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Posted: November 24, 2017 by Claire Payne

gotham dcworld pig

It’s standing ovation time again, i thought last weeks episode had a theatrical feel to it, but this episode of Gotham will always be remembered for the amazing Professor Pyg preforming a unique musical number. This works so well in this episode and shows you don’t need to have every single character singing and making it a musical episode. Gotham keeps it gritty horror, darkness and a couple of characters learn the truth about who people really are.

A priest is walking among the homeless handing out doughnuts, he offers them an invitation of fresh biscuits and a hearty bowl of soup. He has six place sittings available, he slides open  a van door, no one takes up his offer until he mentions fresh pumpkin pie. The priest is taking individual photos with an instant camera of his six homeless guests, the Opera La Traviata plays in the background and each photo has a name underneath of who they are. He begins to tell  them there are two Gothams the haves and haves not, the priest knows what it is to have the have not but he feels he has said enough, you start to hear one of the homeless men coughing and choking. One by one all six drop dead as they are poisoned the priest raises a glass to the have not. The first body is laid on a stainless steel table, the priest removes his disguise, places a severed pigs head over his head. Professor Pyg is back and he is ready to begin carving up one of his six victims.

Captain James Gordon watches a sign writer finishing off the new sign on his office door, Jim knocks on the door where ex Captain Harvey Bullock is packing his things into a box, he tells the new captain he will be out of way soon, but Jim really didn’t want it to end up like it has. Harvey has been thinking about their first case together and when Jim was told to walk Penguin to the end of the pier and put a bullet in his head. Jim back then thought it was wrong and he still does, Harvey thinks maybe if he had of done it Falcone would be still running things. Jim disagrees he would have still made the same decision, Harvey understands how the city works he thinks Jim wants to be a hero, which Harvey believes Gotham doesn’t need heroes, it needs people who will do what is necessary. Jim is adamant that if you show people the way the people will follow. Harvey takes his box and is willing to wait and see, Jim wants Harvey to return after his leave is up. But Harvey is not interested in sitting around and watching Jim all day and declines his offer.

Sofia Falcone is finishing off the preparations for the fundraiser dinner for the orphanage, Oswald arrives with Mr Penn as she rearranges some flowers he comments how beautiful does Oswald means Sofia or the flowers? He predicts that the evening fundraiser we’ll be a smashing success, Sofia wants the evening to be perfect as she wants some of the wealthiest families in Gotham to support the orphanage. Oswald may not be able to attend the fundraiser as a situation has arisen, Sofia is disappointed. It’s a serious situation it has to do with Mayor Burke promoting James Gordon to captain of the GCPD, Sofia asks if he’s worried about Jim. Oswalds isn’t, the issue is with the person who ordered his appointment. Sofia realises The Mayor is a weasel and someone must of paid him off, but she doesn’t understand why Oswald can’t attend her dinner. Oswald can’t attend because the mayor has vanished, but he will find him and learn the name of his enemy and promises there will be a reckoning. Sofia nods in agreement, she reminds Oswald that Martin with some of the other children are doing a song and it would mean a great deal to him if Oswald was there, Oswald does seem regretful in this moment. Sofia carries on her preparations, Mr Penn approaches Oswald to ask if he really thinks she is the one and starts to suggest that maybe Victor…could talk to her. Oswald is not in agreement with this as he thinks she is literally his only friend, he needs the mayor and proof. Mr Penn hypothetically asks if it is Sofia maybe she made the Mayor disappear permanently? Oswald sees this as a possible problem as he could chase a ghost as Sofia prepares her next move, he needs a spy. Oswald talks through what qualities this person would need, close to Sofia and quiet, he decides on Martin. Mr Penn doesn’t know who Martin is, Oswalds description is the boy with the pad around his neck and can’t  talk. Sofia watches Oswald leave with Mr Penn before calling Jim, he answers to her abruptly. Sofia explains that Penguin suspects something and she is sure he suspects her. Jim wants to know if the mayor has been warned, which he has in fact left town after Jim being appointed Captain under Sofia’s recommendation. Jim thanks Sofia for the warning and asks her not to call him again.

Detective Harper answers the telephone, it’s a private call for Jim on line one. He assumes it’s Sofia but it’s Professor Pyg congratulating Jim on becoming Captain, Jim motions to Harper to listen in on their conversation. Pyg refers back to a conversation with Jim about when he talked about the rot in Gotham going from high to low, Pyg believes he hit the nail on the head being mostly the police being the low. It’s time for Gothams elite to feel the pain, time for phase two of Pyg’s plan he’s not going to spoil it for Jim either. Pyg invites Jim outside for a little taste of what is to come. Pyg’s discussion with Jim  takes place in a colourful striped marque, Jim works out he is outside and takes Harper with him. A crowd has gathered around the tent, Jim calls out GCPD to get him through the crowd. When he enters the tent he can hear pigs snorting, a table is set up for two with afternoon tea, a place card reading Vue la Revolucion, and a centre piece of flowers. Harper asks if the two people who are dressed in fine clothing sat in each chair are dead, which Jim confirms they are and orders forensics, no press and the area closed off. A bystander points out to Jim that one of the pigs has started eating the dead man, I found this scene very  funny as the bystander is eating a hotdog, pig eats man, man eats pig!

We return to Wayne Manor this week, Alfred is stood reading the newspaper as a hungover Bruce enters the kitchen looking for breakfast. Alfred tells Master Bruce that it was consumed by himself at breakfast time as now the day is fast approaching lunch. Bruce just wants a coffee, he sits at the kitchen island as Alfred asks about another night on the tiles with Tommy Elliot and his miscreants. Alfred serves Bruce his coffee, and continues to tell Bruce he knows what he is going through, Alfred can see Bruce is lost he has seen it countless times in young men going off to war with a clear purpose, then returning home to a normal life, unable to assimilate. Being confused and angry, Bruce doesn’t really care about what Alfred has just explained. Because Bruce killed Ra’s al Ghul as vengeance for his parents death, it’s been his driving force and now Bruce is completely lost without it, he goes to call Tommy Elliot on his cellphone. Alfred snatches the phone of him and asks Bruce “do you know what day it is today.” Bruce just wants his phone, Alfred assumes he has forgotten. Bruce stands to confront Alfred “Today is the day my father took me camping and we put a rock on top of Mount Bristol. We did it every year.” Bruce just wants his phone back, Alfred puts it to one side and grabs a paper bag which contain the two rocks with the initials TW and BW carved into them. Alfred reminds Bruce he is Bruce Wayne son of Thomas Wayne and the sooner he starts remembering that the better, under Alfred’s orders Bruce needs to drink his coffee, go upstairs put his kit on bacause they are going for a walk.

We are starting to see a lot more of Lucius Fox this season which is fantastic, Lucius runs through what the medical examiner findings with Jim. Both victims have been living outdoors for some time, mostly likely to be homeless. Lucius points out the incisions as Pyg has just been removing their organs, he has no idea why. Jim runs through the conversation he had with Pyg about that his next victims would be the rich and powerful in Gotham. So the question being why is he killing the homeless. Lucius sees that they are asking logic from a psychopath, Jim agrees as everything Pyg has done has been thought through carefully, the card on the table was written in French meaning “long live the revolution.” Lucius thinks maybe this is a statement, he wants the city’s attention. Jim doesn’t know what, but recent events has been a taste of what is to come there is still a piece that is missing. The homeless are the densest in the narrows so Jim is going to start there, Lucius comments that it quite the day for him to start as Captain.

A police officer informs Jim that they checked all the buildings in a three miles radius but they have found nothing, Jim decides to widen the search and focus on buildings with protected loading docks. Harper receives update from Lucius Fox the final toxin results come back, both victims had sodium sulphide and chlorine residue on their skin which is common in paper manufacturing. Jim knows of an old paper plant two blocks away that closed down a while back, they decided to check it out. Jim pulls up outside of Nonpareil Paper, Harper asks Jim should she call for back up but Jim declines. They enter into a dark area where there is metal shelving, flys are buzzing around as another dead body with the same incisions. Harper asks what Pyg is doing to them and Jim confirms he is taking their organs. They see a smoker oven which is still warm, Jim realises he is cooking them, they hear a noise of a door shutting, they run outside and see a van. With their guns drawn they circle the van which has one door open, unknown to Harper Professor Pyg is walking behind her. Jim calls out to Harper, who has realised Pyg is behind her. She turns and Pyg stabs her quickly the chest, and holds her hostage. Jim points his gun and so does Pyg, he tells Jim to drop his which after hesitation he does. Pyg thanks him, Jim has found Pyg too soon as the table is not yet set and no meal should be served before it’s time. Jim offers himself as hostage but Pyg refuses as that won’t do at all, as Jim is his final act along with all of Gotham. Pyg moves Harper into the back of the van and knocks her out as Pyg slides the door closed and the van speeds away.

Bruce and Alfred arrive for their walking trip in the Bentley, Alfred comments what a lovely day it is and throws Bruce, who is not enthusiastic his back pack. Alfred orders his “best foot forward.”

Martin is at the Iceberg Lounge been fitted for a dinner suit, Oswald thinks he looks very distinguished. Oswald discuss with Martin his upcoming performance that Sofia told him about, Oswald comments she is quite the lady. Martin nods his head in agreement, as Oswald thinks Sofia she has been a friend to both of them or has she. Oswald shares with  Martin that he is worried that Sofia is pretending to  be his friend, and worst of all using Martin. Martin uses his notepad to draw a question mark as he doesn’t understand. The next part of the scene also had me thinking the same as Oswald, he has been running two things through his mind. One Sofia chose a specific orphan, which is Martin to place in his path. Sofia groomed Martin told him how to act or Sofia simply collected a group of children. Where one would gain his trust and make Oswald easier to manipulate. This is the version Oswald wants to believe very badly. Martin looks very sad, Oswalds voice remains soft but talks to him maturely. Oswald needs proof of their friendship as he needs to know if his suspicions are correct, what Sofia is planning and who with. Oswald asks Martin to be his eyes and ears, he looks at Martin seriously but softly and asks if he willing to that. Martin nods his head in agreement and shakes hands with Oswald, Oswald asks Martin not to let him down. As  Oswald turns his back Martin looks concerned a one tear rolls down his cheek. This has to be one of my favourite scenes from this episode Christopher Convery and Robin Lord Taylor are superb together.

Jim orders a wide search on Harper as he is determined Harper will not be the Pyg’s next victim. The press arrive wanting confirmation that the serial killer known as the Pyg was back and response for the scene outside of the GCPD. The press question how can Jim keep the people of Gotham safe if he can’t keep his own officers safe. In Jim’s statement he maks a promise that he will find Harper and stop this monster. One journalist throws a question at Jim asking if it true that Pyg is cooking his victims, Jim is surprised and demands to know who told him. Jim meets Lucius back inside the paper factory, Jim tells him that someone has leaked to the press, Lucius suggests that maybe the Pyg did it himself. The Pyg wants attention, Lucius reassures Jim that everyone is on his side but there is something Lucius wants Jim to see. He turns on a light to reveal writing on a old headboard “i grant this food will be somewhat dear, and therefore very proper for landlords, who, as they have already devoured most of the parents, seem to have the best title to the children.”  Lucius recognises it as Jonathan Swift from “A Modest Proposal.” He made an argument for cannibalism about the rich eating the poor. In this case the poor are the homeless, but asks who are the rich? Jim notices he specifically mentioned the orphans, as soon as he says orphans Jim knows where Pyg is headed.

Sofia is in the kitchens looking for Chef Louis, the kitchen maid has no idea. He appears in a French accent he announces he is pleased to meet Sofia in person, she was expecting him earlier. Chef apologies as he was detained, he tells Sofia about his small change in the menu. He has steered away from haute cuisine to something a bit more mundane, he opens the oven doors and takes out a tray of pies. Chef Louis sniffs and sighs and announces them as Gotham meat pies, he ensures Sofia’s guests will die for them. Another great disguise from Professor Pyg.

Alfred compliments his English brown stew with herb dumplings, Alfred remembers how Bruce’s father loved his stew. Alfred asks Bruce if he ever told him how he met Thomas Wayne, Bruce abruptly tells Alfred that he did, his father did his post graduate work in London. Alfred continues to stir his stew over their camp fire, Alfred is keen to tell Bruce the details of their meeting. He had been out of the army for only two months, he doesn’t really remember any of it, a bit of a blur because of the booze, drugs, brawling. Alfred had a massive black cloud over him, Bruce becomes slightly more interested, but frowns as he listens to Alfred. Alfred woke up in a alley covered in blood which he didn’t know how, he took himself down to the police station and turned himself in, hoping they would chuck him in the big house and throw away the key. The police don’t, they told Alfred to sit down, shut up and wait, Alfred laughs at the thought of seeing a really annoying Yank wandering about, dressed as he was ready for a game of tennis, but it was Bruce’s dad. Alfred’s face lights up with the memory and Bruce’s head is turned more towards Alfred as he listens, “anyway, he bowls up to me, asks me what I done. Asking me questions. Eventually I found myself telling him stuff that I was too frightened even to think about.” Alfred completes his memory saying the desk sergeant called Thomas over and he turned to Alfred and said “Alfred last night. I was being attacked in the alley and you started fighting this geezer, I headed on my toes, and I ran away.” Alfred goes on to explain that’s not what happened and he told Thomas this, but as far as Thomas was concerned it was. Thomas Wayne saved Alfred’s life that night and his friendship saved him, Alfred does know what it’s like being lonely. Hoping the world will punish, Alfred knows he can help Bruce. Bruce closes his eyes and shakes off any emotion he is feeling, he tells Alfred that he doesn’t want to talk about it right now. Bruce jumps up from the stone he is sitting on and starts searching in one of the bags, Alfred asks what he is looking for. Bruce claims the rocks are gone and they must of fell out in the car, Alfred tells Bruce where the car keys are, which I saw as an immediate mistake as I could see Bruce was going to drive off in the car. As Bruce walks away Alfred sees the paper bag containing the rocks and realises too late when the engine of the car starts and Bruce drives away.

The Falcone orphanage fundraiser is in full swing as Sofia mingles with guests, Oswald and Martin arrive together in matching dinner suits. Martin looks like an adorable mini Penguin even his hair is styled similar to Oswalds, Sofia is delighted when she sees them. Oswald knows how important this party is to her, and Oswald would never forgive himself if he missed Martins performance. Sofia sends Martin off to find the other children, then asks Oswald if he managed to locate the Mayor. He has not but Oswald has not given up hope, Sofia is happy at this news and claims it’s because Oswald can come to the party. Sofia excuses herself as she needs to check on the chef, as he seems a bit odd, Oswald watches her walk away and motions to Martin to keep his eyes on her. Jim enters through a gated back door and quietly looks around in the darkness. Martin is stood alone in the hallway he is writing something on his notepad, Sofia walks behind him and she says “hello Martin” he stops writing. Sofia asks what he is writing, Martin turns slowly to face her. This has me thinking that maybe Martin is not completely loyal to Oswald after all.

Jim sees a waiter loading up some trays, he tells the waiter not to make a noise. Jim shows the waiter he is a cop and asks who he is he stammers as he is just a waiter. Jim describes the man he is looking for, Caucasian, about five foot ten, maybe the chef. The waiter tells Jim the chef is in the kitchen, he is panicking. Jim reassures him he is okay, Jim wants the waiter to go ahead and bring Ms.Falcone to him. The waiter agrees, he puts the food tray down, Jim notices he has something in his jacket and asks what it is. The waiter goes to punch Jim but gets to him first, the chef comes behind Jim and knocks him out with a frying pan. Professor Pyg admires what an impressive policeman he is. Pyg talks to  the waiter asking if he came alone, which he thinks he did. The waiter tries his luck because the Pyg is into wierd stuff he wants to be paid double in what he originally agreed. Jim is put in a room with boxes, he starts to come round he hears someone else making a low moaning noise. It’s Harper she has her mouth taped, thank goodness she is still alive.

Sofia talks to her guests about the realisation of the Falcone orphanage being a long cherished dream, which would not be possible without their support. She raises her glass and asks her guests to take a seat in the next room as the children are ready to perform. Oswald watches everyone leave and asks Sofia where Martin is as he wanted to wish him luck before the performance, he excepts that he is getting ready for his performance. Sofia has been thinking that maybe things happen for a reason. She admits licensing crime was a bold move but it would of destroyed Oswald. Sofia thinks whoever had Jim Gordon appointed Captain might of saved Oswald. Oswald doesn’t see this as this person is out to destroy everything he created. Sofia goes to speak but tells her “enough” he urges Sofia to confess and face the consequences. They are interrupted by gunshots and screaming, Professor Pyg is back in his severed pigs head mask. He apologises for interrupting, Pyg tells Sofia and Oswald that the servers are getting everyone seated as he doesn’t want the food to get cold. Pyg shows them a meat cleaver and tells to take a seat, chop chop.

Harper wound is being seen to by Jim, by tying a cloth he manages to stop her bleeding. Jim looks at the locked door, he needs to get the hinges off. Harper shows the knife she has attached around her ankle, she stills has it because the idiots forgot to search her.

Everyone is seated at the dining room table, the lights go out. Oswald asks Sofia if this is another one of her ideas, she denies it isn’t. Professor Pyg presses a button on a tape recorder, the music to the song “Cell block Tango” begins playing. Pyg announces to the Ladies and Gentlemen by now they have noticed there is a change in the program. Tonight he is proud to present the six merry Gothamites of Squatters row. The lyrics have been changed by the Gotham writers and they are brilliant. What happens next in this scene is absolutely brilliant, it’s theatrical, stomach churning, and one of the best knife fights I have seen. Pyg introduces Martin from the Falcone Home and school for orphans he looks at Sofia and Oswald. This is their rendition of “The Meat Pie Tango.” In front of each of the guests is a plate with a dome lid as Pyg announces names the domes are lifted, Bob, Fricks, Trish, Nunuh, Cyrano and Vincent. There on their plates are the Gotham pies that Pyg showed Sofia earlier. Martin part in this is to play his triangle which I assume he was going to do in his performance with the other children. Pyg carries on singing to the guests “you have it coming, you have it coming, you only have yourself to blame, if you’d been fair if you’d have been keen, i betcha these pies wouldn’t taste the same!” Sofia interrupts and asks where the other children are, she swears if Pyg has hurt them but before she can tell him Pyg stabs her in the back of the hand pinning it to the table.

Oswald is horrified and everyone else is screaming, Pyg calls Sofia rude as he isn’t finished, Pyg tells Oswald to sit down. Oswald goes to pull out the fine blade in the back of Sofia’s hand but Pyg warns him if he pulls it out the next one goes in Sofia’s eye. Oswald is seething with anger and sits down. Pyg answers Sofia’s question the other children and staff are safely locked in the kitchen. Pyg believes despite his appearance he isn’t an animal and he laughs and snorts. Pyg asks Martin to continue, so he plays his triangle. Pyg explains in a very well spoken deep voice that all the guests have fed upon the poor of Gotham for years, now they are going to know what they taste like. Pyg aks everyone to open the envelopes and look at the photograph inside. No one moves, Pyg encourages them as he shouts “Open them” in a loud threatening voice. Oswald rips his open and looks at his photo and in a disgusted voice asks “who is Trish?” Pyg thinks they all need to know who they are eating, people gasp at the realisation what is in front of them. Oswald expression in this scene says it all it’s stomach churning knowing what sits in front of them is people pies. Pyg announces that they are all going to eat them, Oswald instantly refuses. Pyg turns and walks to Martin and grabs him, he puts the meat cleaver to his throat and Pyg asks the diners to try again. Oswald and Sofia are horrified at Martin now being in danger, Pyg sees this as being simple eat the pies or Martin dies. The rich man sat next to Oswald sees Martin as an orphan, Oswald turns to face him and asks the rich man what did he say. The rich man thinks because the pies are made out of people he thinks that you can’t expect them to eat the pies. He looks at Martin as an urchin who going to care if Pyg kills him because they refuse to eat the pies. Oswald is infuriated by this and grabs the blade in Sofia’s hand and stabs the Rich man in the top of his head, he falls face down in one of the pies dead. Sofia grabs a napkin gasping to put on her wound, Pyg has just witnessed a waste of a good Pie. Pyg applauds Oswald for his action, especially as the reason why Pyg is there is because of Oswald, this surprises Oswald as he doesn’t know why? Pyg goes on to explain that he could of chosen any gathering of wealthy Gothamites who have gotten fat upon the poor, but he sees Oswald as the biggest glutton of them all. Oswald has gorged himself on the city’s heart, it’s lungs, it’s liver. Pyg doesn’t see how it’s any different and tells Oswald to start eating, or Martin dies. Oswald hesitates, then quickly grabs a handful of pie and puts it in his mouth, some of it is smeared over his cheeks and nose. Martin and Sofia are shocked to see he has done it, Oswald carries on chewing, then starts retching. The other diners are horrified, Oswald tells them with a mouth full of pie “if you don’t start eating I will hunt you down and kill you all!” Pyg is happy as everyone starts eating.

Jim manages to remove the hinges of the doors with Harper’s knife, he leaves the room to go and find Professor Pyg. Pyg is telling all the dinner guests, like his mother used to say nobody leaves the table until the plates are clean. After all it’s a compliment to the chef and Pyg loves compliments. The only one who hasn’t started eating is Sofia, Pyg notices this and encourages her too. Sofia turns her head slowly, she agrees to start eating only if Pyg doesn’t hurt Martin. Sofia struggles to pick up her fork because of her injured hand, she asks Oswald to help her. Oswald turns to look at Pyg still holding Martine, his eyes are emotional with anger. Oswald snatches Sofia fork, he is retching with the idea of feeding the pie to Sofia, he looks to Pyg and Martin as Sofia opens her mouth to starting eating the Pie. Jim runs into the dining room and stops one of the armed men firing his gun, this stops Sofia from having to eat the pie, there is screaming from the diners and more gunshots. Jim aims his gun at Professor Pyg but Oswald stops him as he has still got  Martin in his custody, Jim pushes Oswald out of the way, Oswald motions Martin to him and takes him safely out the dining room. Pyg removes his chefs jacket to reveal his butchers jacket where he keeps his knifes, Sofia calls out to Jim as he Pyg throws a meat cleaver at him, which he dodges in a spectacular style scene. Pyg throws more knifes, rolls onto the table and uses a tray to block one of the knives that have been thrown at him. Jim shouts at Sofia to get out, as she watches in the doorway. Pyg has two meat cleavers in his hands which he uses to take a swipe at Jim, Jim still has the wooden tray in his hands to block knifes. Pyg manages to flip Jim on his back, Jim rolls to the end of the table, one of the meat cleavers lands between his legs. Jim manages to turn and grabs Pyg’s wrist as he tries again to get Jim with the meat cleaver. Pyg puts the cleaver to his throat, Pyg encourages Jim not to give up as he will ruin everything. Jim sees the knife sticking out of the rich mans head and grabs it and stabs Pyg in the arm, knocks him out and then kicks him off the table.

Sofia is sat in her chair by the fire, her hand has just been seen to by a medic. Oswald enters after he leaves, he asks how her hand is. Sofia is not concerned with her hand, but she wants to know how Martin is. Oswald comments “he is stronger then he looks.” There is an uneasy silence between them, Oswald doesn’t hold back as he knows Sofia paid off the mayor to make Jim Gordon captain, she doesn’t deny it. Oswald doesn’t believe she did this out of friendship, to save him. Sofia explains she tried to talk Oswald out of the license program but he would not listen, to Sofia there seemed no other way. In an equality plausable way Sofia is Oswalds enemy, indent on his destruction. Sofia thinks Oswald definitely could choose to see it that way, the choice is Oswald’s. For whatever her reasons Sofia went behind his back and Oswald feels that he would be justified in killing her. Sofia gulps slightly, but because what Sofia was going to do for Martin, Oswald sees that as real. Sofia nods gently in agreement, Oswald warns her to never betray him again. Sofia agrees, never. Oswald decides to abandon the licenses, but he does not want Jim Gordon to be captain. Sofia tells Oswald to pick someone else as Gordon means less then nothing to her. Oswald leaves, Sofia watches with a satisfied smile on her face. This scene could indicate a few things, Sofia has definitely underestimated Oswald and thinks by confessing to helping make Jim Captain has gained her more trust. Or Oswald has made Sofia think she has gained his respect because of Martin, i really think Oswald wants to know her end game and that’s why she is still alive.

Jim escorts Professor Pyg to a waiting police car, there is a crowd, journalists waiting and taking photographs. The press are eager to talk to Captain Gordon, “they ask is that really the Pyg?” Jim confirms that the suspect known as the Pyg is in custody and Detective Harper is on her way to Gotham General and expected to make a full recovery. Phew! The GCPD kept its promise, a couple of the press thank Captain Gordon which I thought was a really good way of showing Jim can make it work as a Captain of the GCPD. Jim sees Sofia watching him from one of her windows.

There is loud rock music being played from Wayne Manor, Bruce has invited some friends around and a party is in full swing. Some of his friends are throwing coins into the suit of armour that is stood at the far side of the room. The record player is smashed with a crow bar, the room falls silence as the music does. Bruce raises his wine glass as Alfred enters the room, Bruce asks if he enjoyed his walk. Alfred demands everyone out, Bruce disagrees and tells everyone to stay where they are. This is where we see the worst version of Bruce ever, he reminds Alfred it’s not his house and he decides if he wants his friends to stay then they will stay. Alfred throws the crow bar to the floor and walks towards Bruce. Tommy Elliott becomes brave and thinks Bruce’s Butler is a little out of line, he does a terrible fake English accent and asks Alfred  if he’s been hitting the Sherry. Alfred informs Tommy Elliott “You have no idea what extreme danger you are in son. If I was you, I would walk away.” Tommy instantly recoils and tells Bruce he will see him at the club, everyone else leaves with him. It just Alfred and Bruce now, Alfred looks around as and comments how Master Bruce has showed a new side to himself today. Bruce isn’t interested in what Alfred has to say, the story he told him about his Dad was that meant to get Bruce all weepy? Again Bruce insists Alfred doesn’t know what he is going through, as he and Alfred are nothing alike. Alfred just wants Bruce to talk to him so he knows how he can help him. Bruce believes he can’t help, and reminds Alfred I did what I did, Bruce killed Ra’s, he avenged his parents death and nothing changed. It made no difference so why did Bruce do it? Bruce asks Alfred how can he help that! Alfre believes he can help with the way he is feeling, but he needs to talk to Alfred and face up to who is really is. Bruce wants Alfred to stop telling him who is as he knows who he is, and if Alfred really wants to help Bruce he needs to stop trying to be his father and be his butler. With one last cutting sentence to Alfred before he leaves Bruce tells Alfred to clean up after him.

Jim visits Sofia, she calls him the hero of the day. Jim tells Sofia he was just doing his job. Sofia understands that Jim hates her for what she did but Sofia feels he deserves to be captain. Jim admits when he went to Carmine for help he knew what he was gettting into, which mean he doesn’t have to like it. Sofia can see that Jim excepts it and Jim believes he deserves it, as Gotham deserves law and order. Sofia gets up from her chair and she thinks that Jim doesn’t believe she wants that too, as Sofia is not Jim’s enemy and never will be. They kiss but Jim pulls away first.

A limousine is waiting outside of the Falcone Mansion, it belongs to Oswald who is deep in thought as Martin gets in the back with him. Oswald asks Martin if he found out anything, Martin takes a deep breath and shows Oswald his notepad on which he has written “I saw Sofia kissing the policeman.” Oswald is shocked, his voice breaks as he asks if this is true. Martin nods his head, we see a flashback of Sofia kissing Jim while Martin watches behind a door frame. Oswalds eyes are emotional, he chuckles softly to himself and acknowledges that Martin is a good friend, well as for Sofia she will answer for all what she has done. This is a superb scene between to great characters and its wraps up another outstanding episode of Gotham.

Gotham return some on Thursday 30th November as its Thanksgiving in the USA on the 23rd. The next episode is titled “Things that go boom” Gordon tries to broker a deal with Penguin that involves Sofia. Alfred tries to pull Bruce out of his own teenage angst and downward spiral, as Lee Thompkins gains more control over the Narrows.