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Posted: November 9, 2017 by Claire Payne

selina in gotham

Episode 7 in the last three seasons have always been significant episode, and i personally felt this was the case with this episode. Seaon 1  “the Penguins Umbrella” was the big reveal that Oswald Cobbblepot was working for Don Falcone, who loves his chickens. We were also introduced to Victor Zsasz. Season 2 “Mommy’s Little Monster” Jim realises Theo Galavan isn’t the really the kind of Mayor Gotham needs after finding out he has just murdered Oswald Cobblepot’s beloved mother Gertrude. Seasons 3 “ Red Queen” Jim came into contact with substance from Jervis ‘Mad Hatter’ Tetch, which took him on a psychedelic trip where he confronted his past, present and future which made him realise he needed to return to the GCPD.

So how did “A Day in the Narrows” become another standout, twisted episode that has fractured a friendship and partnership between too characters?

Gotham Gazette headlines reads “ Professor Pyg strikes fear into Gotham” Jim puts the newspaper down when Harvey enters his office he asks Jim if he is calling dibs on his office. Jim thinks Harvey has come back to work to soon and offers to help him. After Harvey refuses any help, Jim quickly gets back on the conversation of Harvey being on Penguins payroll, he wants it to stop. Harvey gets distracted by what happening behind Jim, Jim thinks he avoiding the subject, but Harvey is serious a delivery is being made to the GCPD. White boxes tied with black ribbon most of them dripping with red liquid. Jim opens one of them wearing gloves, inside is a severed pigs head. The delivery man didn’t know what he was delivering, Harvey is surprised that the stench of death didn’t give it away. Detective Harper counts 24 boxes one for every cop in the precinct, Jim feels that Pyg is escalating he isn’t after dirty cops anymore but the whole GCPD. Harvey corrects Jim there are 45 cops, I really liked how Jim looked over his shoulder to have a look. There is also instructions not to give anything to one cop, while the delivery guy is looking for the name Jim knows its him and he grimaces.

Wayne manor is holding a fund raiser for the needy. Bruce Wayne looks very sullen, Alfred is talking to guests. Helping the needy is good for the soul, Alfred thanks Bruce for letting him hold the charity fund raiser at Wayne Manor as this particular charity meant a lot to Thomas Wayne. Bruce doesn’t want to leave the house, Alfred assures him because he is Bruce Wayne the world will come to him. A waiter walks by and accidentally knocks into Bruce, he acts with aggression. The waiter didn’t even realise he knocked Bruce, Alfred is surprised by Bruce’s outburst. After realising maybe he went to far Bruce leaves the room Alfred goes after him, Bruce is stood in the hallway looking distressed. Alfred admits he didn’t want to push Bruce after Ra’s he can see Bruce is hurting Alfred wants Bruce to tell him how he can help him. Bruce shouts at Alfred to get off his back, then quickly apologises. Bruce can’t stop thinking about what he did, he feels he should feel bad, even guilty. Alfred knows he feels angry, that anger is concealing what is really going on unless he faces it full on it will consume Bruce. Alfred knows what Bruce is capable is off and he doesn’t want Bruce and anyone else to get hurt, Bruce decides he needs some air.

Jim unlocks the cell that the delivery man are held in, he asks them next time they deliver a package dripping with red stuff please call the police. The delivery man holds out his hand and asks for “C.O.D” Jims not impressed and tells him to leave. Harvey calls Jim from the upper level of the precinct to join him, as Jim arrives Oswald instantly makes himself known. Oswald is looking forward to working hand in hand with Jim to rid the city of this menace. Harvey tells Jim that Oswald just showed up, Jim looks at Harvey not quite convinced. HeadHunter ( Kyle Vincent Terry ) offers his hand as he introduces himself to Jim, but  Jim doesn’t shake his hand. HeadHunter is his new head of security while Victor Zsasz is away visiting his “Bubbie” HeadHunter is keen to tell Jim why he carries two pistols, Jim thinks its over compensation! HeadHunter always shoots twice the first one always does the job and the second one is his signature. Both Harvey and Jim don’t really know what to make of him, Oswald insists that he is colourful but effective, “Mr HeadHunter and my men will help the GCPD until this Pyg situation is resolved.” Jim makes it very clear he doesn’t want Oswald’s help and certainly not from his idiot hitmen. Professor Pyg’s actions threaten both Oswald and Jim, Pyg is killing his cops and his employees allegedly. Jim wants Oswald to understand that they don’t work for him and certainly don’t work with him, ever. Oswald looks to Harvey, then back to Jim with a knowing smile, “your captain says otherwise.” HeadHunter tells Jim how much he is looking to working with him. Jim waits until they have gone and accuses Harvey being out of mind as Harvey has legitimised Oswald. In his defence Harvey reminds Jim that Oswald was legitimised a year ago because he used the to be the Mayor. Jim wants to know is it about the money, which to Harvey it isn’t. Harvey tells Jim “ to take a look out over the precinct half off it have skipped town because they didn’t want to wear bacon flavour death masks we need the help.” Another great Bullockism from Harvey. Jim thinks he is overreacting, Harvey doesn’t think he is because everyone in the precinct got a death threat about Jim. Jim doesn’t want Penguin and his men going through the city beating, torturing and executing Professor Pyg if they find him. Harvey doesn’t see how that is a problem, Jim wants the people of Gotham to know that they don’t need to rely on gangsters to keep them safe, Jim will find Professor Pyg, bring him in alive and bring him to justice. Detective Harper breaks Jim and Harvey’s stand off, three cops have gone missing. Where? This is going to be a tough one The Narrows.

Barbara is making Bellini’s whilst explaining to Tabitha and Selina now that Ra’s has gone there business is no more. Barbara was Ra’s eyes and ears in Gotham, he was bankrolling them. Tabitha sees Barbara coming to them wanting to be partners, building a business together as all lies, Barbara calls it a sales pitch she could not do it alone. Selina thinks they still can spy on the jerks that come into the gun shop and get information on their jobs, Selina wants to make it work. Barbara gives a parting lesson “in this life you are on your own, always.” She leaves Selina instantly tells Tabitha that she followed a buyer and she saw where they stored their stash, she wants to hit it to show Barbara she is wrong. Tabitha doesn’t think its a good idea ripping off one of Gotham’s biggest motorcycle gangs, her Selina will find something else.

The GCPD and Penguins men arrive in the Narrows. Detective Harper updates Jim on who the missing officers are, Patel from their precinct, Fisoli and Perkov from the 2-2. Harvey walks to one of the patrol cars where there is a pink pig sat on the dashboard, he opens the passenger door there is blood all over the seat. Jim looks around there are dozens of windows so someone must of seen the incident. Harvey gathers everyone around including Mr.Headhunter, Harvey explains this is The Narrows the poorest of the poor the hardest of the hard. They have a code of silence which means they need to be more scared of them then they are of their own people. Jim looks really uncomfortable at the way Harvey is conducting this operation, Harper looks up as a television is thrown out of a window. Then a lamp get thrown out of the window Mr. HeadHunter gets to show off his accuracy in shooting as he shoots at the lamp with his first gun then using his signature gun, he twirls his guns around and laughs. Jim’s not that impressed and his facial expressions are brilliant in this episode. Harvey calls everyone to move into the buildings, Jim is the last to enter. There are people fighting on the staircases, which Jim intervenes when he makes his way up another flight of stairs. There is another detective with an officer punching a resident, Jim stops him as they are potential witnesses. The detective argues with Jim that is see no difference between the people that live in The Narrows, Harvey spilts up the disagreement and sends the Detective Ruseckas ( Angelo Berkowitz ) upstairs. Jim comments sarcastically how great its going, “if it gets me my cop killer, yes it is” answers Harvey.

Bruce sits alone in his kitchen, a young lady knocks on the door she knows Bruce, when Bruce doesn’t acknowledge her she introduces herself as “Grace”, they used to go to school together. Bruce finally recognises her as Grace Blomdhal ( Samia Finnerty) he apologises for not recognising her as its been years. Grace mentions Bruce being home schooled, Bruce questions why Grace isn’t at school, “because its a Saturday” she laughs. Grace doesn’t want to knock Bruce’s fund raiser but she is bored. Bruce is too, so Grace asks if he would like to go somewhere, which Bruce accepts.

Back at The Narrows there is still questioning of the residents going on with their fists. Jim knocks on a front door, the lady that looked out of the window earlier answers and agrees to let Jim inside. Her husband is very sick he is attached to an oxygen cylinder, she tells Jim that they didn’t see anything but he knows she knew of the three missing officers, different precinct same patrol car they were free lancing. Jim understands how life is in The Narrows lots of bad stuff happens, half the time its cops doing it. Jim knows they were running some sort of protection racket, he just needs the lady to confirm he is right. Jim looks around their apartment and see where she sits which looks out over where the patrol car is, the lady begs Jim to leave, but Jim wants to reassure her that no one will know that she has told Jim anything. Mr. HeadHunter enters the apartment, Jim tells him to leave, HeadHunter spots the sick husband and agrees taking the sick man with him. His wife screams as HeadHunter drags her sick husband outside, Jim tells one of Penguins men that this is ridiculous they are all on the same team, Jim grabs his baseball bat and knocks him out. Mr.HeadHunter points a gun at the sick man warning his wife if she doesn’t talk he will kill him, then he will go to each and every apartment until someone talks. Jim comes out of the building with his gun aimed at HeadHunter, Penguins men take aim at Jim while the rest of the officers take aim at Headhunter. Harvey also has his gun drawn and warns everyone to stand down, this scene is a really good stand off between Jim and HeadHunter. Jim will give Headhunter 3 seconds to drop his weapons but HeadHunter will give Jim 2 seconds to drop his. Harvey announces no one is counting and orders HeadHunter to drop his weapon, the wife of the sick man runs to him and she tells Jim that she did see Professor Pyg take them and he drove away in a hearse, heading west. Harvey knows where west on seventh is its Hoover Island there is only a couple of abandoned buildings they will be able to canvas the place in ten minutes, Harvey admits to Jim that it looks bad but no one got hurt and he needs Jim to trust him, Harvey then orders everyone to Hoover Isand.

Stike force enter an abandoned building, Jim follows behind. Jim enters a room there are two officers tied to a chair, one is wearing a severed pigs head who he dead. The other officer starts to mumble they realise he is still alive, Jim orders Harper to call an ambulance. Fisoli is the officer that is still alive and begs Jim to help him. There is no sign of Professor Pyg and the third officer, Jim asks Harvey for help them he realises officer Fisoli has got a knife sticking out of his chest.

Oswald Cobblepot is watching a news report on the television at Sofia Falcone Home, she has some of the children from the orphanage at her dining room table. Oswald gets excited when he sees his men on the television and wants Sofia to see. Oswald points out Mr. HeadHunter, he admits that he is a bit of a moron but effective, and technically he saved that police officers life. Sofia just smiles and carries on supervising the children. When he turns back to watch the television in a very funny scene there is a little girl blocking Oswald’s view, he asks very politely for her to move. The little person which Oswald calls her just stands staring at him, so he decides to stand up and lifts her to one side. Oswald continues to boast about co-opting the police is the most brilliant idea  that he has ever had as it takes Pax Penguina to another level, when Sofia doesn’t say anything Oswald turns around in his chair to find out why she hasn’t agreed with him. Sofia doesn’t think Oswald needs to know what she thinks but by saying this Oswald definitely does, she asks the little girl that is still staring at Oswald to cover her ears. Sofias father would of never publicly alined with the GCPD, they are incompetent and unreliable. Eventually they would fail and fail big and she thinks Oswald will fail with them. Oswald thanks Sofia prickly for her input, because Sofia has very clearly shown Oswald not what to do he is going to get more involved personally. I personally liked what Sofia says next to Oswald as she’s not afraid to disagree with him “Don’t ask for my opinion if you don’t want to hear it.” This leaves Oswald seething as he goes to leave the little girl he placed out of the way of television is in his way again and Oswald lifts her up and places her back in her original standing place.

Selina sneaks into the Demons motorcycle gang, the three of them are playing cards. Selina climbs up over a ladder which allows her to walk overhead and down the other side, she grabs a wrench and walks towards a car. As she opens the trunk it sets  the car alarm off, the three gang members run towards the car as they know they have been broken into. Selina grabs the bag of cash, there is another man under the car fixing it. The Demonz gang don’t accept any apologies or excuses for the money being stolen they put him to a gruesome death by burning rubber of a back wheel of their motorcycle on his chest.

Jim is in the back of the ambulance with officer Fiscolli, Harvey contacts Jim on his cellphone. They have scanned the entire area and there is no sign of Patel or Pyg. Fisoli starts to come round, Jim reassures him that he is on his way to Gotham general. Fisoli didn’t see Professor Pygs face as he was wearing his mask, he asks after the other police officers. Jim wants to know if he can recall anything that Pyg said, Fiscoli recalls how long and tortuous it was he was singing nursery rhymes  and talking crazy. Fisoli becomes very anxious Jim tries to calm him down, Jim needs to know if he knows where Officer Patel is, which he doesn’t. Jim sits back and looks exhausted Fisoli asks why Pyg is doing this, Jim shakes his head he just thinks he is insane at breaking point with all the rot in Gotham. Jim admits even he sometimes feels like breaking . Fisoli talks about being on Penguins pad starting with small stuff, Jim understands as he has done bad stuff himself, even some things for Penguin. Jim believe himself and Fisoli can make it right once he gets Pyg, Jim is going to take down the Pax Penguina then he is going to after the dirty cops, one by one. Fisoli has a chance to make right what he done wrong, he remembers Pyg was planning something nearby. He thinks that’s maybe where Patel is, Pyg kept saying something about “I will bring justice to where there is, justice no more.” Jim thinks hard, it’s a courthouse there is an abandoned a few years back. Jim asks the ambulance driver to pull over as he is getting out, he thanks Officer Fisoli. Fisoli grabs Jim by the arm and tells him he is one of the good ones.

Grace takes Bruce to a friends penthouse, she introduces Bruce to the owner of the apartment which is Brant (Tommy Nelson) , well his parents actually do and her other friends Emma Hsueh and the familiar Tommy Elliott. Grace notices there is tension and asks do you know each other, Tommy remembers Bruce punching him in the face. Bruce decides to go but Tommy admits that he deserved it because he was such a jerk back then. Brant is annoyed with Grace for bringing a random kid to his place as he was hoping to have Grace to himself. Brant offers Bruce some shots of alcohol, Bruce declines them. Brant wants to know what Bruce does for fun, Bruce answers “i used to walk on rooftops and fight crime. Now i am not so sure.” Brant accuses Bruce of being an even bigger dork then he remembered, he is kidding of course! Brant decides to ask about Alfred calling him the creepy old guy and whether he still is buttering? This raises rage inside of Bruce, he forms a fist with his right hand, Brant pushes further about Alfred. Bruce starts punching Brant on the couch everyone is shouting stop! But this scene is actually what Bruce is imaging what he would like to do Brant. To get Brant off the subject of Alfred, Grace mentions a club that he can get them into, Brant agrees and they all leave the apartment.

Jim arrives alone back at the Narrows, he heads towards the abandoned courthouse, he draws his gun and follows a trail of blood. Jim knows someone is behind him, turns to see HeadHunter behind him, Jim wants to know if he has been following him. Mr HeadHunter with his hands raised didn’t need to follow Jim, Harvey told him where he was headed, there are sirens wailing in the background, patrol cars and black security vans arrive. Oswald gets out of the passenger seat of another black van, he casually says hi to Jim and thanks him for leading the way as his men will take over. Harvey shrugs his shoulder to say what else could he do, Jim does the best facial expression in disapproval of Penguin taking over.

Barbara is counting out Tabithas share of the money, Barbara accuses Tabitha of watching her closely as if she doesn’t trust her. Tabitha wants her to hurry so she can just leave, her cellphone starts ringing its Selina asking for help. She is stuck at the Demonz place, there are three of them heavily armed and just called for back up. Tabitha calls her an idiot, but Selina asks her to yell at her after Tabitha comes and gets her. Tabitha tells Selina to stay in hiding, Tabitha takes some weapons off the walls and tells Barbara that Selina is at the Demonz and need to go and get her. Barbara sees this as a teachable moment and rather Selina claw her way out. Tabitha feels they owe her but that is what her salary is for according to Barbara.  Tabitha explains that she only went there to prove that their partnership and business could work, Selina wants a purpose, a home. Barbara still doesn’t want to help, Tabitha really thought Barbara  had changed, thinking about somebody else for a change rather then herself.

Penguin is talking to the press, that it was his idea to offer his consulting services and it has been a smashing succes, Pax Penguina has been taken to the tactical level. Jim and Harvey watch from the side both looking unimpressed, Penguin continues to tell the press that they have reason to believe the notorious Pyg is trapped in the courthouse. Harvey admits to Jim that it is a bit of a circus, but there was no way he was going to let Jim go in on his own. Harvey wants to send in Penguins guys first, instead of the GCPD,  Jim doesn’t want that but Harvey ends the conversation. Jims cellphone starts ringing its unknown caller on the display screen, as soon as he answers Professor Pyg tells Jim that he spells his name with a “Y” Jim didn’t know that but he’s willing to meet up with him to discuss it. Pyg insists he isn’t that dumb, he spells out his name P-Y-G and explains the “Y” is because its short for “Pygmalion.” He creating a new better Gotham and creating a new Jim. Jim just carries on listening as there is a slight hitch Pyg cant recreate Jim if Jim he is dead, which he will be if he goes inside the courthouse. Jim wants to know why he should believe Pyg, he changes the tone of his voice to Officer Fisoli “you are one of the good ones, Jim.”  Jim instantly calls to Harper to find out what happened to Fisoli. I had no idea that Pyg was in the ambulance with Jim, this is an twist and surprise in the episode.

Bruce, Grace, Brant, Emma and Tommy arrive at a nightclub which is bustling with people. Brant gets the guy at the door to check his name again but they can’t get in the club. Brant thinks the bouncer is stupid as he doesn’t know who he is, Bruce tells Brant that the bouncer knows who he is but doesn’t care. Brant doesn’t take this well he don’t care how much money Bruce has as he thinks he is a dork. Bruce makes a fist with his right hand again but Tommy intervenes, Bruce asks for a second and goes and talks to the bouncer. Grace asks who Bruce is talking too, he shakes hands with a man like he has just made a deal. Bruce tells them to come on in apart from Brant, Brant wants to speak to the owner which the bouncer announces as Bruce. A more confident happier Bruce removes Brants shades from his jacket pocket and puts them on, Brant leaves.

Detective Harper explains that they cant find either Fisoli or the ambulance to Jim who demands that the raid of the courthouse is called off. Oswald is talking to Harvey as Jim explains that Fisoli is dead and the guy he was talking to in the ambulance was Professor Pyg. Harvey hasn’t a clue what Jim is talking about, Jim explains about the conversation on his cellphone as he repeated what Fisoli said. Pyg has fed them a clue to get them all there it has to be a trap.  Oswald wants to know why an insane serial killer who hates cops warned Jim to save his life. Jim answers “because I’m against dirty cops.” Penguin points out to Jim “Except all the times you are one.”         Jim tries Harvey again to get him to call the raid off, Harvey doesn’t say anything. Oswald has another interpretation the Pyg is not trying to save Jim, he is trying to save himself by stopping the raid. Oswlad thinks Jim is being played and not for the first time. Jim takes Harvey away from Oswald, they cant locate the ambulance or Fisoli. Harvey reminds Jim that Gotham general is a mad house, but Jim is addiment that Pyg is not in the courthouse. There is no way he could of got into the courthouse before Jim as Jim left the ambulance first. Penguin gets involved as he thinks Jim is wrong as they believe Pyg is in there, Harvey has a spotter across the way who got a visual on Pyg in the courthouse standing next to Patel tied to a chair. Jim is finding it hard to explain he knows it’s a trap he needs Harvey to trust him on this. Penguin looses his patience and orders the operation to start, Harvey apologises to Jim as he agrees with Penguin this occasion and he needs to think about Patel. Things get really heated between Jim and Harvey in these great scenes, Jim grabs Harvey and tells him to pray that he will be able to clean up his mess. Harvey tells Jim he is out of line and orders Jim Gordon to stand down, which Penguin thinks is finally a good idea.

The Demonz gang is waiting for back up, there is explosion. A trye set on fire rolls by, the Demonz run towards where it came from. Tabitha enters and whistles to get Selinas attention, she runs towards Tabitha with the bag of cash. More men have arrived Tabitha and Selina are hid behind some Barrels, Tabitha is thinking what to do next, she is going to draw fire and wants Selina to look for an opening but Selina wants to do whatever they are doing to do it together. Tabitha thinks it time for Selina to use her whip, they hear a familiar voice “Hello did anyone order Tai?” One of The gang members answer no which is good because Barbara doesn’t have any, she drops the paper bag and starts fireing a gun. Selina takes out a shot gun with her whip, Tabitha shoots at the other gang members that Barbara hasn’t already shot at. Tabitha congratulates Barbara on some good shooting which she finds obvious, Barbara wants the cut of the money. Selina is surprised by her reaction especially when Barbara asks Selina if she wants a hug after she just killed five men to save her. Tabitha frowns and doesn’t accept that Barbara killed them on her own as they did help. Barbara walks away with her share of the money, Selina wants to know is that it “we are just over?” Barbara didn’t come and help just for kicks she wants Tabitha and Selina to come back to the nest, because there is a shipment coming in and they have a business to run. Tabitha and Selina look impressed that Barbara has decided to carry on their partnership, they walk out looking very cool, The Sirens are born.

Harvey enters the building with Harper and with other detectives. They see Professor Pyg standing at the other end of the room with Officer Patel tied to the chair. Harvey shoots at Pyg who falls to the ground, Harper sees to Officer Patel, but it isn’t her It’s a dummy dressed in GCPD uniform. Harvey is devastated as he realises the person he shot at is Patel, she is gagged under the pigs mask, but she is still alive. As Harvey realises it’s a set up a timer goes off and a automatic machine guns starts firing rounds, a lot of officers are hit, Harper and Bullock take cover. Jim is still outside he hears the gunfire and knows that’s not their guns, Jim looks to Oswald who tells some of his men who are still outside to get inside but they refuse. Jim grabs one of their weapons and runs inside, for the first ever in any of the seasons Penguin looks like a spare part as he doesn’t really know what to do next. Headhunter comes out from undercover, the bullets are still flying, one bounces off a wall and hits him in the eye. Jim uses the gernade launcher to take one automatic weapon. Harvey, Harper and Detective Ruseckas decide to get Patel, Jim sees Headhunter is injured and moves him out of harms way, then positions himself to take out the other automatic weapon. Patel is safe and everyone else is relieved to get out there alive.

Back at the GCPD Oswald is talking to the press about not ordering the cops to go in there as he doesn’t have the authority. When Jim arrives the press are more interested in talking to him about how he found the courage to run in and save the people. Jim has a message “if the Pyg is watching the GCPD is gonna take you down.” Penguin watches with annoyance as Jim makes this very clear statement. Jim tells Harvey that Patel is going to make it, Harvey congratulates Jim on being a hero, Harvey just sees himself as a cop that shot a cop. It’s an incredibly well acted,well written scene of a working relationship becoming more fractured. Jim cellphone starts to ring, the screen says blocked caller. Professor Pyg calls to tell Jim how amazing he was and how Pyg knew he was right about Jim being the “get things done” type. The things that Jim wants to get done, Pyg also wants to get done. Professor Pyg calls Jim mean after telling him he will go to prison for the rest of his life. Jim promises Professor Pyg he will find him, Pyg hopes he does as he wants to thank him in the flesh because what Jim said about he rot in Gotham has given him an idea the next step in Pyg’s plot, “it’s a saga. It’s an epic. It’s a spectacle. And you are my muse Jimmy Gordon.” Professor Pyg holds this conversation whilst removing his prosthetics to reveal what he looks like from underneath his pig mask, another excellent and  my favourite scene of the episode.

Oswald arrives back at the Iceberg lounge with Mr.Headhunter,  he isn’t looking happy. Headhunter is groaning with pain and sits down on one of the black padded seats. Oswald stops he starts to listen to HeadHunter saying that Gordon was right, Oswald draws his knife from the top of his cane and stabs HeadHunter in the neck he gasps with pain as Oswald withdraws the knife and stabs him for a second time in the stomach. Oswald tells Headhunter “the second one is my signature.”

Tommy Elliot tells Bruce he is having an awesome time at Bruces nightclub, Grace always knew there was another side to him. Bruce has decided he is going to try it out for a while, Bruce and Grace start kissing. Bruce drinks down a full glass of champagne while the dance music starts speeding up the beat in the background. Bruce is dancing having fun, pours out a more champagne, he is making the most of the underaging partying.

Detective Harper thanks Jim on the behalf of the whole GCPD even though maybe they are not saying it. Jim thanks her but he also she would of done the same thing. I really like Detecive Harper she reminds me of the great Captain Essen, I do hope her part in Gotham is a continuous addition. Two officers bring in a man if for unlicensed robbery, he claims he has a license but can’t remember where he put it. Jim watches as the burglar remembers it’s in his boot, Detective Ruseckas takes the license of the man and rips it up as they are not accepting them anymore, he nods to Jim to show his support. The tension between Jim and Harvey Is now very apparent as Harvey staggers back to his office.

Stop Hitting Yourself is the title of the Episode 8 of Gotham which airs on Thursday 9 November. According to the synopsis of the episode we are hearing back to Cherrys Fighclub in the Narrows. Grundy and Nygma become the main attraction at Cherry’s. Penguin  wants revenage when he hears Nygma is mocking him on stage and he enlists The Sirens for help.