This week’s episode started off with a boy escaping from one of the pods at the labs.  He got himself into a fight and ultimately two people ended up dead.  A girl also escaped from her pod and ran off, breaking through a solid brick wall before disappearing.

School’s out for Jefferson

Black Lightning - Black Jesus

Jefferson had a choice to make in this episode, as he was asked by Dr.Napier to step down from his role as head at the school.  Not only that, he has to show that he is 100% behind his decision with no regret at all because a white guy would be taking over as head – and the families needed to know he had Jefferson’s blessing.


After giving the girl that escaped an option, to go back into the pods or to potentially die.  After some thought the girl decided to go back into the pods, to give the scientists time to develop a cure.  It will be interesting to see where this goes with regards to the pods – and to see what sort of solutions the scientist team lead by Lynn can develop.

Meanwhile, the boy from the first episode has resurfaced during this episode.  He has the ability to make people tell the truth by looking them in the eye.  Lynn takes him home with her as a guest and he causes havoc at the dinner table with them all telling the truth to each other.

After this, he gets the option of going back into a pod or going home with his family to live out however long of his life he has left.  He opts for the second, and i’m sure we will see him again yet.

Anyssa Knows Best

Over the past few episodes we have seen Jennifer struggling emotionally with her powers.  It seems in this episode she finally is starting to see, thanks to Anyssa’s advice – that they might be a blessing rather than a curse.

What’s Next?

It will be fun to see what comes next in the coming weeks.  How will the school react to the new head?  How will he alter the storyline?  What will happen with the pods?  It’s all happening in Black Lightning!