My review of Justice League.

(Warning Some spoilers ahead)

So after what seemed like absolutely forever after Batman v Superman the wait for Justice League movie was over and finally arrived on November 17th.
Lucky for me I got to go see on the 15th at a media presentation in London and this hyped me up even more but did go see again in Imax 3D which was AMAZING on release day.
Being a Superman fan this movie always had me curious on how and when superman may return after his death in batman v Superman.
I have to say the marketing on this was outstanding on keeping Henry Cavill out of posters and promotional materials as well as trailers too, even on interviews he wouldn’t speak on Superman’s return.
So the movie started great with batman in a cool scene setting up the story ahead of the Parademons and what else is coming.
We get Some great footage and then moves on quickly to the others Bruce Wayne goes looking for, Aquaman, The Flash And Cyborg, Wonder Woman of course is already in contact with him.
They didn’t spend anytime on their origin stories which I actually liked so it leaves it all for the individual movies to show off but we could all work out who was who and what was happening to them after some clips In action to explain a little.
Moving on we find out about the villain Steppenwolf and the story of him wanting the three mother boxes of power hidden on earth and some amazing scenes again and even a glimpse of a certain member of the green Lantern Corps?
The CGI in this movie was outstanding especially on Cyborg and Steppenwolf. One thing that really bugged me, the removal of Superman moustache because Henry is still filming Mission Impossible and needs the moustache for his character. I badly noticed it and really annoyed me with all the money involved that they couldn’t sort that small part out of my main man, he had a funny upper lip area in a few scenes.
Half way through the team start to realise they maybe able to bring back Superman and could do with his help, of course this was exciting for me and what happens?
They go and do just this.
A funny scene of the flash and cyborg going to get Clark’s body and then the team revive him on the Scout ship in metropolis still crashed there from Man of Steel.
This got me buzzing and when he returned and of course all was not normal coming back from the dead as you would imagine.
Clark has a battle with the rest of the League outside as he’s confused of what’s happening and a few Amazing effects and scenes here of the Flash and Superman in speed time this made my eyes water with joy seeing this and what was happening the Flash theme tune worked amazingly and the original Superman score even hits the music and Wow this made me geek out as well as the original batman theme in parts too.
We approach the final act and the team go up against Steppenwolf now in command of the three motherboxes and having all this power, he starts his destruction of Earth.
We get to see some great action and Superman in full power and some cool stuff we like seeing him do as only superman can.
A win for the league and we phase out to the. Ending of the movie, Lois talking and some slow scenes of each character in life with a Clark Kent shirt rip and flying off into the sky, up up and away.
Now here it gets good, two end credit scenes, yes two. First up is Superman racing the Flash in a cool and funny scene and the one at the very end of the credits, you will have to go see to believe me, but sets up some cool stuff?
The movie is full of laughter and fun and was an absolute joy to watch as a fan and a lot of scenes from trailers were also cut and can only Hope we get an amazing DVD and BluRay extended edition on its release to buy which will make this the perfect DC Movie to date!
Over all I give justice League 9 out of 10 as it wasn’t totally perfect and as a DC fan I wanted to see a little more maybe another 20 minutes could of added in a lot.
Thank you
by Paul Edwards.