Posted: November 16, 2017 by Adam Carr

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Legends of Tomorrow as I say every week, is known for being slightly ridiculous.  Whether it’s inside jokes for previous jobs of it’s actors, or the characters doing things you probably wouldn’t expect from them, Legends can be one of those shows you either love or hate.

This week’s episode ‘Return of the Mack’ bought back a bit of 90’s good vibes, with the episode being highly based around the song of the same name.

I’d take it as a late ‘Halloween’ episode of Legends, as we saw Heat Wave reading Dracula (bizarre in itself) and Commander Steel himself was trapped to a table ready to be tortured while listening to ‘that’ song we mentioned above.

Now, one thing Legends can’t be accused of is not having a good storyline, but for me sometimes, it’s how it is portrayed that I find slightly annoying – and honestly, a bit of a let down…

Not in this episode however, as we saw the return of Damian Darhk, complete with all his powers and his memories, just as we thought he was gone for good.  I loved the return and how he kicked some full on Legend ass, and after seeing how hard it was for Arrow to deal with Darhk, i’m intrigued to see how the Legends deal with him in the coming episodes.

It would be cool to see him crossover into Arrow in the coming episodes too, so that Arrow knows that Darhk is in fact not gone like he thinks.

However, reviving the previous seasons villains does give the shows less credibility, in my view.  After 23 episodes a few seasons ago, we thought Darhk was gone for good, he should be dead – but somehow, someway he’s not?  I get that there is magic and time travel and everything else that is bizarre, but my worry is that the DC TV shows start to get stale before they go off TV for good.

These shows need to end on a high, so we need to get new characters, pronto instead of recycling the same old villains each season just in a different show.

For me this episode was a solid 7/10, getting better week on week!

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