Website is being developed and will be full operational in the next couple of weeks.

https://comicbookheroes.co.uk www.comicbookheroes.co.uk



Below is where the alley is and where to go to find them.