Posted: March 15, 2018 by Erin Marie Durcan

Oliver’s case takes a change as his lawyer has become aware that Renee’s case as key witness has been dropped due to the evidence being tampered with by Cayden James. But the good news doesn’t last long. Laurel, on the other hand, has walked into SCPD stating that she’s Laurel Lance (the one that died 2 years ago). Before Oliver has the chance to talk to her, he finds her talking to the press. Telling them she was imprisoned by Damien Darhk for two years. Laurel then sees Oliver and Quentin and sincerely hugs them each in turn with the press watching. The press then realizes she knows the true identity of the Green Arrow and asks her if Oliver is indeed him. But Mayor Queen is able to change the subject saying that Laurel would like some private time with her family.
When they are finally alone, Laurel blackmails Oliver in going along with her story or she goes to the press to share who the Green Arrow is. From there Laurel goes to the hospital to get checked and cleaned. Dinah gets assigned to her case by the Captain of the police and she waits for her. But when Dinah’s back is turned, Laurel is taken by one of Diaz’s men to go to his hideout.
In the meantime, Oliver finds out his case was not entirely dropped when the District Attorney brings forward about a new key witness. And it’s Roy Harper. Roy was found by Diaz and is being held captive. The team decides to rescue Roy with Thea’s insistence in help by suiting up as Speedy.
When the team arrives, they find there are SCPD cops working under Diaz torturing Roy. When the room is clear, Speedy goes in to free him. But due to his injuries Speedy can’t carry him out. She is posed with an arrow at the door to hold off Diaz’s men, but the Green Arrow pulls her out through the balcony window before they broke down the door.

Back at the bunker, Felicity has found that Diaz is the one behind everything. And the SCPD who are working for Diaz have been covering up everything, including Cayden James’s death.

At Diaz’s hideout, Laurel meets up with Diaz who feels angry that she took all the money and not just her cut. She had told Oliver after her “press conference” that she no longer had the money knowing Diaz took it all back. To gain Diaz’s confidence again she goes with his plans to take over Star City.

Laurel goes to Quentin’s apartment to convince him that she wants to learn and be more like his little girl. Dinah is also at Quentin’s apartment and calls Oliver to let him know she wants to talk. She tells them she knows where Diaz is and where they can find Roy. Green Arrow, Speedy, and Spartan go to the hideout and are split up. Speedy goes after Roy alone and the Green Arrow captures Anatoly who had joined in on the fight. With Spartan pointing a gun at Anatoly, Green Arrow goes to help Speedy. When he arrives they are able to surround Diaz. Green Arrows tells Speedy to take Roy who is in back of a van unconscious. She drives off and before the Green Arrow can do anything Diaz’s cops from the SCPD arrive and outnumber him. He gets away before they could capture him.

Oliver goes to see Laurel, who is still at Quentin’s place, to thank her. He thought the team might be falling into a trap, but found her words were truthful. Laurel tells him she wants to be more like they Laurel they all knew. But when Oliver leaves she gets a text message from Diaz say “Good work”.

Arrow returns March 29th!

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