Posted: January 21, 2018 by Erin Marie Durcan

Happy New Year Arrowverse fans! Arrow was back this week after a winter break and it was jam packed with action as the stunt coordinator James Bamford, and this week’s director, knows best. Divided continued the story of what the team had decided to do before the break. But did they forgive each other and move on? Or did they go their separate ways?


The Episode Plot
The episode starts with Jerry Bertinelli, the Huntress’s cousin, being visited by Black Siren, Cayden James, and Richard Dragon. Cayden James wants Bertinelli’s port and has a proposition for him. But not only does he threaten Bertinelli if he doesn’t get his way, he threatens to go after his daughter who is attending college if the doesn’t comply. Bertenelli doesn’t want to give in and breaks into an office building to get the Green Arrow’s attention to ask for help. But in the end Bertinelli betrays the Green Arrow with a trap almost getting him captured and killed. But Green Arrow is able to get away with bombs he planted around the warehouse they met and Bertinelli is killed by Cayden James for his first betrayal to him.

The team in or out?
Not only was Oliver surveillancing the team, so was Cayden James. Felicity and Diggle find that the bunker had been bugged after experiencing interference. So the whole team was compromised anyway. Diggle confronts Oliver and asks to bring the team back to make the odds even after finding out that it’s not just Cayden and Black Siren fighting against them. It is also Richard Dragon, Vincent Sobel (Vigilante), Anatoly Knyazev, and all their men. Although it’s just Oliver fighting this army he still says “No!” to not in bringing the team back because of the mistrust.
Diggle and Felicity ask Renee, Dinah, and Curtis to meet them at Felicity’s apartment to tell them about Cayden James knowing their identities and to tell Dinah about Vincent working with Cayden (she had been meeting with him and started falling for him again). The conversation of coming back comes into play and Renee, Dinah, and Curtis tell them how could they come back after what Oliver did. And Felicity tells them to grow up. “You gave up on Oliver! You don’t get to stay mad at Daddy because he read your diary and you get to skip out on curfew! That’s not how it works!”
But after the betrayal with Bertinielli almost getting him captured and killed, Oliver realizes he can’t fight alone and needs his team. He apologizes to Renee for reacting the way he did. He realized what he was doing was for his daughter. But points out he was also jeopardizing taking him away from William. He also takes responsibility for the surveillance and that it was a break in trust. But also points out there was a break in all sides. The three of them walk away from Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle and decided to make their own team.
Words cannot describe the last 1:30 of the episode. So I’ll let this do it….. =D =D =D

Arrow returns next week!

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