Posted: March 26, 2018 by Erin Marie Durcan

SYFY’s Krypton just had its premiere on March 21st and fans seem to be excited about it. The show is not a prequel to the story of Superman and his home planet. Adam Strange, who is a time traveler, travels back 200 years before Superman’s legacy begins. Why? Because Superman is being wiped from existence in the year 2018.

The episode begins with a trail. Val-El, Superman’s great-great grandfather, has been found of committing treason. He has brought forth to the council that they are not alone in the universe and the planet will be destroyed by this unknown source. The Voice of Rao judges him to be put to death (instead of the Phantom Zone like we have seen before) and the family is stripped of their title, honor, and shield sending them to live in the lower parts of Kandor City.

Fourteen years later, Seg (now 23 years old) is doing what he can to help keep his family afloat. Even having bets on how long he can stay up in a fight against the government officials who come into his friend’s bar. But his fate turns around very quickly.

The first is when Seg’s father forgets his medicine. Seg goes to the Lawmakers Guild where his father works and sees a terrorist working for the group Black Zero has a bomb. Seg tackles him to save his dad. For saving the council and the Voice of Rao, the head of the council, Daron-Vex, tells Seg he will have a shield. But he will be a Vex with the binding of his daughter Nyssa. With Seg is now bound to Nyssa, this brings having a romance with Lyta-Zod, the General’s daughter, a little difficult. With this news of the bidding, she asks questions about Nyssa and doesn’t see how their relationship could continue.


Then there’s the part where Adam Strange pulls Seg into an alley.

Adam Strange: Someone from the future is coming to destroy Krypton.
Seg: Why? Why would they do that?
Adam Strange: Because where I’m from, your grandson becomes the greatest hero in the universe.
And before he disappears in a puff of smoke, Adam hands Seg a crystal key with the House of El shield on it.
Adam Strange: You have to find the fortress. You have to save Superman.

He shows the key to his parents. They know what it is for but keep it from Seg. Later that night, Seg’s mother steals a ship to take Seg to the fortress. Once inside Seg finds that everything his grandfather said was true. They don’t stay at the fortress for long when the military track them down. They are followed back to their home and Seg’s mother hides him knowing they would only keep looking until they were both found. She is taken to the Lawmakers Guild. As she is tried, Seg and his father stand to the side watching. The council knows about the fortress and want to know where it is. She refuses announcing her reclaim to all Val-El said. They ask her one more time who was in the ship with her when Seg’s father steps in to say it was him. Seg is held back by the guards when Seg’s father goes after the guard’s gun and is shot down. Seg’s mother runs over to her husband as Seg continues to be held back by the guards. She then grabs the gun that is still in her husband’s hand and brings it up. Before she can shoot, General Zod (Lyta’s mother) shots her.


Grief stricken, Seg goes back to the fortress to think. Shortly after arriving Adam Strange shows up.

Seg: You got my parents killed! They died to protect me! They died to protect whatever all this is! And it doesn’t matter!
Adam Strange: Then why are you here?
Seg: I thought if I could finish my grandfather’s work, then maybe my parents didn’t die for nothing. But what I do know for sure is that because of you, my entire family’s gone.
Adam Strange then pulls out Superman’s cape. It’s disappearing at the end.
Adam Strange: This belongs to you grandson. Kal-El. Emphasis on the El.
Then Adam Strange goes on to talk about what is on its way to change Krypton and Superman’s future. The Collector of Worlds. Brainiac.

Next episode March 28th.

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