Posted: April 15, 2018 by John Hammond

Hello all.  Below is a new article from, so far, guest writer, Max Byrne (who is about to be a full time member by the way so a big welcome to him).

Here, Max tells us what we need to see in the new Aquaman movie.  Enjoy…

With the cinematic release of Aquaman still a little over eight months away, the critical importance of the film to the DCEU cannot be overstated. Warner Bros will be desperate to have a critical and commercial smash hit on their hands, one that reaches Wonder Woman levels both at the box office and in the minds of the press. Such an achievement will help immeasurably in terms of projecting some much needed buzz and positivity back into the hearts and minds of the casual paying public. The dedicated fans do not need such reassurance of course, as we are there 100% no matter what. But what do we need to see in the film in order for it to be all it can be, and give us all that happiness we want from seeing the first ever solo cinematic outing for the King of Atlantis….?


Underwater sequences…lots of them!

One of the points of criticism levelled at Aquaman’s role in Justice League was that there was very little underwater footage. Aside from one kick-ass action sequence involving Aquaman, Mera, Steppenwolf and a Mother Box, virtually all the character’s screen time was spent on dry land. Granted, that was born of out of necessity due to the League’s situation, but the character is called Aquaman for a reason! James Wan’s film must surely deliver epic underwater battles, amazing sea creatures, hand to hand combat and awe-inspiring underwater cities. This would be something never before seen in a comic book movie, which would help to set the film apart from anything else and make it a unique movie going experience.


No speech bubbles

Atlantean natives do not need to create an air pocket in which to stand and converse. Whilst that did look visually intriguing in Justice League, it’s not how underwater conversations have always been depicted since the character was first introduced in 1941. Thankfully, Wan has already promised that his film will not resort to this, meaning characters will be able to talk freely despite being fully submerged. This is going to look and sound great!

A back story for Arthur and Atlantis

The character of Arthur Curry arrived in Justice League fully formed, albeit not yet ready to ascend to the throne of Atlantis. Save from a few tidbits of information dropped into his conversation with Mera, then no backstory was given to the character. As the film is going to follow on chronologically from Justice League, then the use of Man of Steel-esque flashbacks are going to be needed to flesh out the character and allow audiences to understand who he is. The cast list for the film seems to show that this is going to happen, with Nicole Kidman and Temuera Morrison cast as Queen Atlanna and Thomas Curry, Arthur’s parents. Child actors have also been cast as Arthur at different stages of childhood, so his past should be well explored. The bigger picture of Atlantis needs to be fleshed out too, this could be achieved with a “history lesson” as done at the beginning of Wonder Woman, in the form of a monologue accompanied by a visual montage, showing just how the race of people were driven under the sea.

A great supporting cast

The signs are good. Two of Aquaman’s greatest foes are going to be facing him, in the form of Ocean Master, his evil half brother, played by Patrick Wilson (no stranger to DC films), and Black Manta, played by Yayha Abdul-Mateen II. Having two such significant villains on show will give plenty of opportunities for outstanding action sequences and spectacle. The casting of veteran actors such as Willem Dafoe and Dolph Lundgren in supporting roles will also help to bring a little gravitas to proceedings. This will undoubtedly be Momoa’s film, but surrounding him with as much talent as possible will only elevate it.

Give us a sense of the future

A criticism of the DCEU has been that it has been done with a scattergun approach. On more than one occasion, Dc has announced a slate of films for the future, only to change their mind and back track, leaving their future plans up in the air. Beyond the release of Aquaman, the only confirmed for release films are Shazam (filming now) and Wonder Woman 2. It would be wonderful to have something in this film that builds on what has come before, just to show a bit of continuity and abandon what has already been portrayed. Perhaps a post credit scene with Luthor and Deathstroke recruiting Black Manta to the “League of their own”? This would at least show that there is some kind of master plan still, and that DC/Warners have started to get their ducks in a row.

Ultimately, the film represents a tremendous opportunity to get the world buzzing about the DCEU again, restore some lost faith and give the fans what they want. Bringing the release date of the film forward slightly does show some faith in what James Wan is cooking up in post production, and let’s hope that come December, Atlantis rises again!

Many thanks again to Max and a big welcome to him, becoming part of the DC World team, it will be great to have him full-time.

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