Posted: June 23, 2017 by Adam Carr

Adrian chase was one of the most loved villains of the Arrowverse, period. When he died many Arrow fans were truly gutted that this villain was gone forever. Or is he?

Josh Segarra, who plays Adrian Chase in Arrow, was due to be attending Heroes and Villains fanfest in Portland this weekend, but has had to pull out due to filming. And he’s not just filming anywhere.

In this video, Josh states that he’s filming in Vancouver, where Arrow just so happens to film, and is also sporting an Arrow t-shirt. It’s highly possible in this case, that Adrian Chase will be returning for the next season of Arrow.

We must also remember that Legends of Tomorrow and Flash both also film in Vancouver so it’s possible that Adrian could be involved in some episodes that go to the past or be the possible big bad of Legends next season!

Exciting times are head for the villains in the arrowverse!

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