Posted: April 24, 2018 by Claire Payne

This episode made you realise just how intense the last few episodes of Gotham have been. Gotham definitely delivered another brilliant 44mins that gave you breathing space to get ourselves ready for the final three episodes of this season. Two great story arcs which pushed the GCPD into the background which made a nice change as this episode was focused on Barbara and the resurrection of Ra’s al Ghul and The Riddler continues his bank heists. Selina proves to be one of the most mature person in this episode, Alfred uses his acting skills again and it answered a question that I had been wondering about since season 1.

Barbara is stood admiring the portrait of herself and Ra’s al Ghul she doesn’t hear the ladies of The League of Shadows come behind her until a knife is thrown at the painting. With an impressive fight sequence Barbara uses her martial arts skills to fight them. This was a test Leila the lead lady  is surprised that Barbara could not sense their approach but Barbara thinks because they are ninjas she wouldn’t. Leila is frustrated as the Demons Head gives the power to see past, present and future as one Barbara should of anticipated their attack. Even though Barbara’s hand lights up like a light bulb which is just the mark of the Demons Head she hasn’t yet excessed it’s real powers. Leila explains that Ra’s became the worlds most fearsome ruler because he saw the future. By attacking Barbara it was a way of jump starting the powers of the Demons Head, so Barbara doesn’t want the ladies of The League to go next time. The powers are triggered by intense emotions.

Bruce is driving his Mustang through the streets of Gotham with Selina in the passenger seat, she asks if the car has a covert. Bruce pulls over and switches it into quiet mode which Selina now decides Bruce is a show off. Bruce wants to know why Tabitha wants him, Selina genuinely doesn’t know the only detail is that it has to do something with a Barbara. Tabitha is waiting for them, Bruce is slightly hesitant to join Selina and Tabitha. They enter through big double doors it’s dark and then flames burst into light as Bruce asks why is he here. Men from the Legue of Shadows take Bruce hostage and even Selina didn’t know this was going to happen. Tabitha explains that Barbara needs their help otherwise she will get herself killed. As soon Bruce knows Barbara has the Demon Head he knows he is there because of Ra’s al Ghul. In an open tomb lays the corps of Ra’s, Bruces blood is needed to bring him back from the dead because it was Bruce who killed him. Bruce desperately explains that Ra’s wanted to die as the men of the League of Shadows continue their ritual and cut the palm of Bruces hand his blood drips on to the corpse of Ra’s and his body reforms as a zombie. A creepy looking hand appears over the edge of the tomb.

Five banks in one night have been robbed. The robbers where slick as the banks didn’t even know they had been hit until they opened.Detective Harper informs  Captain James Gordon that the entry into the banks have been through the sewers up into the vaults. Jim questions why all the branches of Gotham savings and loans were all hit. Detective Harvey Bullock thinks maybe a leak in security or a grudge could be responsible as five banks in one night is like someone making a point. Jim thinks maybe the person is proving how smart he is, Ed Nygma? Jim decides to go and visit Lee.

Money is being shared out amongst the people of The Narrows. Lee is delighted as she watches happy people, but Ed is sceptical as he thinks they will just spend the money on booze and smokes. Lee is sure they will also buy food, clothing and medicine but she notices Ed’s mood is different. Ed wants to know what he is to Lee, she confirms Ed is a friend and partner. Things must of got very amorous between them as Ed asks Lee if she gets like that with all her friends. Lee cares deeply and depends on Ed, he warns Lee not to call him Ed. Riddler asks Lee if she is stringing him along and she teases that doesn’t he want to find out the answer to the riddle. They are planning another bank heist the next night and Ed promises it’s going to be a work of art. This sounds promising to Penguin and Grundy who have showed up unexpectedly and decided they want in.

Bruce is asleep in the corner whilst Selina discusses with Tabitha that she wished she had been told but Tabitha knew Selina would not of brought Bruce to Ra’s al Ghul tomb. Tabitha wants Selina to pick a side. Ra’s deep gravely voice can be heard talking to the men of The League he is furious that he has been brought back to life. One of league steps forward and pleads their reasons as the woman Ra’s passed his powers too doesn’t respect them and is causing a war. But this was Ra’s intentions to start a war to rid the bad in The League of Shadows to rebuild it. The man is killed after Ra’s releases his hand from around his neck, another member of the league announces their lives are for Ra’s to take but they believe the woman Ra’s has chosen does not serve as Barbara goals are limited and selfish. Tabitha is surprised to hear that if Barbara keeps the Demons Head she will die but Tabitha thought as soon as Ra’s al Ghul came back the Demon Head returns to Ra’s. But actually Barbara has got to give it back to Ra’s but Tabitha knows she will never do that so Ra’s will rip it from her corpse.

Oswald Cobblepot thinks that Ed and Lee owes him and Grundy because Oswald made them both. What Penguin actually means he helped the riddler who would still be trapped inside Ed and Lee would still be stitching up fighters at the ringside. Oswald is happy to go halfies on the money that Ed has stolen from the banks as Grundy is saving for future medical expenses and Oswald needs money to gain back the Falcone capos. Lee considers Oswalds offer and gives him a counter offer “Bite Me” Lee won’t stand for Penguin telling her that he made her and worst of all coming into her club and making threats. Ed commends Lee on her well said words which makes Oswald realise that Riddler still has adoration for Lee. Oswald continues his verbal assault on Ed and Lee by asking Ed if he can see Lee is just stringing him along and shame on Lee for stringing along a troubled man. But Oswald didn’t come to cause violence as he stops Grundy from stepping forward he came to his friends to honour their debts, before Oswald leaves he gives Ed some advice when Lee tosses him aside make sure Ed skims a little extra of the top!

Barbara continues to look through the archives of history when Ra’s appears behind her, she drops her drink in shock. Ra’s tells her not to be afraid but he wants Barbara to tell him what she has done with his gift. Barbara would of liked Ra’s to leave a how to list and his League of Shadows cronies don’t appreciate a woman in charge. Ra’s asks what plans Barbara has with all the history he has left her, but Ra’s is disappointed that Barbara plans are to rule Gotham like a Queen because of the powers he has given her. Ra’s asks for the Demons Head back, Barbara is determined to hang on to the Demons Head as a poscession she was promised. Ra’s realises he made a mistake with Barbara but she refers to the painting on the wall, Ra’s laughs as Barbara really thinks it’s her. Barbara look alike in the portrait was a hoar and Ra’s killed her out of pity. Barbara thinks Ra’s is lying and deeply believes the Demons Head is her destiny, Ra’s asks her why  she hasn’t unlocked its secret and calls Barbara a sad deluded woman as Barbara thought she was a reincarnated Queen. Ra’s continues with more savage words that in truth Barbara is just a nightclub owner and her greatest accomplishment was the murdering her parents. Finally a thought I had been wondering about since season 1 did Barbara kill her parents or did the ogre do it? Ra’s asks again for Barbara’s hand to take back the Demon Head and warns her he will take it from her corpse. In another great fight sequence Barbara decides to fight Zombie boy and the ladies from the League of Shadows help Barbara out but Ra’s manages to slaughter most of them. Barbara manages to knock Ra’s out as Leila orders one of the ladies to remove Barbara, they run for their life but Ra’s follows and a sword is thrown at the lady from the League and kills her instantly. Lucky for Barbara, Bruce turns up in his Mustang. Tabitha is in the back and shouts to Barbara to get in the car. Barbara can see Ra’s in the wing mirrors as Bruce speeds away.

A bug eating constest is under way at the Narrows when Jim turns up to see Lee, he asks security on the door to see “The Doc.” With a great line from Lee she comments how Jim doesn’t look like a man who got shot four times. Jim thanks her but lucky for Jim, Lee was in a good mood so she shot Sofia Falcone in the head. Jim doesn’t really know how to react what Lee has just said and gets on with why he has come to see her. Jim is looking for Nygma because the marks left at the five banks that were robbed all had hallmarks of a Nygma special. Lee claims she hasn’t seen Ed in weeks, Jim understands her loyalty towards Ed but Lee should know of all people what a psychopath he is. Jim tries a different approach and understands why Lee is in The Narrows but she can seek absolution in other ways and can’t take ownership of everyone’s problems. Lee suggests Jim tries going after the real criminals who make money of the backs of the poor as nobody owns anything in The Narrows. Jim pushes for more, when he thinks about the robberies none of the guards were harmed so it makes Jim think that it’s less likely to be Nygma or not just him. Jim pauses and offers his help as Lee can call him at anytime, but Lee can see that Jim doesn’t really get why she is dedicating her time in The Narrows.

What ever you do don’t call The Demons Head the Demons Paw like Tabitha did because Barbara will not be happy and she will remind you it’s hers! Barbara accuses Tabitha of betraying her. Alfred is patching up Bruces hand, Selina watches as Barbara and Tabitha have a go at each other until Selina decides enough is enough. Selina wants to know what they are going to do as Barbara won’t give back the Demons Head, Barbara decides they need to kill Ra’s with the knife that Bruce won at auction. Alfred knows the where abouts of the knife as Alfred and Bruce gave it back to The Nada Parbet embassy, Barbara orders a smash and grab but it has to be Bruce holding the knife. It’s part of the ritual like the blood from Bruce bringing Ra’s back, Bruce knows he has to kill Ra’s again. Alfred won’t allow it again but Bruce sees this as his only chance. Barbara disagrees as she has the Demon Head she thinks if she has the knife in hand and killing Ra’s unlocks her powers, Bruce decides the first thing they need to do is get the knife back. Tabitha thinks aloud a plan with smoke bombs but Alfred has another option but he wants guarantee that Tabitha won’t stab him in the back..again. Nice reference to when Tabitha did throw a knife in Alfred’s back in season 2.

Alfred thanks the manager at The Nada Parbet Embassy for looking after the dagger but wants to take the knife home. The manager doesn’t say anything for a moment because the knife was never Alfreds and belongs to his people. When Bruce purchased it at auction he was rescuing a historical treasure and that’s why Bruce and Alfred returned it to the embassy. Alfred agrees but on a loan it was never meant as a keepsey. Tabitha looks cautiously up at the sky light where you can see a shadow waiting, she decides to join in and give Alfred a hard time about spending millions of dollars on it then just giving the knife away. In a very funny moment between Alfred and Tabitha, he calls her muffin. Alfred moves the manager to one side to see if he can make an extra donation to get the knife. The manager wants to know if Bruce Wayne knows that Alfred is wanting the knife and decides whatever agenda Alfred and his Chippy has planed then they should leave. Alfred raises his voice as his Mrs had just been called a chippy then starts to cough and fakes a heart attack. Alfred knocks over a vase which sets off an alarm which means Selina can do her mission impossible stunt. With Selina successfully grabbing the knife all eyes are on Alfred, Tabitha slaps Alfred around the face to cure him. Alfred apologies about the fuss and leaves.

The Riddler is walking down a corridor towards a mirror with thoughts running through his head about Penguin saying that Lee is using him. Riddler repeats what Oswald said “this troubled man” Riddler sees Ed reflection won’t argue with what Riddler has just said. Riddler is not happy to see his alter ego in the mirror and Ed won’t disspear because Riddler is in charge. I have always enjoyed the conversations Ed has had with his reflection but it’s great to see Riddler having a conversation with Ed. Riddler thinks Ed is to stupid to know when he has lost, but has he? Ed repeats what Riddler said to Lee earlier “Lee what am I to you?” Ed asks does that sound like Riddler because it’s sounds more like Ed. Riddler admits he isn’t proud of that phrasing, Ed is inside Riddler like a virus infecting his thoughts. Riddler thinks that Ed would not be able to even comprehend his thoughts much less influence them. Ed asks about his feelings how else would Riddler explain his desperate attempts to gain Lee’s approval. Riddler points angrily at the mirror as Ed laughs that Riddler gave away money to the poor. Riddler saw this as a part of a larger plan, Ed confirms part of Lee’s plan. Ed has never cared about the people of The Narrows and Riddler agrees the people can live in their own filth for all he cares. Ed agrees but all Riddler cares about is Lee just like Ed did. Ed encourages Riddler to keep it up as soon he won’t be able to tell where Ed starts and Riddler ends. Riddler looks over his shoulder and looks back in an empty mirror “that’s not going to happen.”

Barbara is waiting for the return of Selina, Bruce, Alfred and Tabitha. Barbara demands the knife off Selina but Bruce reminds her he has to kill Ra’s. Selina doesn’t know what to do as Barbara insists Selina gives it to her. Bruce demands the knife but Barbara warns him that she doesn’t want to see her angry. Barbara pulls out a gun, Alfred tells Barbara that her arrogance is going to get her killed. Selina eventually gives Barbara the knife, Barbara shoots at a tire on Alfreds car and tells Selina to get in Bruces car. Selina looks to Bruce as Tabitha tells her to get in the car and she does. Has Selina really picked a side?

The Riddler goes to Penguin and Grundy and admits Oswald is right, Lee is using him. Riddler sees it that a lot of brilliant minds get blinded by the most obvious truths. Oswald wants to know why Riddler has come to see him? Riddler wants help because love struck Ed is floating down a river of dopamine deep in the circuits of Riddlers brain and Riddler wants Oswalds help to drown Ed. Oswald asks for the half share of the money but it’s already gone to The people of The Narrows. But those five banks were the beginning Riddler is planning a bigger heist and Oswald is delighted as he knew he was scheming up something. Oswald prefers it this way as himself and Grundy we’re going to rob Riddler and Lee afterwards. Grundy reminds Oswald about their deal, which he hasn’t forgotten. Oswald wants to know how much money, Riddler places his bowler hat on his head and tells Oswald it’s $100 million…a piece. For the first time Oswald is speechless. The one thing Riddler asks of Oswald is that he helps him with Lee Thompkins.

Leila and the ladies of the League of Shadows arrive at the sirens and Barbara thanks them. They serve the Demons Head and Barbara plan is to summon Ra’s with her beacon and stab Ra’s and send him back to hell. Tabitha is happy but Selina thinks it’s ridiculous as she can’t understand how Barbara can get someone who has studied Kung Fu for 2000 years. Selina would have more faith if Barbara knew how to use her hand other then a flashlight, Selina is convinced Barbara is going to get them killed. Selina thinks they need more back up and let Bruce use the knife like he did the first time. Tabitha can’t understand why Selina gave it to Bruce, simple Selina had to pick a side and thought Barbara would have a better plan then stab the undead guy. Tabitha believes they are stronger together and wants to know if Selina is in or out, Selina decides suicide by Ra’s is  not the option for her and leaves.

A really good scene between Tabitha and Barbara, Babs doubts herself and Tabby admits that she should of never trusted those men. Tabitha never wanted Barbara to have the Demons Head but they have been together for three years on and off and Tabitha has never seen Barbara doubt herself. Tabitha is willing to stand by Barbara but if Barbara decides she isn’t worthy that’s where Tabitha leaves. Barbara decides to do this and uses her hand to summon Ra’s al Ghul.

Back at Wayne Manor Bruce looks into the fire as Alfred joins him. Alfred tells Bruce to look on the bright at least your not killing him again, Bruce sorrow shows the fact that Barbara can’t kill Ra’s it still has to be him. Alfred seemed sceptical that only Bruce can kill Ra’s, also Alfred shows no disrespect to magical daggers but he would like to see why would happen if he pulled his head off his shoulders. Bruce is also hurt that Selina gave the knife to Barbara, as Alfred is honest about at least they know where Selina stands, a sleek figure comes through the window and tells Alfred “that’s what you think?” Selina straight away tells Bruce why she gave the knife to Barbara because if there was a chance she could use it Selina wanted Barbara too, so Bruce would not have to kill a Ra’s. Bruce is adamant that he would of done what he had to do but Selina knows Bruce would of gone back to being a douche bag. In which Alfred agrees with Selina. Bruce is still not forgiving Selina for siding with Barabra and Tabitha, in which Selina asks why does it have to be about picking sides? Selina thinks they need to focus on stopping Ra’s, which Alfred again agrees is another good point. Two episodes in a row Selina and Alfred have agreed with other. Selina continues as she doesn’t want to see Barbara and Tabitha get themselves killed.

Jim is discussing the bank robberies with the owner as there were easier banks to rob so why Gotham savings and loans. The owner has no idea, she feels Jim is treating her like a criminal when she is the victim. The GCPD has done some digging her bank have been investigated for Red Lining and illegal foreclosures, which she claims has all been cleared, Jim points out the investigations have been cleared because of good lawyers. The bank owner goes to leave but Harvey wants a moment with Jim, as he doesn’t understand Jim questions. In private Jim sees the bank owner as a bigger crook then who robbed the bank. Harvey noticed that Jim came back from The Narrows all fired up and alienating the bank owner is not going to help them. Harvey thinks that if Lee is involved with Nygma they have got to stop it before it goes bad. Jim and Harvey go back in the interview room and asks the bank owner which of her branches is the most vulnerable. She considers none of them as of the afternoon they have a security protocol after the Arkham breakout and robberies, they have moved all their assets from 45 branches to one which is heavily guarded. Jim and Harvey are not convinced it’s safe and need to know which one she moved everything too.

Sedation darts are fired into the back of the neck of the guards at the bank, Riddler thinks using a pistol would of been more fun but he has just indulged Lee. Breaking the vault was the last detail and Lee asks Riddler how he solved it? Riddler admits with some friends and tells Lee a riddle “ I am the revealer of masks. When I appear friend becomes foe and the one that you love becomes the one that you hate. What am I ?” Lee is stunned as Oswald reveals the answer as “betrayal.” Riddler is now holding a real gun and points it at Lee as Grundy and Penguin follow.

The men from the League of Shadows arrive at the Sirens and the lights flash on and off as Ra’s al Ghul arrives. Barabra compliments Ra’s on his entrance but he is hoping that Barbara has reconsidered. She has thought about it a lot and about them a lot as Barbara thinks they had something back when Ra’s was less Zombie like. Barbara wants Ra’s to admit they had a connection and they were not mind games. What Barabra really wants from Ra’s is tell her that she is special. Ra’s does think she was special and he is sorry it has come this point. Barabra is also sorry and thanks Ra’s for saying that and she stabs Ra’s with the dagger. Nothing happens and silence until Ra’s says “ouch” then punches Barabra through a glass wall in the club. Leila holds back Tabitha as Barabra has to fight Ra’s on her own. With more incredible fight scenes between Ra’s and Barbara, he has her hold their hands press together but Barbara fights as her hand lights up. Bruce runs in and knocks Ra’s to the floor, the ladies of the League hold Bruce back. Ra’s stabs Barbara through the stomach but with the power of The Demons Head she manages to foresee this and the scene replays itself and Barbara manages to stop Ra’s. With another short fight sequence Barbara takes out Ra’s and Leila comfirms Barbara has mastered the Demons Head.

Ra’s holds a knife to Tabitha throat and demands the Demons Head or Tabitha dies. Barbara has to choose between holding on to The Demons Head or Tabitha, she hesitates and tells Tabby that she can’t give it up. Ra’s shows no mercy and cuts Tabithas throat, Barabra sees her friend dead on the floor and foresees the future and the scene replays itself again. Barbara decides to save her friend Tabitha which surprises Ra’s and thinks maybe he wasn’t mistaken in Barbara after all. The Demons Head is passed back to Ra’s and he transforms back into the man we saw at the beginning of the season, welcome back Alexander Siddig. Bruce asks for the knife from Ra’s so he can kill him. Ra’s has decided today is not the day he dies and breaks the blade of the dagger and disappears.

This is the price of taking advantage of the Riddler, he still has a gun pointed at Lee. She calls him Ed which again gets corrected to Riddler as Lee claims that she wasn’t using Riddler. Riddler knows he isn’t wrong about Lee as Oswald informs Riddler the truck is almost full. Riddler asks Oswald to tell the ogre which is Grundy to remove the property deeds to The Narrows as they are worthless. Oswald chuckles to himself as he is happy that the tale of Queen Lee of The Narrows has come to an end. Oswald walks into the valut with Grundy as Riddler puts his gun away and repeats the riddle again as he lights a small rag attached to flammable liquid, Lee has no idea what is going on as the answer is still betrayal. Riddler throws it on top of the deeds to The Narrows which sets them alight, Grundy and Oswald see the valut gate shut down. Grundy asks what Riddler is doing, Oswald knows he is proving his love to Lee by betraying Grundy and Oswald. Riddler wants Oswald to hear something, they have been through thick and thin and he holds no grudges against him, but he comes against Lee, Oswald will come against Riddler. Oswald shouts as Riddler and Lee leave that Lee is still using him and he isn’t the Ridlder he is a fool. Grundy begins to bend the bars on the security gate.

Lee asks Riddler why did he bring Penguin and Grundy if he was just going to leave them in the valut, Riddler needed Grundy to break into the valut and Oswald was going to rob them afterwards. Lee wants to hear from Riddler that he doesn’t think she was using him. The answer is no, Riddler does know that Lee is using him so why would he betray his friends for Lee? Lee asks if she is speaking to Ed, which she isn’t. Riddler tells Lee that Ed didn’t understand her, he didn’t see how deeply Lee had changed. Riddler knows that the virus woke up something deep inside of Lee and she let that something loose when Lee shot Sofia. Lee loved it and Riddler loves it too, Riddler knows Lee doesn’t feel the same way as Riddler but she will and when Lee does Riddler will be here. Lee decides that Edward Nygma is one big riddle, which is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to Ed. The sirens of The GCPD can be heard, Lee knows Jim was on them, Riddler wants to go out the back but Lee knows they will see the truck and she decides one of them needs to distract them. Riddler pulls his gun out but Lee  will go as she can handle Jim and asks Riddler to take the money to The Narrows. Riddler asks Lee if she trusts him? She does and kisses him. Riddler places his hat back on his head and I think The Riddler has just betrayed everyone, if anyone is using anyone it’s The Riddler.

Jim announces The GCPD and tells Nygma to come out his hands held up, both Jim and Harvey are pretty shocked when they see Lee come out the front of the bank. Jim puts his gun away and looks disappointed as he tells Lee she knows her rights. In a very atmospheric cinematic moment on a Gotham as Lee is handcuffed not a word is said between Lee and Jim.

Barabra is mopping the floor at The Sirens when Tabitha goes to say thank you but Barbara knows Tabby would of done the same for her. The ladies of The League of Shadow march back into The Sirens. Barabra greets them and hopes this isn’t “kill the old Queen situations!” The ladies have been discussing because Barabra fought for thoses along side her they have decided Barabra Keane is worthy. The ladies kneel and bow before Barabra and Tabitha and are willing to follow her to their deaths and beyond.

Bruce is back at Wayne Manor with Selina he holds the broken dagger. Selina makes a joke about taking it to a magic knife shop, Bruce wants her to be serious which she is as Selina believes that Ra’s would of killed him already if he wanted Bruce dead. Selina thinks it’s obvious that Ra’s likes Bruce but Bruce doesn’t think it’s about him. Selina being the maturest person in this episode thinks Gotham has got along fine without Bruce for a long time and it can wait a little bit longer. Selina wants Bruce to have one night off and tells him that he did good today. Bruce moves in to kiss Selina but Ra’s rudely interrupts them. Ra’s apologises and only wants to talk alone with Bruce, Selina decides she is staying. Ra’s agrees with Selina he does like Bruce, respect him and respect what he will come. Bruce moves forward and tells Ra’s that he has no idea what he will become, but Ra’s does well at least what he could become. Bruce wants to know why Ra’s is in his home, Ra’s feels he owes an explanation on why he chose to live. When he took back the Demons Head he saw a vision of a cataclysmic event soon to befall the city of Gotham. A cleansing fire that will destroy, purify, create and create Bruce. Ra’s will use it as a mighty forge moulding Bruce into a Dark Knight of Gotham. Ra’s looks into Bruces fireplace and we see scene of burning buildings and people screaming “if it doesn’t kill him that is?” and a sinister smile appear on his face.

Gotham is now on a break until Thursday 3rd May. Episode 20, which means only three episodes left in this season is titled “That Old Corpse” Chaos erupts at the GCPD, sending Gordon on a wild goose chase for the culprit behind the mass takeover. Meanwhile, a friend of Bruce’s becomes paranoid, resulting in rash and destructive behavior.

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