Escapism is something I have always associated with the cinema and seeing the Justice League was no different. The Justice League was more then I expected, it had a good plot line, great action sequences which showed off our heroes individually, and together with great balance of humour and we never forget that they are human. Danny Elfman’s score was also very memorable throughout the film.

Let’s start with the negative, it was too short and you could see by the editing where parts of scenes had been removed. Steppenwolf was an okay villain, he had a good connection to the Amazonians, Atlantean’s and the human race but as we all know DC have great villains.

Ben Affleck really proves how good he is at being Bruce Wayne and Batman. Seeing him do more action sequences compared to Batman v Superman was perfect. His relationship and actual respect for Diana really comes through in Bens performance. Batman’s humour was another enjoyable moment, in coping being part of a team. I enjoyed Jeremy Irons as Alfred, much more this time round his conversation with Bruce and how Superman is a beacon of hope and that Clark was always more human then he is.

Gal Gadot as the awesome Wonder Woman, again did not disappoint. Diana has a great way of logical thinking but wanting to what is right and her heart. Her doubts of bringing back Superman from the dead was a good question but didn’t cause a huge rift amongst the league. Bruce asking her why she hides herself away after all she Wonder Woman is another beacon of hope and what she stands for. It has been said on several occasions Gal Gadot has really been born to play the part, I 100% agree she’s a scene stealer and incredibly believable. It was so good to see the Amazonians back and how they battle at the beginning of the film with Steppenwolf.

I had my doubts about Aquaman, but they were gone within minutes. Jason Momoa was brilliant. Atlantis was beautiful and really gave you a great tease to the oceanic world in his solo film next year. One off the funniest moments was Aquaman didn’t realise he was sat on Wonder Woman’s Lasso of truth and starting reeling of his he really felt about this quest he is on.

Ray Fisher as Cyborg for me personally had a really interesting back story and I liked how he looked and bonded with each of the league as the film went on. Cyborg’s natural surprise at what his abilities are where great to watch and i was happy to see his father survive. I also liked his shy but confident abilities to be a very important part of the league.

Ezra Miller as The Flash was another character that really stood out. Ezra in own right is an exceptional actor. His story with his father being in prison shows his own personal difficulties with life and why people have brunch. Bruce Wayne believing that he is essential part of the League, even though we have seen the scene in the trailer where Barry asks what is Bruce Wayne’s superpowers felt just as fresh in the film. The special effects in how Barry uses his lightning speed was excellent and gave me goosebumps. The Flash with Superman in the end credits where they race each other to the Pacific Ocean was my favourite out of the two end credit scenes. I really hope there will be a Flashpoint movie made with Ezra in the role.

The way the Justice League was promoted by keeping Superman quiet until the film was released was a good decision. Even though we saw Clark in the last trailer release at New York Comic Con it made you believe Lois was dreaming about him, but that was not the case. Superman being brought back from the dead was a valid decision and done really well. His confusion and anger was great to watch and it’s not until Alfred brings Lois Lane to see him he really remembers who he was and can be again. Superman getting involved in the final scenes with the league was brilliant way to wrap a fun entertaining film.

The human part of this film was what surprised me and I appreciated the grief that Lois, Bruce’s guilt and Clark’s mother Martha discussed and experienced. Amy Adams is fantastic Lois and Diane Lane makes a believable superman mother.

Overall I found the Justice League to be a fun, cool entertaining movie. The characters work incredibly well together and all have been cast perfectly. In my own personal way I can see why we got a darker gritty Man of a Steel and Batman v Superman. Justice League was presented a lighter side, even though they are saving the world.