The last two episodes, Voice of Rao and House of Zod, are starting to heat up what is to come for the rest of the season on Krypton. With now only five episodes left, the show continues to climb and is giving audiences ( anyway) a gasp of “oh crap!” at the end of each episode.

If you normally read my episode reviews, you know I break each episode down separately. But the last two episodes coincide so well that I decided to smash them together into one article. So if you haven’t seen the last two or have seen one but not the other, I probably wouldn’t read this if you want to be surprised. They are episodes, I feel, will set up the rest of the season and shouldn’t be spoiled.


The Voice of Rao decides to go to the Rankless area where one of the citizens was shot down by the Sagitari. He is not welcomed and is almost mobbed by the crowd. He returns to the Lawmakers Guild and meets with the Chief Magistrate. He tells him someone must take responsibility for what happened and it needs to be someone of high authority.

As Lyta is being reviewed for why she arrested the Sagitari for killing the Rankless citizen, the Chief Magistrate interrupts and arrests Lyta for treason and conspiracy with the terrorist Black Zero. She is sentenced to be put to death. Before she is executed, Dev-Em visits her and expresses his feelings for her telling her he loves her. Lyta kisses him and tells him she love him too.

Daron-Vex, Chief Magistrate, had Lyta arrested to be on the good side of the Voice of Rao, while Nyssa wants the House of Vex to take over Kandor and overthrow Rao. To do this, Nyssa tries to get Lyta’s mother to pledge allegiance to the House of Vex to save her daughter. Jayna, remembering what her father taught her, (“A Zod kneels for no one.”) she refuses. When the execution is almost performed Daron-Vex stops the execution saying, “Lyta-Zod, the witness against you has recanted. All testimony is hereby rescinded. And all charges of treason are dropped. You are to be reinstated immediately to full rank. The Council apologizes.”

When Seg hears about Lyta’s sentence of treason, he rushes to her aid. When he gets to the Guild to see her, Jayna, Lyta’s mother, blocks his path and tells him he cannot see her. She tells him Lyta is in the mess she’s in because of him and she can’t do anything to help her. Seg then goes to Nyssa for help. She wants hear him say why she should help her. After beating around the bush he comes clean and tells her he loves Lyta. Nyssa confesses she had her suspicions and he confirmed them. He pleads for her to him Lyta. She agrees to help.

As Seg is on his way to the Fortress, he is kidnapped and his communicator is damaged. When he wakes up, he finds himself in an underground tunnel system. He is strapped to a chair. When his captors come into the room, they torture him with an insect which entered his brain through his nose. After sometime, they remove the insect and ask him to tell them all of what he knows about Brainiac and the Sentry he found. But Seg is curious to know more about the Commander who is questioning him. The Commander keeps saying the word “history” to Seg (“our family history”; “history will remember your decision”).

Seg does eventually escaped, but goes into the freezing Outlands. He is not wearing the appropriate clothing and was injured during his escape. He comes across another tunnel system and takes refuge in there finding it belongs to the people he was trying to escape from. Going in circles and deadends, he runs into a woman who looks to be tortured. He finds her unconscious but as he walks up to her, she wakes up. She asks for his help and in exchange she’ll tell him how to get out. The woman tells Seg her name is Raika and talks about protecting something as she goes in and out of consciousness.

As they try to find a way out, Raika’s rescue team runs into them and takes them to a woman named Cythonna, the Ice Goddess and True Mother of Krpton. They find out he is part of the House of El and want to keep him as a prisoner. With the help again from Raika, he escapes. But the respirator she gave him does not give him enough oxygen and he is (again) not wearing the appropriate clothing for the freezing Outlands.
Before Seg passes out from the cold and lack of oxygen, he is able to get his communicator working and contacts Adam. Adam has been going around Kandor looking for Seg when he hears Seg on the communicator. Seg tells him to give Lyta a message, not knowing she is no longer being executed. Adam gives her the message and they go off together with her command in search of Seg. But before Seg is found by them, he is found by his kidnappers and taken back to the tunnel. Although, it’s not long before Lyta finds where Seg is and runs into the Commander. They fight and as the fight is ending the Commander sees she is wearing the same necklace he is wearing.

Lyta: Who gave you that?
Commander: You did. I am your son.