After weeks of development the new DCWorld website is finally live.  The website is currently in Alpha mode, meaning many things are subject to change as we work out how you interact with the website best!

There are bound to be issues in this first release, but stick with us, we will get it all ironed out before the end of January when the site will then go into Beta mode, before the full release at the start of April!  Please do report any issues you spot to!

This current website is an MVP version of what is to come.  This meaning, it is the bare minimum to improve functionality of the website.  We do however have some exciting things coming in the next releases of the website:

  • Conventions Listing – we will be listing conventions on our website.
  • Hall of Fame – the new hall of fame page dedicated to listing everything to do with the Hall of Fame will go live.
  • Weather feature – Checkout the weather at all upcoming conventions within a week of the event!

Stick with us guys, 2018 is going to be a ride!