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Posted: January 20, 2018 by Adam Carr

national penguin awareness day 2018 - dcworld

Gothamites come together, it’s National Penguin Awareness Day in the USA!  But not the penguin you are all thinking of!

Penguins are constantly under threat with many predators chasing them down in the many wild habitats they live in, does that ring any bells?

Whether it’s a Riddler or a big cat, Penguins sometimes need the help of the people to keep them safe!

Greenpeace are running a great donation scheme which will protect Penguins across the world, but not the Oswald type i’m afraid!   Greenpeace also help protect a range of other animals including whales, seals and 10,000 more other species!

Play your part in protecting our beautiful wildife by donating here to Greenpeace’s campaign!

Celebrate Penguin Awareness Day in style, donate and help save their habitats!