Posted: April 19, 2018 by Steve J Ray

The Flash Season 4 Episode 18 – “Lose Yourself” is one of the most well crafted pieces of TV that the “Arrowverse” has ever produced. It can be summed up with just three letters:  O    M    G

Before now I would never have believed that this much action, tension, emotion and comedy could ever be crammed into just 40 minutes.

You Better Lose Yourself In The Music

I’ve always been one to try and keep my reviews as free of spoilers as possible, but this episode is so chock-full of incidents, moments, antics, geek-references and soul crunching pathos that my mind is, quite literally, blown. Heroes are made, super powers unleashed, and secrets are revealed to amazing effect. This one episode sees Cisco become Scottish, Ralph quote Marvel Comics and DeVoe become perhaps the most terrifying villain in all of T.V.

Super-Speed, cosmic tuning forks, mind-enhancing thinking caps, hippie breachers and samurai sword-fights; this episode has everything an action fan could ever want… with a few shocks thrown in for good measure.

The Moment You Own It, You Better Never Let It Go

In the episode “Subject 9” The Thinker’s vulnerability to sound was revealed and Harry’s keen scientific mind, enhanced by his “Thinking Cap” creates a sonic weapon to aid Team Flash. The real question is though, is even Mr. Well’s scientifically improved brain a match for DeVoe’s?

At the end of last week’s episode viewers were left wondering whether S.T.A.R. Lab’s resident scientist could even still be trusted, after he accessed Reverse Flash’s sanctum and the Gideon A.I. That question is answered this week in style, and with surprising results.

This Opportunity Comes Once In A Lifetime

Since I started reviewing this show, one of my main sources of joy has been Ralph Dibney. We’ve slowly watched the character grow from a self-centred scoundrel into a true hero. In this episode Ralph makes a very difficult choice, takes the hard – but correct path -and completes his heroic journey.

The Thinker’s genius and cunning is truly incredible. His scope, his vision and his planning have never been so terrifying. With his slow assimilation of the bus metas’ powers, and the twists he placed in our heroes’ paths this week, I’m truly concerned about Team Flash’s future. “Lose Yourself” is a great title, as I truly lost myself in this story.

The wait for the next episode is gonna be a long one.

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