Posted: March 9, 2018 by Adam Carr

After a few months of development and hard work on the website, we are proud to announce that the website has now entered beta.

After the first months of being live we have seen a great increase in use of the site, and we feel this is generally due to the improved user experience that our new site offers over the previous website, as well as the increased amount of interesting content created by our awesome legion of writers!

In beta we are proud to announce that the hall of fame page is now live.  Here you will be able to vote each month, and see who are the current finalists for 2018.  But don’t fear, you will also still be able to access the DCWorld Hall of Fame posts written by the team!  These posts give the team the chance to persuade the DCWorld readership that their entrant is worthy of a finalist spot!

Have a browse around and see what you think, there at still a few improvements here or there to be made, but we are making great strides to having a website worthy of the No.1 Fan community for DC Comics related content in the UK!

Thanks for joining us on the journey, and we hope you continue to stick with us over the coming months and years!

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