Posted: November 24, 2017 by John Hammond

harley quinn animated series

It is being reported that, the very popular DC Comics character, Harley Quinn is to star in her own animated television series called, funnily enough, Harley Quinn.

The show will be brought to us by the executive producers of Powerless, the short lived live action superhero comedy series, will be released direct to digital and contain 26 half hour episodes.

Harley Quinn will become the 3rd series given the go ahead by Warner Bros. Digital Networks Group and joins the live action Titans and the revival of Young Justice. It’s likely to feature Poison Ivy and, no doubt, a host of other heroes and villains from the DC Universe. It will focus on Harley’s aims to make it on her own and breaking away from The Joker and will be more adult orientated that other animated series from DC.

This puddin’ will certainly look forward to seeing this when it is released; Harley Quinn is a very popular character, created for Batman: TAS and one that has gone from strength to strength, featuring in the Suicide Squad movie and to feature in her own standalone adventure.

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Cheers, John