Posted: November 12, 2017 by Adam Carr

Manu Bennett - Deathstroke - DCWorld

Manu Bennett is one of the best actors in DC Universe.  He takes on the role of Slade Wilson (Deathstroke) in Arrow,   There has been a lot of debate around Deathstroke over the last few years with the DC movie universe using the character in the upcoming Batman movie, they didn’t want the CW to continue using the character.

But how can you write out and just forget about a character like Deathstroke, and more importantly an actor like Manu Bennett.

Recently Deathstroke has returned for 2 episodes in the current season of Arrow, and he has been kicking ass more than Stephen Amell could ever hope too.

Stephen revealed that Manu would be returning this season, before Manu had even signed a contract, and for that alone I would have decided not to do it and drop Stephen in it, but not Manu.  He continued and signed the contract, and is now appearing in 2 episodes, which for more is definitely testing the water for a much talked about Deathstroke spin off series.

When Manu first got the role as Deathstroke, he met Marv Wolfman.  The meeting didn’t go to plan as he was told that he could never be Deathstroke.  Manu proved him wrong.  I can’t think of anyone better to play Slade Wilson than Manu Bennett.  Can you?

Manu, as well as a great actor, is also a sincerely nice man.  He lost his brother Stephen and his mother in seperate car accidents and still powered on to be one of the most humble TV stars I personally have had the honour of meeting.

When you are voting for Manu, you aren’t just voting for Deathstroke, you’re voting for a good man, a story teller and a hell of an actor.

To get your vote in for November’s Hall of Fame, go here, every vote counts for the final semi final of this 2017 series!

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