Before we get stuck into this week episode there is some great news for Uk and Ireland Gotham fans! Gotham makes its return to UK television on Tuesday 10th April at 9pm. E4 have picked up Gotham and are showing it from the start of season 4. So if you have been waiting for the DVD or BluRay release which is about August time you won’t need to. Season 4 starts with the brilliant episode Pax Penguina.

I am going to take this opportunity to watch season 4 from the beginning and will be live tweeting in the ad breaks. Hope to see you on Gotham Tuesdays Gothamites!



Lets be honest the title of this episode “one of my three soups” is pretty weird. Thankfully one of the Gotham writers and Co-Producer Tze Chun confirmed on Thursday night about two hours before the episode aired, episode 16 was named after a lunch order that arrived in the Gotham writers room. I decided to ask on Twitter what flavour were the soups, Tze Chun very kindly replied  that weirdly all three soups were chicken noodle flavour. Charlie Huston who wrote this episode told Tze Chun he was going to put it in the script. So there we have the mystery of why this episode is called what it is, love those Gotham writers.

The Director of this episode definitely needs a mention, Ben McKenzie has become a triple threat. Great actor, wrote a superb episode of Gotham (ep4 S4) and back directing his second episode of Gotham. Ben recently appeared on Build Series where he discussed his experiences as a director. Ben has wanted to direct an episode of Gotham since season 1 and he was never told no by creator Bruno Heller but he had to wait a few seasons whilst Gotham found its path. Ben praised the Gotham writers room “we have a show that people want to work on, and we get some really good people in there.” The script is fantastic and Ben McKenzie certainly delivers in the directing chair.

So what did this episode bring? It definitely brought crazy, darkness and immense intensity as Jervis “Mad Hatter” Tetch and Jonathan “The Scarecrow” Crane joined Jerome Velaska to break out of Arkham Asylum to put his elaborate plan into action.


As with all good episodes of Gotham we start at Arkham Asylum. One of the guards is reading a Mexican wrestling magazine. A red light flashes and she isn’t impressed as she has to attend the inmate. She picks up her keys, places a pair of earphones over her ears and presses play on her cassette player. The song “Fool for you” by Alice Smith plays as she makes her way to a cell which has a sign on the door indicating do not enter without earphones on. Jervis Tetch is stood inside his cell still wearing his newspaper top hat. The guard tells Jervis that she can’t hear what he is saying and can’t be hypnotised by him. He mouths some more words and mimes having his throat cut, but then Jevis shouts more words but they are not for the guard but the hypnotised guard stood behind her who cuts her throat and takes the keys. Tetch walks over the dead guard and the hypnotised guard follows Jevis down the corridor where there are more dead guards to another cell. Jervis rhymes a greeting as he knocks on the door and the guard unlocks it. Jonathan Crane is sat by the toilet making a stronger fear toxin, Jervis is eager to leave but it’s the politeness in how they greet and speak to each other that makes this partnership so intriguing. Mr Crane and Mr Tetch arrive at a double door with yellow and black warning stripes with a green skull and cross bones. The red lightflashes above as the double doors open, Jerome steps out he looks at his wrist Mr Crane and Mr Tetch were expected at three hairs past his freckle but it’s five hairs past and doesn’t want this lateness to happen again. Tetch is quick to stop a conflict between Jerome and Crane as he thinks they should stick to Jerome plan and then maybe stab each other in the back. The guard that is hypnotised is stood waiting and gives Jerome the heebie-jeebies, Tetch informs her that her work is done and she gives the Arkham keys to Jerome and slits her own throat. Jerome uses the keys to release the rest of the inmates. They cheer their leader as Jerome, Mad Hatter and The Scarecrow walk free onto the streets of Gotham.

The GCPD are at the scene of the Arkham break out. It’s Captain James Gordon first day back after being in hospital. Detective Harvey Bullock comments on what a day to return to work. With 87 prisoners escaped all from the violent ward, Harvey has heard word that Tetch was behind it but Jim disagrees as this was something that Jerome Valeska would organise. With officers nervously awaiting what will happen now Harvey reminds Jim not to slip and go over to the officers and be big Jim Gordon hero cop it’s what they need. Even if it is a lie. Jim heads over to the officers he makes a joke about if he knew he would be seeing their ugly mugs on this evening Jim would of stayed in the hospital longer. With Valeska, Tetch and Crane possibly working together Jim needs the officers to work together in watching each other backs as Gotham needs them. Harvey watches as the officers dispatch and Jim receives a telephone call from Tetch, he repeatedly says Jim’s name. Harvey listens in on the call as Jim won’t play any games with Tetch this time but Jervis assures him there won’t be a game. In his own rhyming way Jervis instructs Jim to go to Wit Street or he will kill someone. Is this a set up or a lead to Valeska? With the GCPD force spread thin, Jim decides to go where Tetch has told him. Harvey is in agreement as he agrees that they have to watch each other’s backs, Harvey is following his captains orders.

Harvey had a thought whilst he was in the car. What if Tetch had already hypnotised him and Jim whilst talking to Tetch on the telephone. Jim isn’t to worried as they are either idiots for going to the place alone or they are hypnotised. As they turn the corner into the street they see a couple dressed in wedding outfits with a demolition ball hung above them. Spotlights are turned on so Jim and Harvey can see the couple. As they move closer men get out of parked cars, Jim shouts to Harvey not to shoot as they are hypnotised. The men get Jim and Harvey in a tight hold as Jerivs Tetch appears still wearing his Arkham uniform and paper top hat. He reminds Jim about the time when he first came to the city of Gotham it was to find his sister Alice. Jim wants to know how he can save the couple beneath the demolition ball, and what Tetch wants. Tetch shouts with rage as what he wants is his sister back. As Jim gave Tetch no choices of saving Alice, Jim gets no choices either. With the tilt of his paper top hat the demolition ball drops and flattens and kills the couple. Tetch leaves Jim with another rhyme “soon the bells will toll Jim. How many more will go cold Jim. Like your soul Jim. How many would be flyers will be dyers. Splatter like my poor splintered Alice. When the Gotham bells toll they will fall from.” Jervis walks away and gets into a car leaving Jim and Harvey in shock at what has just happened. The men release them and start clucking like chickens.

Selina has agreed to help Bruce but he didn’t say it was walking straight into the GCPD. It’s busy with officers rounding up Arkham escapees. Bruce asks Selina if she wants to bail but she just wants to make sure there is no jewellery debt left between them which Bruce confirms there isn’t. Bruce helped Selina with the jewellery because he wanted to help but Selina doesn’t believe that people help because they want to. Bruce agrees that once Selina helps him out with this being breaking into Captain Gordon’s office, there will be no debt between them. As Selina stands with her back to the door picking the lock, Bruce keeps an eye out. As no lock is a problem for Selina, she wants to know which file Bruce is after. Bruce wants Jerome Valeska file. Selina can’t understand why Bruce wants to get involved with someone who has escaped from Arkham. Bruce firmly tells Selina to get the file before somebody sees them.

A radio loudly announces the Arkham Asylum breakout. Barbara is still suffering from crippling migraines, whilst Tabitha paces up and down whilst she worries about the extra business they are missing out on. Barbara asks for the radio to be turned off but Tabitha wants to be out there making a killing on the nutjobs. Barbara again asks for the radio to be turned off before she goes nuts. Barbara takes a pill for her migraine, Tabitha asks if she has anything for her hand. Barbara pulls back part of the glove to reveal a light glowing in her palm. What impressed me about Barbara in this scene she has been researching as much as she can to understand what this light means and referencing Ra’s al Ghul. He brought Barbara back to life they had never met. Why did he choose Barbara? Tabitha questions Ra’s may of been lying as Barbara can’t remember what happened. But it hurts to remember. The attacks Barbara are having are memories trying to get back in and when she goes to touch them it’s a searing pain going through her head. Tabitha tells Barbara she needs to let them in as she is fed up with Barbara whining. Tabitha tells it straight to Barbara that the Barbara she knew would not let anything stand in her way especially not pain. Barbara sits at her desk removes her glove to let her hand glow with light as she lets the memories back in. We see a flashback of Barbara getting electrocuted, the voice of Ra’s al Ghul talking about the world and it’s cruelty’s as he carries Barbara to lay on a slab. Ra’s pours some of the Lazarus water into Barbara’s mouth and wipes across her forehead. Barbara wakes and wraps herself around Ra’s and comments what a poisonous mind she has and everybody hates her. Barbara agrees everybody hates her but she doesn’t know why. Ra’s understands that feeling and Barbara is just the one that Ra’s has been looking for. Ra’s speaks quietly into Barbara’s ear he has a present for her, she will become The Demons Head. The League of Shadows will be Barbara’s to command, an army of assisans. As the world is weak and Barbara is strong she can make the world more like her.

Tabitha is saying Barbara’s name as she finishes her memory flashback, she is looking at her hand which isn’t glowing anymore and realises that Ra’s really understood who she was. Barbara looks at her hand as it’s a beacon which will call The League of Shadows and they are on their way.

Jim and Harvey are still at the crime scene where the wedded couple got flattened by the demolition ball. Harvey has spoken to the men who were hypnotised and they said the same thing, they were driving and arrived in Wit Street and turned into chickens. Jim has been studying the rhyme that Tetch left him. Jim knows there is a time limit, when the bell tolls its midnight. Flyers will become dyers? They both look up to the rooftop of the buildings and come to the same answer. There are people stood on the rooftop ledges under Tetch’s hypnotic spell. But how did he manage to get so many people up there?

Bruce is waiting for Selina to find Jeromes file he taps on the window for her to hurry but Selina rolls her eyes and carries on as quick as she can. Detective Harper (so good to see her in this episode) immediately asks Bruce what he is doing at the GCPD. Bruce moves away from Captain Gordons office and demands to know where he is. In a very funny scene Bruce acts out that he needs protection as Jerome Valeska has escaped and clearly is coming after him. Selina crouching down still looking for the file hears Bruce continue with his demand for protection especially as himself and Captain Gordon have become good friends. Bruce gets out cash and Detecive Harper is shocked and asks does he want a bribery charge? Selina moves to the door of the office as Bruce pretends to cry as he is sure Jerome wants him dead, Harper softens and agrees Bruce can stay at the GCPD as Selina slips out of the office. The door slams as Selina runs which make Harper look when she turns back Bruce has done his disappearing act.

Harvey assures the people on the rooftop ledge that they will get them down he moves closer which triggers one of the men to move closer to the edge. Jim needs to know how Tetch managed to hypnotise all of them and the drivers. Harvey suggests putting a net around the building but Jim has just realised that won’t work as the other rooftops in Gotham have hunderds of people hypnotised all stood on a ledges ready to jump at midnight.

Bruce looks through Jeromes file whilst sat in his car with Selina. Jerome has an uncle in Gotham city and owns a diner which Selina has never heard of. Bruce thinks it’s possible Jerome could go there. Selina still thinks its a job for the cops. Bruce explains that he could of killed Jerome after he kidnapped him and feels the harm that Jerome does now is his responsibility and Bruce can’t wait to see what the cops will do. Bruce wants to get Jerome back to Arkham. Selina sits smiling and shaking her head as she thinks Bruces ego is huge. Selina explains that everything is not Bruce’s fault or responsibility. Selina thinks Bruce should get over himself as he would be a lot easier to be around. Silence from Bruce he leans over Selina and opens the car door for her to leave and thanks Selina for her advice. Selina asks one last time if Bruce still needs her help, Bruce confirms that Selina doesn’t owe him anything she never did. Selina is left on the side of the road as Bruce drives away.

Mr Trumble is being asked by two police officers if he has seen his nephew, Jerome Valeska. Considering Jerome killed his sister, if Mr Trumble ever sees him the GCPD will hear his screams. Mr Trumbles diner is empty and he sits at a booth with three bowls of soup on the table. From underneath Jerome appears holding a hand gun and comments how much gum is under the table. Lucky for Jerome the officers didn’t check under the table and puts the gum he has collected into his mouth.

Harvey confirms its happening all over the city hundreds of people are climbing up on the roofs. They need to figure out how Tetch is getting to everyone. Jim looks around at the cars, it must be through the radio. Tetch must be broadcasting through a radio station. They don’t have time to visit them all so they go to each car and each radio is on a different station, Tetch would of commanded the people who he hypnotised in the cars to change the channel. Harvey jumps in one of the cars as he plans to find the radio station which will hypnotise him. Jim tries to stop him as he thinks he should do it as he has been hypnotised by Tetch before and managed to break Tetchs hypnotic spell.


The table juke box is playing as Jerome tests the temperature of the first bowl of soup with his index finger, its too cold. Second bowl too hot, third bowl perfect. This is a really good scene because we get to know what Jeromes relationship was like with his uncle. Jerome compliments his uncle that he always cooked up a good storm. When Jerome lived with the circus he and the other children dared each to sneak into his uncles kitchen and steal the cookies which reminds Jerome of his favourite meal that his uncle once cooked. A soup which had a special ingredient, which was Jeromes hand which his uncle dipped into a bowl of boiling hot chicken stock. Jerome says this with menance in voice but soon laughs as he remembers the smell as it was mouth watering. Trumble thinks its a good story and asks Jerome if he is curious about the soup, Jerome frowns and stops eating and asks if he has poisoned it. No poison, three bowls for all Mr Trumbles guests. Jerome grabs his hand gun as one of the strong men, Lughead from the circus grabs him by the throat and knocks the gun out of his hand. Trumble knew Jerome would be headed to see him so he invited Lughead for some supper. Jeromes uncle puts his chosen bowl of soup in the microwave to heat up nice and hot. The microwave sparks and the soup boils.

Tabitha can’t quite understand why they have not heard of a global army of assassins. Barbara wants to know what part of League of Shadows Tabitha doesn’t understand. Barbara knows they are making their way to her and Tabitha thinks they need to get ready, Barbara is ready. She calls out to them in the main part of The Sirens “you can stop hiding. I know you are there.” Lights flash on and off and when they remain static Barbara and Tabitha turn round a group of people stand waiting. A man steps forward he announces they are here for the Demons Head. Barbara steps forward confidently as “she is right here.” Barbara raises her arm for the beacon of light to shine out of her hand.

Jim is banging on the car window to stop Harvey from getting himself hypnotised. It’s too late but Harvey has managed to find the radio station and keeps repeating “WZPZ” Harvey gets out the car and punches Jim who falls to the floor he apologises but there is something he has got to do. Harvey chants a rhyme as he walks away “hickory dickery dock a cop went up the clock. The clock struck twelve and that was it for the cop.”

Jim contacts Harper at Gotham Central, it has gone crazy there as she has seven cops ready to jump and calls coming in from everywhere. Jim explains about Tetch using the radio station to hypnotise everyone. Jim orders the police radios to changed to the 911 broadcast and tells Harper to wait for his signial.

Back at the diner Jeromes soup has been heated up, his uncle removes it from the microwave. Lughead has got Jeromes arms held tightly behind his back as his uncle pours the boiling hot soup into his mouth and over the lower part of his face. Bruce interprets them and asks Trumble what he is doing. Trumble doesn’t know who Bruce is and explains that Jerome Valeska broke out of Arkham and is getting what is deserves. Bruce disagrees as he doesn’t think Jerome deserves it, whilst choking in the grip of Lughead Jerome points at Bruce and agrees. Bruce demands they stop and call the police so they can take him back to Arkham. Trumble tells Lughead to let Jerome go and to get rid of Bruce. Bruce fights back by throwing a plate and then using a broom handle. Jerome gets his gun back and holds it to his uncle as he knew why he returned and wants information. Trumble claims not to know anything, Jerome sees a bottle of bleach behind the counter and decides to put it on the menu.

Barbara beacon of light is still shining as a woman from the League of Shadows steps forward. They now know Ra’s choose Barbara. The man who looks to be in charge thinks Barbara doesn’t know what it means but Barbara knows she is now their leader. He laughs at Barbara because it means more then just being a leader. He sees this as a mess as no woman has ever lead the League of Shadows. The lady corrects him as that isn’t a law just a stupid tradition as Ra’s chose Barbara for a reason and they must honour his choice. The man agrees that as long as Barbara has the Demons head they must follow Barbara so he decides to cut it out of her. Barbara stops him and stabs him with his own dagger and asks if anyone else wants a shot at the title. The League of Shadows all draw their weapons.

Jerome goes to pour the bleach over his uncle unless he tells Jerome where the person he is looking for is. Trumble tells Jerome that the school she picked, i am assuming Jeromes mother was Saint Ignatius. Jerome gets his uncle to write it down on a paper napkin. Meanwhile Bruce is still fighting Lughead and Jerome is encouraging him. With the broom handle held at his throat Bruce watches Jerome shoot his uncle. Jerome gives Bruce some applause as he did not expect billionaire boy Bruce Wayne to be his saviour. Jeromes lips and chin are now blistered from the soup and tells Bruce about how his uncle used to constantly beat him. With a sinister laugh Jerome wonders what the hell is wrong with Bruce for helping him! What would be even funnier to Jerome if he saved Bruces life, he aims the gun at Lughead but Bruce says no. But what would be funnier to Jerome if Lughead was choked to death by the guy that he saved him from.

Tetch is broadcasting live from WZPZ and informing all the Gothamites its nearly time for the clock to strike twelve and throw themselves over the edge on their heads. A gun is placed against Tetchs head Jim puts a hand over his mouth and tells him to shut up. Jim changes the dials so he can broadcast to the GCPD. Harper confirms he can be heard over the city. At gunpoint Jim tells Tetch that he will tell people to come back from the ledge otherwise Jim will shoot pieces of Tetch until he removes the hypnotic spell over Gotham. Tetch is claiming he has tied his own hands so he can’t do what Jim asks of him. Jim means what he said and pushes Tetch up against a glass window and puts a bullet through his right hand. Tetch is seething with pain and anger and tells Jim that if he tells the people who are ready to jump to save themselves they will jump. Jim knocks him out with his gun and sits in front of the microphone as Harper contacts him. It five to midnight and they still don’t how to save them.

Jerome is laughing hysterically as Lughead and Bruce are still fighting each other. A whip snatches the gun out of Jeromes hand, he frowns as he watches Selina pick up the gun and tells Lughead to put his hands up. She asks Bruce whether he still needs her help. Bruce uses Selina’s name which sparks interest from Jerome and comments what a nice name it is. Selina points the gun at Jerome, Bruce asks her not to but Jerome believes she’s not that kind of girl. Selina looks almost possessed and grins an evil grin and calls Jerome a freak as that is the wrong answer. Selina fires the gun, Jerome moves quickly to avoid it, Bruce runs towards Selina to disarm her which another bullet fires into the ceiling. Selina falls to the ground with Bruce on top of her there is silence between them as Jerome escapes. Selina stands up and tells Bruce that he should of let her shoot Jerome. Bruce again reminds Selina he is responsible and he can’t let Jerome be shot. Selina won’t take responsibility for the mess in the diner and wants to leave before the cops arrive, Bruce is hesitant. In a very honest scene between Bruce and Selina, Bruce says its not over but Selina doesn’t want Bruce to take so much responsibility that it will get Bruce killed. Selina really does care for Bruce and she has done all that she can to help him at this time. Bruce sees the paper napkin picks it up and reads what Mr Trumble wrote.

Tabitha is not impressed by what legacy Ra’s has left to Barbara as they prepare to take on the League of Shadows. Barbara strongly believes that Ra’s chose her for a reason as she steps towards the assassins they take a step back. Barbara realises they are all weak that is why Ra’s chose Barbara as she would see how pitiful they all are. Afraid of change and afraid to take orders from a woman. Barbara makes it clear she is the Demons Head and they better bow to her or it will get messy. Her hand lights up again and the League of Shadows bow to her the lights go out and there is sound of gunfire. The only people that are left standing are the female members of The League of Shadows. The lady steps forward and confirms Barbara is right as the mission of The League is to find weakness, now the sisters of The League is for Barbara to command. Barbara is slightly disappointed as there aren’t many members left but the lady explains that they are the tip of the spear and others will follow her.

The bell starts to toll the hypnotised people all around Gotham on ledges take one step forward. This is my favourite scene from this episode it is intense and Jim and the waiting GCPD don’t know how to save them. Jim talks into the microphone and admits he can’t save them including Harvey. The next words Jim says echoes through the speakers of Gotham “save each other” breaks the hypnotic spell. Silence as Jim and the GCPD wait to see if it worked and Harper confirms it has.

Jim is back behind his desk as Harvey confirms Tetch didn’t speak a word whilst the medics patched him up. Harvey decides Jim needs a drink, Harvey being like a squirrel has hidden some whiskey at the back of a filing cabinet. In another emotional honest scene Jim feels he doesn’t belong in the job, behind the desk and in the building. He should be in jail which Harvey won’t argue with. Harvey puts it to Jim what if he was in jail sucking on his own misery what would of happened to the thousands of people and Harvey. Jim sees what Harvey did as heroic and what he Jim did anyone could of done. Harvey knew whilst going through the channels the crazy thing he was doing if it went side ways he knew Jim would save him. What Jim has always believed in feels like a lie to him, Jim admits to judging Harvey for a long time and he should never of done that. What Jim knows about Harvey is the tip of the iceberg, there are no heroes at the GCPD. They raise their whiskey glasses and Jim agrees there are no heroes.

Harper knocks on the door as Bruce Wayne wants to talk to Jim about Valeska. Bruce tells Jim he saw Jerome and he killed his uncle. Bruce knows he is headed to a school called Saint Ignatuis. Jim warns Bruce to stay away from that mad man but again Bruce tells Jim that Jerome is as much his problem as anybody else’s and will meet Jim at Saint Ignatius.

A GCPD prisoner van is taking Jervis Tetch back to Arkham he is wearing a face mask so he can’t speak. The guard stops and gets out wearing ear protectors he looks horrified as The Scarecrow sprays him with his fear toxin. This is a rescue mission as Jerome opens the back doors to the van he is dressed in new threads and rather proud of them. Scarecrows new updated costume is sinister and simply brilliant. It has gone according to plan whilst Tetch kept Jim busy, Crane got his new fear toxin finished and Jerome got the information he needed. There is a new trio of villains in Gotham and I cannot wait to see what happens next week.

The next episode of Gotham airs on Thursday 5th April 2018, titled “Mandatory Brunch Meeting.” Gordon and Bullock try to stay one step ahead as Jerome (guest star Cameron Monaghan) zeros in on his next target. Meanwhile, Nygma hosts a riddle game show in the Narrows and faces his toughest challenger in Lee Thompkins, and Penguin goes to see Butch with a proposal.