Posted: March 30, 2018 by John Hammond

As always, there will be SPOILERS in this recap.

Of course, the episodes always start with a “Previously…” segment.


We start by seeing Two-Bits out on the street, selling dodgy goods, dvd’s etc.  Bootleg stuff if you will.  He starts to put his items away for the night when he notices something across the street.  He sees a drug dealer handing over a pill to young, school-age person.  The young one takes the pill, when all of a suddenly she starts to show some sort of power, fire coming from her body.  As that happens, a white arrives, men get out and take the girl away.


Anissa , we find, has broken in to a lab, where Gambi had seen bodies that were being stored.  She is shocked to find that they are still alive, cryogenically frozen, and, just as she’s about to break one of the pods the bodies are in open, she stops herself, takes a breath and realises that’s not the way to do things and she rushes home to tell her dad.  Once there, she begs her dad to get over his differences with Gambi and forgive him but Jefferson isn’t having any of it.



Well, that’s what he appears to be doing but, in fact, Lala is talking to his cousin, Will; you know, the one he killed, or as this season has shown at times, has he been resurrected?  They talk of him being alive and what will happen if Tobias finds out.  We then see that Lala really is talking to himself.  Lala is there with a few of his stooges to get about selling old school drugs on the streets and one of the men tries to tell him that it can’t happen because Green Light is the drug of choice.  Lala approaches him and a gun is pulled out by the man, who proceeds to fire at Lala.  The gun doesn’t fire, twice, Lala takes it from him and proceeds to rip the blokes ear off.  Nice.  The other men there want nothing to do with that and proceed to do as told.  After they leave Lala sits down, Will has gone and a tattoo of him has appeared on Lala’s chest.


Anissa and Jeff make their way to the lab where the kids are, but when they arrive they see that they have all been taken away.  As they look around, armed men arrive and try to attacked Black Lightning and Thunder.  The electric duo swiftly take care of them and make their way away from the warehouse/lab.    At home, Jeff tells Anissa about Gambi’s past, being an ASA agent.  She knows what Gambi has done but makes a point of telling Jeff of everything he has done for the family, protecting them  all through their lives.  Despite all this, Jeff can not trust Gambi anymore.


On to the morning after and Two-Bits goes to visit Jeff at his home.  He tells Jeff everything that he saw after the student took Green Light and Jeff tells him to tell him everything.


Lala has a meeting with another set of dealers, business partners I guess and Lala wants lots of money worth of cocaine and marijuana.  The partners are unsure as Green Light seems to be taking over and they are unsure if Lala can sell it.  He assures them that he can get this done and puts his own mother up as collateral in case it all goes wrong, it shows his confidence.  Will is there again and, despite being an apparition can’t believe he put his mother up like that.


At the Pierce household and Jefferson has everything that Two-Bits told him on his mind.  Because of this, he tells Jennifer that she is to stay home from school until he can figure out what is going on.


Around Freeland, a Garfield High student is walking around handing out posters to various people and taking them in to shops.  They are posters asking if they had seen her missing friend.  She takes one to Gambi, who talks to her about her missing friend and agrees to put a poster in his window.



Back at home and Jennifer is still trying to come to terms with her new-found powers.  She falls out with Anissa, with Anissa going on to bring up Khalil and how her sister gave up on him.  Jennifer, visibly upset, and her eyes light up, she emits fire from her body before it calms down and she has burnt cushions on the couch.  Anissa tells her she’s just like dad.



Jeff goes to see Lynn at her lab and he tells her about what Two-Bits saw, along with info on the missing pods that contained the kids. He also tells her about his newly acquired powers and how he can now see through things.  He, therefore, decides to take a look through Lynn’s clothes while talking to her, and on his way out.  Get a room!!


At Gambi’s tailor shop, Martin Proctor and a couple of his ASA stooges arrive and want Gambi to go with them, to give them information, or a further agent outside will beging to shoot any pedestrians outside.  Gambi initially says no and pulls a gun on him but backs down after the threat and agrees.


Jefferson, as Black Lightning goes to see Two-Bits to try to get more information from him.  Two-Bits tells him he’s heard about some military vehicles that were moving about on his side of town.  However, he doesn’t know where that ended up.  On a side note to this, while he’s talking to Two-Bits a lady in an apartment upstairs keeps throwing things out of her window at Black Lightning.  There’s a bounty on his head for the death of Lady Eve so she’s trying her luck.  Jefferson also ends up seeing a drug deal go down and that it is by one of the kids he has at school.  He can’t see more because his goggles short out.


We find Gambi tied up, to a chair, being interrogated, or rather beat up by one of Proctor’s men.  Proctor tells him about BL and Thunder turning up at the warehouse/lab.  Because of this, Proctor feels that Gambi has access to this electrifying duo and, despite his protestations them continue to torture Gambi.


Jefferson, no suit, approached the young lad he saw dealing drugs.  He tells him that he wants him to join a mentor program that he runs from the school on a Saturday morning, something to help keep him off the streets.


At Lynn’s lab she is giving Jennifer a MRI scan, with Anissa in attendance, to try to determine what is happening to her body and how her powers are affecting her.    The machine seems to be malfunctioning, so Lynn asks Anissa to swap places with her.  With Jennifer in the machine, there are no such problems, so they switch again and the same happens with Jennifer.  Lynn tells Anissa that Jefferson’s powers don’t affect the machine like Jennifers does and that Jenifer’s cells are, actually creating pure energy.


It’s Saturday morning and Malik, the young lad that Jefferson saw dealing drugs and wants to mentor arrives at the school, albeit a half hour late.  Jefferson is happy he turned up and shows him his own inspirational quotes on the blackboard before sitting down to talk with him.  Before he can get into it though, a couple of Proctor’s men arrive and tell Jefferson that he must go with them or Gambi will never be seen alive again.  He leaves with the ASA agents and is taken to where they are holding Gambi captive.  A gun is held to Jeffersons head, and Gambi is told that if he didn’t give Black Lightning up, he would shoot Jefferson.  With a slight nod from Gambi, Jefferson takes out the electricity and takes out the henchmen.  After taking a badly beaten Gambi to his tailors shop, Gambi can’t thank him enough for not giving him up and revealing who he really is.  Before Jefferson leaves, telling him to rest, Gambi tells him that he should get his daughters out of the house and move them to somewhere safe.  He also tells Jefferson that, just like he was, there must be a spotter somewhere in Freeland and that he must find them before they take anymore kids with powers away.


On Gambi’s advice, Jefferson moves his family out of their home.  They move to the house where he lived with his father as a child, because the paperwork will not be in his name.  It’s also the place where his father was murdered and has been unable to let it go.


For the final scene in the episode, we are taken to the new location of the pods, and we see that Proctor is talking to the person who is his current spotter in Freeland.  As they walk towards one of the pods, we only see a silhouette of the spotter, however, the moment comes and we see that the spotter is Ms Fowdy.  Proctor tells her that her boos at school Jefferson Pierce is black Lightning and asks her if she can do the necessary and have him sorted.  She agress but, on turning away from him, we see a look on her face that suggests she may not find that as easy a task as Proctor would like.

Wow, another cracking episode of Black Lightning.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this show has gone from strength to strength and this episode shows why.  There’s action, there’s emotion and there is such a surprising twist that I never saw coming whatsoever.

China Anne McClain again proves what a wonderful you actress she is.  Nafessa Williams shows what a great superhero Anissa will be, she’s already a pretty damn good package.  Cress Williams is extremely cool as Jefferson and, particularly Black Ligtning.  Christine Adamss is great as the matriarch of the family.  James Remar, well, you should all know how much I love him as an actor and he brings so much to the character of Gambi, particularly this episode where he does his utmost to ensure that Jeffersons secret is kept safe.

The twist, I must say, was so unexpected.  A real “gasp” moment that really shocked me.  I’ve made it known how much I like the Foxy Ms Fowdy and how she had not been around much lately.  Well, what can I say, it has been so worthwhile her not being around the episode as much because this twist had so much more impact.  I’ll be surprised if many people saw this coming at all.  Fantastic stuff from the writers and all involved in the show to keep this quiet.

The scenes with Lala have been terrific, perfectly played by William Catlett.  So much character and the little things that just go so far to making him a really watchable character.

The story is moving at such a pace, I’m bloody loving it.   This episode gets a 9/10 from me.

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All the best, thanks again.

Cheers, John

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