Posted: April 10, 2018 by John Hammond

As per usual, the spoiler warning applies and the episode starts with the usual “Previously…” segment.

Ok, this is a bit late, my apologies, so this will be different to what I usually write up.

Black Lightning is coming to what could be a nail-biting finale, this episode adding to the excitement that is already building. From the reveal of Gambi’s past, the powers of Anissa and Jennifer coming to the forefront, the revelations that Ms Fowdy is the new “spotter” and the effects that has on her, there was so much going on in this episode.

First up, Ms Fowdy – I am not sure how to react to the fact that she is working for the ASA as a spotter. I get the feeling that she isn’t completely convinced in their motives and that is shown through her disbelief that Jefferson is Black Lighting. I get the feeling that Proctor has a something on her and that is why she has to, basically, just follow orders. You see the strain on her face when Jefferson is arrested, you know she didn’t want that to happen, believable concern for him. It is plainly obvious that, despite what she has got herself in to, she has certain feelings for Jeff.

When Gambi and Anissa do their thing with the hologram, in an attempt to show that Jefferson is not Black Lightning, she does her best, over an encrypted computer connection, to get him released.

Away from everything I have said before about the Foxy Ms Fowdy (I still believe that, haha), this is a great episode to show more of her character and Skye P. Marshall does a great job of portraying everything she is going through.

We also have the Gambi issues and whether Jefferson will ever be able to trust him again. Part of that had been sorted in the previous episode when Gambi took one hell of a beating without giving anything away about Jeff being Black Lightning.

Jeff being taken to jail was quite a powerful scene, being set up for the sale and distribution of Green Light to the kids at his school. To see the kids watching this, seeing him arrested after what he has done/does for that school is quite a powerful moment, it’s not something they expect and are shocked at it. One of the best scenes of the season.

We also see tv reports of the arrest, interviews with people on the street who seem split on their support for him. Some stick with him, some don’t. It all shows how far the ASA will go in order for them to complete their plans, rid Freeland of Black Lightning and Jefferson Pierce.

In a moment of pure genius, Gambi comes up with an idea to ensure Jefferson’s release from jail, with the help of Anissa. The idea to get Jefferson out of the cell and out of the hands of corrupt police officers, the invention of the hologram, was outstanding. I really enjoyed this scene. Cress Williams, came up with the necessary running style of BL as a hologram, to ensure that us, the viewer, knows that’s what is going on. Superb and the genius of it fools everyone in to believing that Jeff is not BL. All apart from the person on the other end of Ms Fowdy’s compute maybe??

Then there’s Detective Henderson who, so far in the show, has kinda been in the background a little. In this episode it is great to see him with much more to do. He knows that Jefferson is innocent of all these fabricated charges. It’s great to see him step up, go after the corrupt police officers who are intent on taking down Jefferson as well as BL. I almost hoped for Jefferson to tell him that he was Black Lightning, it was close but just didn’t get there. However, while it’s probably for the best just now, I love how the actions of Henderson here give the character a Commissioner Gordon fell, very Gotham like.

The final scenes where we see Gambi welcomed back to the Pierce home, despite things not being able to be the same, is very heart-warming and seeing them all at the dinner table was, oh so wonderful. These are a great cast, so much chemistry.

I’ve probably missed plenty out but this was another cracking episode of a show that gets better and better and is leading to what should be a cracking finale. Another 9/10 for me.

I hope you have enjoyed reading. If you wish to comment on anything then please feel free to do so below or on our social media pages.

Apologies for the shorted article, however, I’m sure it’ll be preferable to my rambling (Please feel free not to answer that, haha)

Cheers, John


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