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Supergirl and the D.E.O. capture another World Killer.

Let’s break it down…

The episode picks up right where we last left off with Supergirl, Mon-El and the D.E.O. arriving to capture who they believe is another World Killer.  Upon entering the home of Julia Freeman, they find her sitting in a back room with headphones on, singing along to “Stay” by Lisa Loeb and having no idea that her home has been invaded.  When Supergirl gets her attention, she becomes startled, her eyes turn white and Purity takes over, unleashing a scream similar to the Black Canary cry, disorientating everybody.  Fortunately, J’onn is able to detain her before anybody is injured.

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At L Corp, Sam arrives at her office to find Lena waiting for her.  Lena feels that she been away from L Corp for too long and would like to help out.  Sam feels that Lena doesn’t think she can handle the job anymore.  Lena remembers the first time they met when L Corp acquired the company Sam worked for.  It was three in the morning and Lena showed up to begin work on the takeover.  Sam was a Junior VP and was the only employee at the office.  When Lena saw how focused and dedicated Sam was to her job at at time when nobody else was around, she immediately knew that she wanted to work with her.  With everything that has been going on lately, Lena orders Sam to take the day off to spend with Ruby, who she takes out of school to go ice skating.

At the D.E.O., Winn is analyzing a Kryptonian crystal that was found in Julia’s home with the goal being to locate the World Killer’s headquarters.  Supergirl seems a bit off after Purity’s first attack so Alex suggests that some tests be run.  Supergirl tells her she’s not feeling off from the attack, but there is something different about Julia.  She was scared and asking for help when they arrived at her home.  Alex believes Julia is lying and putting on an act in order to get close to her, reminding her of the vision of World Killers.  Alex agrees to let Supergirl talk to Julia but reiterates that when she fails, they will do things her way.

Supergirl takes a crack at interrogating Julia but is quickly told she is not Julia.  She is Purity.  Supergirl is reading Julia’s file to try and get through to her when Purity says that Julia has been an act ever since she has been on Earth.  Supergirl shows Purity a picture of her best friend from college.  It looks like Julia is going to come back but Purity scoffs, asking if Supergirl thinks she cares about humans.   Supergirl insists that she believes this and states she also cares about Julia prompting Purity to ask Supergirl if she’ll care when she tears open her bones and rips out her soft parts.

Supergirl’s method fails so Alex jumps in to threaten Purity only to be told that after she’s done with Supergirl, she will eat her heart with the other gods..  Supergirl pulls Alex from the room and they argue about the best way to handle Purity.  Alex tells Supergirl that her feelings of hope are getting in the way.  Supergirl tells Alex that she is not acting like her sister and she and is becoming hard and cynical.  Alex reminds Supergirl that nobody else is bulletproof and cynicism is what has kept her alive. They’ve tried doing this Supergirl’s way.  Now it’s Alex’s turn.

While all of this is going on, Mon-El asks J’onn for help in repairing the Legion ship.  The ship is about to lose the ability to fly and Mon-El thinks J’onn’s ship contains a part they need to help make the repair.  Winn insists on coming along as it will take around five hours for the crystal analysis to be complete.  They arrive at J’onn’s ship, which is disguised as a beautiful 1952 Chevrolet convertible.  Mon-El is seeking a Moran battery which generates an anti-gravitaional field.  Mon-El plans to use the battery as a boost to help regenerate the Legion ship’s fuel cells.  J’onn pulls the battery from his ship.  Winn sees it as a thing of beauty and asks to hold to which J’onn replies “No”.

Alex begins interrogating Purity but she immediately digs into the pain Alex has been feeling.  That Alex’s rage is a byproduct of her loneliness after throwing away her one chance at happiness. Ultimately Alex is run off after being called “a broken little doll”.  Supergirl sees Alex’s pain as she walks off, realizing she may have been right about how to handle Purity and tells her that she will make sure that nobody is hurt by her hands.

The Kryptonian crystal begins lighting up and calls to Sam, who is at the ice rink with Ruby.  Purity senses the crystal and begins speaking Kryptonian to Supergirl.  Sam leaves Ruby alone at the ice rink and Purity uses her scream to break out of her cell and incapacitate Supergirl.  Purity uses her powers to grab the crystal and fly out of the D.E.O.  Winn quickly locates Purity in the city’s subway system and supplies Supergirl, Mon-El, Alex and J’onn with sonic dampeners to keep them from being affected by her scream.

Reign flies to her fortress and is informed of Purity’s awakening and she needs to bring her to the fortress before Supergirl and the D.EO. catch her.

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Purity is cornered by the team on the subway tracks.  Upon discovering her scream is not working on them, she begins using it to damage the subway system, causing the floor to cave in on the station below.  Supergirl engages Purity before she can do anymore damage but doesn’t fare well as Purity easily gets the upper hand on her and Mon-El.   Purity has Supergirl in a choke hold and tells her that now is her time to die.

Supergirl pleads with Julia to not let Purity hurt her anymore and we begin to see Julia show back up before Purity immediately takes over again. Alex now pleads with Julia reminding her of the time she jumped in front of a car to save her friend, proving that there is good in her.  Alex apologizes for the threats she made earlier and swears she will help her beat Purity.  They all will.  Purity screams and releases Supergirl.  Her eyes go back to normal, revealing Julia is back in control.

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Reign arrives and Alex begins firing her weapon at her.  Reign throws Alex down and stomps on her chest to kill her.  Julia yells for Reign to stop and take her instead.  Reign and Purity come face to face for the first time and they fly off to find the final World Killer, Pestilence.

At the D.E.O., Alex is finishing up with some medical tests.  Other than a few bruised ribs, she is fine as it could’ve been much worse. Winn informs the team that he lost track of Reign and Julia soon after they flew away.  Hoping that Julia is strong enough to withstand Purity, Supergirl suggests that they may not be able to beat all three world Killers.  But by learning that she was able to get through to Julia, there is a strong chance that they can all be saved.

At Reign’s fortress, Julia wakes up and is met by the dark priestess.   She tries to fight off Purity but is ultimately taken over.

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Mon-El arrives at the Legion ship and finds that Winn and Imra have made the necessary repairs and the ship is now fully operational.  Winn leaves and Mon-El admits to Imra that he has had a difficult time dealing with his feelings for Kara since they’ve been working together again.  Imra also comes clean and decides it’s time to tell Mon-El the truth about why they are really here.

At the end of the day, Kara and Alex get together for a drink.  Alex is having a very difficult time dealing with walking away from Maggie and thinks of it as a weakness.  A lack of hope.  Kara comforts her and tells Alex that she will get through this.  Alex was hopeful by making the strong decision for her to walk away from Maggie because she wanted more.  There is another person out there for Alex and Kara firmly believes she will find them, be a wife, a mom and have everything she has ever wanted.

Sam arrives back at L Corp frantically looking for Ruby.  Lena tells her that she is sleeping at her apartment.  Sam gets angry upon hearing that Ruby was asking questions and Lena did her best to comfort her by telling her they were trying to figure out what was wrong.  The more Lena tries to explain herself, the more angry Sam becomes, causing another brief blackout.  Her voice changes and her eyes flash red right in front of Lena before she comes back around.  Sam confirms to Lena that she just had a black out and Lena tells her that she knows what is wrong with her and is going to make her better.

WOW!  What an intense episode that definitely left us hanging there.  What is the mission that the Legion are on?  Does Lena really know what is going on with Sam?  How long do you think it will be before everyone discovers that Sam is Reign?  I personally thought this episode would be the one but we do have quite a lot of season left.

I love the Danvers’ sister’s interactions in this episode.  Their relationship is my favorite among the show.  They have been through so much together.  They’ve had major disagreements over the years but find a way to come together and are always there for each other during the good times and the bad times.

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Supergirl is going on hiatus until April, however, don’t fret.  If you’re a comic fan, continue to check back here as I will be writing about some great Supergirl comics during the break to help fill the void.

See you next time!


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