Posted: November 10, 2017 by Paul Edwards

Hi all and welcome to my report on the amazing justice league experience that was held in London this week.

The tickets were free and I went along Thursday night and Friday afternoon for another peak around.
Firstly as you pass security at the front you were greeted and given a wristband and a map of the areas to look at.
Then you went off in your own pace, the first room to see was a green screen room which a staff member took your picture on a giant green screen and then your was sent your pic via your email entry of course of you with the Justice League.
Then we walked into the first room which was Wonder Woman’s room well the room Diana is seen in the movie working brushing a sculpture to which the actual arm was on show with a Wonder Woman statue. This looked great as the costume on it was an actual screen worn costume, this was the case in all rooms but not the later on star labs Cyborg area. Many other artifacts were also on display with the Tiara and yes I put it on and it felt Powerful!!
Next up was the Batman room which was behind curtains.
You walked through them and you were inside the flying fox, well a replica set up.
Around the room there was hundreds of batarangs on the walls ready for action, and some batman lights moving around the room.
In the central area had Batman himself in the tactical costume actually worn by Ben Affleck.
This looked amazing and was really detailed too, amongst the batarangs on one part was a pair of Clark Kent’s glasses as an easter egg.
Next up was Barry Allen’s Den aka The Flash.
You walked into a full blown set up of his room from the film and was full of screen used items like the car on the wall, the actual costume worn plus loads more. I liked this room a lot and you could sit in Barry’s second favourite chair in the corner for a picture moment too!
Scattered on a table were designs for suits Barry had done plus loads of technology about and monitors showing tests he looked like he was testing himself. One final detail I nearly missed was a Daily Planet news box on the floor under Barry’s desk, another Easter egg to Clark Kent!
After this was the bar area but not any bar, this was Arthur Curries Bar aka Aquaman. A replica set up of the bar he’s in from the movie. Aquaman was standing in the corner in one of the actual worn costumes and believe me it looked amazing and so detailed and Jason Momoa would have looked a giant in this.
A few things on show like a yellow rain jacket and another Clark Kent Easter egg was hidden behind the bar, a Daily Planet newspaper!!
Finally we walked into Star Labs.
This was a very red room with screen used computer stations, props and even damaged as there was a fight scene with the damage is caused! A nice little clue of a fight at Star Labs is coming! There was a life size Cyborg in the corner of Ray Fisher and looked great with a light up eye too. Also a desk you could sit at for a picture plus another Clark Kent Easter egg of Daily Planet passes on a shelf hidden too.
This was the whole event and hope you like my breakdown and please check out our videos below and images from the event too, many more on out YouTube channel.
Thank you all and enjoy Justice League coming November 17th.
by Paul Edwards
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