Posted: September 9, 2017 by Erin Marie Durcan

It may have been weeks ago San Diego had its gathering of Geeks and Nerds, but it’s still fresh in the minds of the thousands that attend each year. Many go just to see the exhibits outside the convention center. While hundreds of lucky ones are able to attend panels to see their favorite celebrities from television and film and to get the inside scoops. And according to Anne Marko (from Long Beach, California) and Carrie Baty (from Canoga Park, California) the long lines inside and outside are more than worth the wait.

Anne with the Outlander men. “I’m so happy they caught me!”

Anne has been going to the comic con since 2003. “If you’re planning to go to the con, throw a plan out the window. There is so much stuff to see that you can be overwhelmed even with knowing the schedule.” she advises. For the Game of Thrones exhibit she waited 5 hours in line. “The lines change your plan.”

Carrie in front of giant Pop! Figures at the WB booth.

Carrie for the past seven years has gone to the Nerd HQ paneling which is usually held at the Children’s Museum near the convention center. Zachary Levi monitors the panels and has proceeds of ticket sales and auctions going towards Operation Smile. But due to some difficulties it had to be canceled this year. Although she was sad about not being able to attend NerdHQ, she was able to get a ticket to SDCC through a friend.
They both look at going to SDCC as an annual vacation. And they always look forward to it. But they do have some advice that even the celebrities have said: 1.) Wear comfortable shoes. Even days after the con, their feet were still recovering. 2.) Can’t be claustrophobic. Every place is a crowded place. And many can be smelly. 3.) Bring hand sanitizer. 4.) Bring a backpack for swag. They give huge bags out, but some of them can fall apart with everything they give away. And it’s a LOT of stuff. And 5.) More than anything HAVE FUN!