Just announced today is the amazing news of the DC Comics Streaming service coming to our screens later in the year and will be able to view at home for the fans and will be including some great titles including a Live Action TITANS series currently filming.

DC Universe if the Official name and the Official logo is below with some of the shows coming to the service. Harley Quinn and young justice with Titans and also a Swamp Thing series that Aquaman Director James Wan is involved in with more series to be announced too.

The service will be a subscription style service and possibly like other services currently available buy with specific Exclusive DC content.

The DC Comics website quotes, ” DC Universe is a first of its kind, immersive digital experience designed for DC Fans. One of the many incredible things your membership will include is unlimited access to the following exclusive original series”


We will be keeping an eye on the future developments and shows and will keep you posted on all of them.


The Official twitter page is @TheDCUniverse