As the arrowverse shows have come to an end, DC fans are looking to the internet for things to look forward to and there is a wealth of them.  Whether it’s Titans and the DC Universe streaming service, or the fact that Batgirl is joining the arrowverse, there are plenty of things to keep DC fans excited while the tv shows are off our screens.

While the shows are off, i’ve also started reading the Deathstroke Rebirth comics (it’s a great read and you should definitely give it a go.)

However, one thing I have been excited about for quite some time now, is the fan made arrowverse game which is being created by an awesome group of people, but lead by Youtube user Tecosaurus.

I did provide an update on this a while ago, which you can checkout here.  Seeing as it is E3 time however, and DC fans are already excited at the prospect of a Superman game in the vein of the Arkham series, It seems the right time for Teco to provide an update, and that is exactly what he has done.

From giving more detail to game characters, to showing off some of the simply spectacular scenery in the game, the fan group are going from strength to strength to create a game that DC fans around the world will love.

My favourite part of the video is the detail in Lian Yu, you should check out this video as it provides some fantastic insight into the hard work going into the game.

Please do check this out, share your ideas with Teco and support them they are doing this for DC fans, and it’s only right that the DC Community gives them the support they so rightly deserve.