Posted: March 20, 2018 by Erin Marie Durcan


A new show is about to hit the cable television empire of DC Comics! Krypton is the first of two shows about the Man of Steel. But this show is said to be not a prequel to the legendary story of the planet and the family of El.

The story to starts 200(!) years before Superman is sent to Earth. Audiences will meet the grandfather, Seg-El, of Krypton‚Äôs last son and his struggle to bring back honor to his family’s name. Audiences will also be introduced to Adam Strange who was first introduced in 1958 in the number 17 issue of the Showcase series. Adam is a time traveler who comes to Krypton to save Superman who is being erased from existence in the future. The person who is preventing the future from happening is the Collector of Worlds, or better known as Brainiac.


The series looks amazingly awesome! With giant, very close to detail sets. A great cast with Cameron Cuffe (as Seg-El), Georgina Campbell (as Lyta Zod), Elliot Cown ( as Daron-Vex), and Shaun Sipos ( as Adam Strange) to name a few. As well as amazing costumes and special effects.

Audiences are about to be told a different story to the legend all have grown up with. And new eyes are about to be open to a world fans of Superman have only imagined.

Krypton premieres March 21st on SYFY.