Posted: November 9, 2017 by Erin Marie Durcan

Adam West -DCWorld

It’s been since June in which we lost a legend. But Adam West is and will be forever in the hearts of all fans young and old, new to the 1960’s show or those who are just watching it. On October 28th, fans of the Batman show came together to hear Burt Ward and Lee Meriweather, along with Ralph Garman and Kevin Smith moderating, share stories about their lifelong friend.

And I must apologize right now. My camera was not working properly for the first 5 minutes or so of the panel. The video below starts out with Lee Meriweather talking about how she got the part as Catwoman in the first feature film. She said she walked into the room filled with fifty other gorgeous women. She thought she had no way of getting the part. When she walked into the audition, she¬† was disappointed to find that Mr. West wasn’t there to read with her. “Well, I guess we’ll meet some other time,” she said. When she got home, she got a message from her agent to call. She got the part only because she did one thing the other woman didn’t do. She liked her hands and cleaned herself like a cat would.

The video captures the rest of the panel discussion…..