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If this episode of Gotham was a live stage show I would give it a five minute standing ovation. As always I watch Gotham very early on a Friday morning, Gotham has me always thinking but this episode had me thinking like no other. I thank Gotham for this as it helped me write my introduction. Rob Bailey is this weeks director and  has been a series regular since season one, he is definitely a director that understands Gotham and brings get balance to an episode.

Its fight night at Cherry’s in the Narrows an announcer introduces the most hated man in Gotham “The Penguin” the audience is booing. A light shines a silhouette of a lean figure with a very pointy features and a broken umbrella, the spotlight reveals it to be Edward Nygma mocking the Penguin. Ed’s theatrical presentation is an absolute delight, he asks the audience why they don’t love him, the crowd continue to boo. Ed continues his mocking of the Penguin by threatening to turn his lackeys and the GCPD. A little girl enters the ring dressed up in a GCPD outfit waving a truncheon around, the crowd chant “you awlful Penguin”. Lesley watches from the balcony sipping from a drinks flask, the crowd start to chant “Grudy, Grundy.” He roars as he enters the ring, Ed points and calls Grundy a monster, people are cheering as Grundy pretends to strangle Ed. The lights go out, Lesley who is still watching smiles to herself as she knows what happens next in Ed’s performance. Under the spotlight Ed is dressed in the best glittery green jacket, he lifts his black sequenced bowler hat, “stupid, lame, birdbrain. He’ll never learn you can’t mess with the Narrows!”Ed and the crowd shout and say together. He moves to one side of as Cherry also dressed very flamboyant but in keeping with her punk style. She announces its time for the main event, the crowd shout “No Rules!” as the changeller Mr. Murder Face enters the ring. He is wearing a fairly ferocious head gear, Cherry then introduces their champeen straight from the slaughter swamp Soloman Grundy, he stands in the ring ready to fight. Ed joins Lesley on the balcony he is full of joyful glee as he is so pleased with the crowds reaction to his performance, Ed is convinced that the crowd hate Penguin as much as he does. Lesley warns Ed that she may or may not find a cure for him at the rate he is going they may not have a chance. Ed does not know what Lesley means, she means Ed has the crowd laughing but also ready for a fight. Lesley wants to know what will happen when Penguin hears about this, Ed is happy for Penguin to waddle on in there, he has Grundy so he is fine. What about all Ed’s fans? Lesley enquires, Ed doesn’t see them as a problem. Because Ed has put himself on the front line, Lesley feels he just can’t bail when fighting starts, Ed is quick to remind Lesley that she is hiding from her past, she should go ahead and lead. But that’s not what Lesley is at the Narrows for, Ed sees this the end of the conversation as neither of them are willing to put their necks out. The bell rings from the fight ring, the crowd are cheering, Mr. Murder Face strikes Grundy several times which does pierce his skin and swamp water oozes. As he continues to hit Grundy, he looks at Mr. Murder Face through a red glow this triggers a memory of Tabitha kissing him and calling him Butch. The crowd has gone quiet with some distance booing, Mr. Murder Face thinks he has beaten Grundy with another hit to his face Grundy grabs his left arm, with some incredible special effects Grundy rips his arm off. Mr. Murder Face is screaming with pain the crowd are a mix with cheers and gasps. Grundy has still got hold of his arm and he starts hitting Mr.Murder Face with his detached arm, blood continues to flow on the ring floor. This is where the episode 8 gets it title, the crowd start chanting “Stop Hitting Yourself.” Ed joins in the chant with the crowd confessing to how much he loves it.

Jim Gordon opens a document from the Mayor of Gotham City it’s a promotion for Jim to be the new captain of Gotham Central. He is sat opposite the Mayor who congratulates Jim, who insists that Harvey Bullock is the captain of a Gotham Central. The Mayor isn’t happy with the incident in the narrows, teaming up with Penguins men, sending cops into the Professor Pyg’s trap he sees Harvey as a disgrace. Jim asks the mayor “what does that make you?” The Mayor pretends he doesn’t understand what Jim means, Jim explains his findings that the last time he checked the Mayor had signed the entire GCPD to Penguin. The Mayor respects that he may of earned that kind of  cynicism but he wants to assure Jim that his promotion has nothing to do with Oswald Cobblepot. Jim still won’t take Harvey’s job, but the mayor informs him that someone is going to and their candidates don’t share Jim’s misgivings about Penguin. He encourages Jim to take the document with him so when Jim decides to become captain he just needs to sign on the dotted line.

The Iceberg Lounge is the location for a loud decision between Demonz Boss (Sir Brodie ) and The Sirens, he is complaining to Oswald Cobblepot that if he puts money  up for a license and just any crook can sweep in and steal their swag. Tabitha tells the Demonz Boss that the swag was very easy to steal, he sees this as Tabitha admitting to stealing from the Demonz. Barbara wants to resolve it like professionals, she and the ladies will take out the rest of the Demomz and spilt their good with Penguin. Mr.Penn rushes in to speak to Oswald quietly whatever news he has just delivered to Oswald is not good he rages he can barely tell the sirens and Demonz Boss so he asks Mr.Penn to repeat what he has told Oswald. Mr.Penn begins to explain that “Ed Nygma who-who owes his life to Mr Cobblepot’s mercy, is repaying that generosity by aping his benefactor in a crude com media dell’arte.” Oswald is seething but the sirens don’t understand what Mr Penn has just said, Oswald continues to explain that Ed is making fun of him, in a clown show, in The Narrows! Oswalds tantrum is at its best in this scene. Everyone is silent, Selina starts to laugh at Oswald, Tabitha suppresses a laugh too and knocks Selina with her elbow to stop her. Oswald turns around from the bar and starts to laugh, the Demonz Boss joins in, he thinks its pretty funny that The Riddler is doing a Penguin act. Oswalds laughter becomes fake and Selina realises this she stops smiling, Oswald grabs his knife from his cane and stabs Demonz Boss in the neck. He explains that The Riddler isn’t his name, but plain dumb Ed, and as he doesn’t know him so he doesn’t get to laugh. As Demonz Boss fails to the ground, Barbara sees this as an opportunity to thank Oswald for clearing their account. Their account isn’t clear the debt that they owed the Demonz is now owed to Oswald, Barbara accepts this and wants to know what they can do. As they love a good laugh Oswald wants them to go down to The Narrows and see Ed’s act for themselves, bundle him up and bring Ed back to him by nightfall. Selina protests that they are not his toadies, Barbara looks at Selina impressed for speaking out against Oswald. Oswald sees her as a child, but he asks Selina what she just said, she repeats herself as she wants to know what will they get if they bring Nygma to Oswald. Selina wants a deal and Oswald seems impressed by her asking, in exchange he will not set every criminal in the city after you, Oswald will not let them cut out her eyes and feed them to her along with her ears, then her nose and tongues. That is the deal, with another tantrum brewing Oswald asks if this is acceptable, which Barbara agrees it is. Tabitha, Barbara turn to leave but Selina is the last she gives Oswald a look of attitude and sassiness. Oswald tuns to Firefly who has been listening in on the conversation, Mr Penn will give FireFly Oswald’s Narrows informant, if the Sirens fail to bring Ed, FireFly is asked to go down there and burn them all to cinders.

Barbara, Tabitha and Selina walk towards Cherry’s fight club, Barbara wants the scoop on Cherry. Selina explains that its mainly crazy prize fights, chainsaw matches and stuff. Back in the day they used to settle arguments in the ring, but winner takes all. Its the code of the narrows. Barbara wants to go in grab Ed and deliver him to his doom and get a martini. Tabitha can’t wait to get her hands on Ed, as much as she hates doing Penguins dirty work this job is like a little dream come true for Tabitha. Selina is concerned that Ed would of set a trap, but Barbara has heard word that he’s not so smart since Penguin put him on Ice, but Barbara is ready for anything. I wonder where Barbara got that information from?

The Sirens watch from the ringside watching Ed do his performance, the reaction from the three of them is fantastic. The crowd jeers as Barbara looks around she spots Lesley on the upper level watching, Tabitha sees her too and they really don’t know what to make of it. Grundy roars as he enters the ring this instantly makes Selina looked shocked, Tabitha steps forward in disbelief at seeing Butch. Grundy rips off another arm, the crowd roar with delight, he starts hitting his opponent with his detatched arm. The crowd chant the familiar words “Stop Hitting Yourself.” Tabitha shows a mix of emotions while watching Grundy, she keeps repeating Butch’s name and asks Barbara “do you know what this means?” Barbara’s response is one of my favourite lines in the episode “its means you owe me an apology for electrocuting me.” Tabitha goes to find a way of talking to Grundy, so Barbara decides to find out how Lesley ended up in the narrows, Selina is left to focus on the job.

Captain Harvey Bullock is looking at a box of polished bullets, five are from the automatic weapon that belonged to Professor Pyg and the sixth belonging to Harvey in which hit Officer Patel. Jim apologies for being late, Harvey does ask where he has been, we as the audience knows but to Harvey he’s been stuck in traffic. Jim didn’t know it was The Bullethole Club today, Harvey explains its the slugs they pulled from the wounded cops in the narrows raids. To ease some of Harveys guilt Jim reminds Harvey that the Pyg set the trap, but Harvey was the one who sent those cops in. Jim agrees he did, but they need to move on in trying to stop Professor Pyg before he hurts anyone else. Lucius Fox approaches them both, Jim asks what his forensic findings are, Lucius uses the word “absence”, as in all of Professor Pyg’s crime scenes demonstrate a marked absence of useful physical evidence. Jim doesn’t know how this is possible, Harvey calls him a crafty loony so they will need to dig deeper. Lucius leaves, Harvey takes the opportunity to ask Jim to be at the Bullethole Club with him today as Jim is his partner and Harvey knows he has his back. Lucius ask Jim about the club and how it works, it’s unofficial. Little ceremony held at a bar the commanding officer hands them the bullet they were shot with. Lucius understands that Harvey has to give them their bullets including the officer he shot no wonder he wants friend there.

Oswald is pacing up and down Sofias office at Falcone Home and School for Orphans, Oswald sees Ed’s idiocy is a tool for revenge. Everything was running so tidily for Oswald but now he has nothing but headaches. Sofia is busy going through papers at her desk, when Oswald expresses “no one appreciates how hard it is to be a crime lord.” Sofia does she actually spent her childhood being raised by one. Oswald sees this as an opportunity to have lunch with Sofia  and talk about this capricious calling, Sofia cant she has a meeting with the caterer about up coming orphanage fund raiser. This doesn’t go down to well as he sarcastically admits that he can’t expect Sofia to be at his beck and call, he sighs heavily Sofia gets up from behind the desk. She touches and massages the top of his bicep and suggests a different form of relaxation, he needs chickens just like her father keeps. Sofia asks if he remembers that he kept them, Oswald does recall the Don Falcone liking poultry. Sofia thinks Oswald needs an interest outside of business. Sofia leaves Oswald alone he scoffs at the thought of keeping chickens, a noise outside the window gets his attention. A boy and a girl are bullying another boy who is smaller then them, Oswald smiles then he watches the bullied boy taking a can of lighter fluid pouring it over his two bullies backpacks. He lights a match but Oswald calls him from a window to come to him instantly, the boy does and Oswald asks him what he was doing. This little boy doesn’t speak, he wears a notepad around his neck, he draws a picture of fire for Oswald to see. Oswald tells him he cannot do that his enemies will know it was him.

Ed and Grundy leave the main floor, Tabitha quietly calls Grundy but calls him Butch, she runs to him and hugs him. Tabitha realises something has happened to him, Grundy growls under his breath. Leslie is on the upper level, Barbara puts her hands over her eyes “guess who” Leslie pulls a gun on Barbara “Psycho-killer stalker?” Barbara agrees. Leslie clicks her gun but  Barbara believes that if Leslie was going to shoot her she would of done it already. Instead Leslie gives Barbara a long overdue left hook in the face, i have to admit i cheered! Leslie doesn’t waste time in asking Barbara why she is down at The Narrrows, Barbara admits if it wasn’t for Penguin she would not be seen in the place. After calling Barbara one of Penguins flunkies, Barbara can see that Leslie is thriving with her current life choices, Leslie makes it clear that she doesn’t make decisions based on what it can get her, there are other people in the world. Barbara is impressed by the sexy and self righteous new Leslie she is curious what does Jim think of the new Leslie? As Leslie takes a drink from her flask she answers “Jim who?” Barbara has found her encounter with Leslie interesting but she needs to see a man about a kidnapping. Leslie watches Barbara walk down some steps then it clicks The sirens are there to kidnap Ed. A youngish female voice tells Ed that he really does a great impression of Penguin, Ed thanks her while he is removing his shoes. A pair of familiar boots step into view, Selina twits her right foot inwards, Ed looks up realising who it is. Selina wacks Ed across the face like she is swinging a baseball bat, he falls to the floor, Selina really did think Ed was still smart!

Sofia is meeting up with Jim, they walk together through an under passage she reassures Jim she wasn’t followed. Sofia reads his document of promotion, Jim wants to know why Oswald wants him promoted, Sofia knows The Commissioner and The Mayor can feel things changing, Jim realises that Sofia put them up to it. Jim thinks she must of made a huge contribution, but one wasn’t needed. Sofia can use the Falcone name and everything that it implies, again Jim refuses to accept the captaincy and definitely not at Harvey’s expense. Sofia thinks Harvey is weak and asks how many more cops will die under his incompetence. She wants Jim to stop pretending he isn’t taking the job, Jim says he is not pretending but he hasn’t thrown the document away. Sofia orders Jim to come and see her tonight after he takes command.

“Revenge is never as simple as a mere tit for tat. Revenge must be specific in nature.” Oswald is talking to the bullied boy Martin (Christopher Convery) About how he imagined revenage against his two juvenile tormentors what does he see? Martin draws on his notebook a drawing of a stick person with a dagger in each eye, even Oswald thinks this is overly ambitious. They must be crafty, friendship can be a deadly tactic Oswald wants to know how Martin can use friendship to drive a wedge between his two bullies. Martin goes back to his notebook and writes that they are both flunking maths, which Oswald assumes correctly that Martin is very good at math. In a great little scene we see martin in the classroom letting the girl bully copy his maths test. When he is in the playground he pretends he has been hurt by the boy bully, the girl bully that thanked him for letting her copy in the maths test asks who hurt him, Martin points to the boy bully. They start to argue and push each other around, Martin walks away with mission accomplished putting a wedge between two friends. Oswald is waiting for him and tells him that “minions are so much better than friends.” Marin frowns and writes on his notepad “i am your friend.” Oswald rips the paper off the notepad, he tells Marin that the best friend he ever had became his greatest enemy. Oswald sees himself and Martin as more then friends but conspirators, Oswald shakes Martin hand very firmly. Martin goes back to the playground where the two bullies are having still fighting each other, Oswald reads Martins note again and keeps it.

Barbara is walking around with her gun in the back rooms at Cherry’s fightclub, she sees Ed running he stops as he has his mouth taped and his hands tied behind his back. Selina soon turns up and Barbara is impressed that she got the job done. Since Tabitha and Barbara decided to freak out Selina took it upon herself to be the professional. Tabitha is still talking to Grundy to see if he remembers anything about them, she shows him the scar on her wrist where her hand got cut off but it still means nothing to him. Barbara, Selina and Ed enter into the same room, Grundy sees Ed in danger and threatens to kill everyone, Tabitha wants Grundy to see that Ed isn’t his friend. Ed commands Grundy to rip everyone to pieces, Lesley arrrives and tells everyone to take it easy and sees Selina for the first time and asks what is she doing with them. Selina’s response is she looking for trouble, she would of found plenty of it if they try and take Ed. Grundy growls, Selina calls out “the code of the narrows” twice. They need to settle this in the ring champion against champion,the winner takes Ed. Ed wants to be clear, their best fighter against his best fighter he is so confident he is going to win.

Time for Ed to do another theatrical performance mocking himself and The Penguin in his one man show. Grundy comes in the ring and snaps the umbrella, the lights go down. “Ladies and Grundy fans” Ed announces a special edition of fight night, a good old narrows grudge match. The winner takes….Ed, he laughs so does the crowd. Ed introduces the champeen Soloman Grundy versus Tabby…the Tigress. Tabitha is known in the comic books as the tigeress a lot of us having been waiting for Tabitha to get her Tigress name, i think its great that Ed is the one who names her this. Selina apologies to Tabitha for getting her into the ring, Tabitha is fine with it as she is confident Butch is still inside of Grundy and he won’t hurt her. Grundy roars “Kill” Barbara loves Tabithas faith but she thinks she should take a weapon into the ring with her, Tabithas refuses the weapon. The bell rings Grundy and Tabitha circle each other, Lesley is with Cherry on the upper floor watching she tells her that Tabitha and Grundy used to be lovers, Lesley wonders if he might go easy on her. Cherry is sure Grundy will win, not that makes a difference, Lesley isn’t sure what she means. Cherry goes on to explain the Penguin wants Ed and Cherry is going to make sure he gets him. Tabitha and Grundy are still circling each in the ring, Tabitha talks quietly to Grundy telling him that Butch is in there, he strikes out at Tabitha causing her to fly across the ring. There is blood on her cheekbone, Selina encourages Tabitha to get up quickly, Grundy grabs Tabby by the leg and drag her to the centre of the ring. Grundy starts to pull at Tabitha left arm, Tabitha keeps calling him Butch to get him to try and remember her. Barbara slides a spiked mallet toward Tabitha where she wacks Grundy around the face. He groans and starts to see Tabitha in a red light, Tabby strikes again Grundy falls against the ropes, the memory of Tabitha kissing him as Butch is what he sees. What is very clever about this scene you can actually see Butch is back beneath the Grundy exterior, Drew Powell plays this extremely well. He sees Tabitha and says in Butch’s voice “Tabby” as she wacks him around the head again. I think Tabitha realised Butch was back for a brief moment but she’s probably knocked it out of him again. Ed doesn’t look happy at Grundy’s defeat.

The injured Police officers have gathered at a bar, Jim is there he is waiting for Harvey. The bartender asks if he’s Detective Gordon, she places a box on the bar counter and tells Jim, Harvey left it here as he would know what to do with it. The bartender confirms Harvey was there a few hours ago, before the  Police Officers arrived. Jim opens the box with a sigh to see all the bullets, he knows Harvey could not face the Police officers he sent into Pyg’s trap, so Jim is left to do Harvey’s job. Jim hands each bullet to the officers and salutes, Officer Patel is in a wheelchair she is handed her bullet which is the last, Jim salutes her.

Back in the ring Tabitha is trying to wake up Grundy, Selina is telling her that they have got to go. The crowd is gettting angry, Barbara has got hold of Ed, Tabitha leaves Grundy laying on the ring floor, Ed tells Barbara she is leaving empty handed. Firefly uses her flame thrower to silence the crowd, she tells the crowd in the name of Penguin everyone needs to back off. Firefly informs Barbara she missed the deadline, Barbara doesn’t see that as a problem as they are all champions now, but Firefly still wants to barbecue them. Ed is telling Grundy to wake up, which he does. Fire from Fireflys flame thrower roars over the ring, Grundy shouts “Grundy kill” at Firefly, she uses her flamethrower again which scares Grundy and he curls up on the fight ring floor. Selina tries to reason with Bridget in reminding her she is from the Narrows, but she’s more then happy to be out. Firefly says Penguin is right about this place, it’s a sewer the only way to kill the stink is to burn it. Lesley comes down the steps behind her, “you’re the only thing that stinks around here.” Lesley shoots Firefly’s pressure tank on her back and she flies across the room to Ed’s delight. Cherry is angry with Lesley’s actions as Firefly was Penguins enforcer, Lesley asks her who got Firefly down here? Lesley tells the crowd that Cherry informed Penguin about Ed, there is angry shouting from the crowd at his news. A random man in the crowd calls Cherry a snitch, Cherry tells the crowd to shut up as its her club, her turf and she tells them to do as they are told as they are scum. Cherry points to  the Sirens in the ring as she sees them as the problem, because they work for Penguin. Without out warning and a real shock in the Gotham fandom another great guest character is killed, Barbara shoots Cherry in the head. Barbara then announces they don’t work for Penguin anymore, the crowd is silent after what has just happened. They start to cheer at this announcement, Barbara and Selina decide to leave before the crowd wants to see more cold blooded murder. Ed reassures Grundy that the fire lady can’t hurt him anymore.

Gotham has always been extremely good at balancing their episodes with drama and black humour, this next scene involving Jim and Harvey is outstanding. The acting is perfect, it is not overdramatised by them unrealistically screaming at each other, i have commented on my past episode recaps just how brilliant Ben McKenzie and Donal Logue are together on screen. If you have only watched this episode once then please do go back and rewatch it again and listen and take in this brilliant scene. Harvey is drinking whiskey at his desk when Jim arrives, Jim stands in the doorway and asks where he was. Harvey avoids the question, he tells Jim he is having a drink and wants Jim to join him. Jim closes the office door behind him and refuses a drink, Harvey is instant. Harvey staggers to the filing cabinet to get Jim a glass as Jim takes a seat. Jim straight away tells Harvey that the police officers were waiting for him, but Harvey thinks they were waiting to spit in his face, Jim shrugs “if that’s what they wanted to do, you owed it to them to be there, to stand in front of them and look each one in the eye.” Harvey doesn’t say anything as Jim feels if he had done this maybe he could of gotten back their respect. Harvey feels he doesn’t deserve their respect, he goes over the moment he shot Officer Patel. He asks what was he supposed to do, stand in front of her and hand her the bullet from his gun that shot her? Jim tells Harvey that’s the job, as captain you take responsibility what happens to your cops. Harvey sees this as Jim telling him what the job is, Jim nods his head in agreement. Harvey admits to Jim on this day he could not do the job, that’s why he sent Jim because he knew he could. Jim doesn’t think this isn’t good enough and shakes his head especially on this day. The police officers needed Harvey there, he pours another drink and shrugs it off as there is nothing he can do about it now. Jim stands and pulls a document out of his inside jacket pocket, he takes a pen and signs the acceptance of becoming a Captain. Jim hands the document to Harvey, in a firm voice “ Harvey Bullock, you are relieved of duty. As of this moment, I’m assuming the captaincy of Gotham Central.” Harvey looks at the document in disbelief, and accuses Jim at finally getting what he always wanted. Harvey is wondering what he had to do to get it,  as nothing in Gotham is free! Harvey picks up his hat and takes the whiskey bottle with him and leaves Captain Gordon.

Oswald is showing Martin his technique in stabbing, I found this scene to be extrordinaly and funny. We see another great side to Oswald. He hands his knife from his cane to Martin for him to try, Sofia walks back into her office and is pleased to see Oswald has met Martin. Oswald shh’s her as Martin is practicing, Oswald gives more direction to Martin in how to drive the blade. Sofia is shocked and sternly says “Oswald.” He laughs as its all entirely theoretically of course. Oswald stands beside of Sofia to watch Martin practice, the brilliant and brave Mr.Penn arrives to discuss an urgent matter. He starts with the news that Barbara and her associates have failed in obtaining Nygma, Oswald calmly asks about the dispatch of Firefly which Mr Penn did. When Oswald finds out Firefly was also disabled, Oswald has a small tantrum, but there is more Mr Penn announces the mayor at his own discreation, Detective Jim Gordon has been promoted to Captain. Oswald is about to have another melt down, but he looks over his shoulder at Martin and calmly admits that is a lot to go awry in one day, Mr Penn sees this as a good opportunity to leave quickly. Sofia is quick to remind Oswald that business is not everything in life there are other awards to have companionship, peace of mind and friendship. Oswald stares at her hard when Sofia mentions friendship, to his surprise Sofia hugs him, then announces she has to get back home as there is still so much to do for the fundraiser, Oswald declines her offer of dinner with Sofia that evening because Martin needs more practice. As Sofia leaves Oswald softly chuckles to himself, his right hand moves down his face over his mouth, Oswald turns to Martin and asks “what did we learn today? What did we learn  about friendship?” Martin starts to draw on his notebook it’s a drawing of two people with knifes in their back. This is exactly what he expected to see from Martin, Oswald  warns him if you’re not very careful friendship can blind you to what is staring you right in the face. Oswald hears Sofia leave and watches her out of the window, because of her last speech about friendship Oswald has now realised Sofia is not all she seems, hooray.

Lesley is checking Grundy over, whilst Ed does an impression of Lesley taking out Firefly. She admits she can get a bit melodramatic under pressure, Lesley asks Grundy how he is but he is confused. Lesley looks around the ring and the crowd from the narrows are watching her, she asks Ed what’s up with everyone. Ed explains they are acknowledging their new leader, Lesley thinks it’s Ed, but Ed corrects her, “you stitch up their children, you stitch up their warriors, you’ve slain a fire-breathing monster and helped topple the queen.” Lesley is their new leader which she thinks she isn’t a leader, Ed points out that if she doesn’t do it somebody worse then Cherry will. Lesley looks around at their faces and asks what does she do, Ed suggests make them happy to cheer for, Lesley announces free drinks, the crowd cheer. This is a very exciting development in Lesley’s character, she has always been a favourite of mine since season 1 and can’t wait to see if there will be more interaction with the sirens.

A car drives through the gates of The Falcone mansion, Jim is waiting for Sofia on her doorstep. She greets him as Captain Gordon and likes he has come to celebrate. Jim tells her hes not here to celebrate Sofia asks what is wrong, she doesn’t see it as a problem that she made him Captain. Jim refuses to be Sofia puppet like she is toying with Penguin. Sofia disagrees she sess Jim as her partner, Jim scoffs at he word “Partner.” He feels he has just stuck a knife in his Harvey’s  back. Sofia sees this as a mercy killing, Sofia continues to tell Jim to grow up as he wanted a gangster to help get rid of Penguin. This is what Sofia’s help looks like. Sofia places her hands on his chest, Jim removes them as he doesn’t want her help anymore, he thinks it’s time Sofia left Gotham. Sofia isn’t going anywhere, she came to restore the Falcone name, she asks Jim again to come in and celebrate but he would rather stay outside where he can breathe. The last shot of the episode is Jim walking away from the Falcone mansion.

Great ready for more Professor Pyg in the next episode of Gotham A Dark Knight : Let Them Eat Pie. Which will air on Thursday 16th November. Professor Pyg continues to torment Gotham City, involving Jim Gordon whenever possible. Sofia and Penguin get ready for a fundraiser for the orphanage, and they don’t go as planned when Professor Pyg shows up as chef.


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