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As you will all be aware, we start with a “Previously…” segment.


Or in this case, the basement of Gambi’s tailor’s.  After last episodes revelations and anguish over how to handle Anissa, she and her dad, Jefferson are training.  Well, Jefferson is teaching his daughter anyway.  He is trying to show her how to determine who should be seen as a threat and who shouldn’t, despite minor things, such as the shirt that someone is wearing.  This happens as Anissa takes umbrage with a hologram (yes, a hologram) that is wearing a Confederate shirt.  Jeff explains that he was no threat and she must be careful who she wants to deal with, just because he is wearing that shirt, he was still no threat as opposed to those carrying weapons. – Love that we see them training.  The hologram training program is very cool.  Very much similar to something we would see from a black costumed superhero, vigilante.

Away from the basement and we see a tv report, showing the corrupt chief of police who is stating that all available resources will be used to find Black Lightning and ensure he pays for the death of Lady Eve.  Even the general public are starting to turn on him after her death.  – Ok, so these people have no idea what kind of woman Lady Eve was right?  If so, then maybe a different attitude, although a lot of it seems to be aimed at BL because of the black man killing the black woman and how it shouldn’t happen.


Lala, who we saw resurrected at the end of the last episode, returns to his nightclub where two of his men are belting out a tune.  They tell him they had heard rumours that he as dead,  His response is understated and he ultimately walks outs, telling them to carry on with their song as he liked it.  – Love Lala being back, a great character and can’t wait to see where this all takes him.


Gambi is meeting with a fella called Martin Proctor, who is a member of the ASA.  He tells Gambi that he has men coming to Freeland, with the object of tracking down and killing Black Lightning.

Dinner time at the Pierce household and Jeff and Lynne are talking about how Anissa’s training is going.  Jeff tells Lynne that it is all going well and Anissa is taking her training very seriously.  There also is a decision that, as Jennifer is not taking on any extra curricular activities from school that she will help her mum out at the lab.

While there, Jennifer asks Lynne if she has noticed that Anissa has been acting very strangely.  Jennifer doesn’t get a reply as Lynne finds that box Anissa gave to her with her Grandfathers research and finds it empty.  This knocks Lynne off her stride and Jennifer plays on it to get away from the lab early and get permission to have a late night out.


Jefferson makes the decision that he and Anissa should not suit up to go and check out a lead on the Green Light situation and to figure out how Lady Eve died.  People are out looking for BL so going out as themselves gives them more chance to get around.  They break in to the morgue when Eve’s body is being held.  They are being guided by Gambi to enable them to stay away from any cctv camera that may be around.  They need to break through a wall to get to where Lady Eve’s body is and Anissa needs to use her powers to break through.  Jefferson goes in to training mode and urges her to only use as much power as she needs, to control it.  Ok, so it doesn’t work but they do get through.  They find Eve’s body and after sending pics to Gambi he realises that, because of the amount of heat used, that nuclear energy has been used.  Jeff mentions that they should be able to track the radiation. –  Love this scene, Jeff and Anissa acting like a proper detective team.  No superhero costumes just good old detective work and love how Anissa surprises Jeff with her mind skills.


Jennifer and her friend Keisha are popping posters up around the school.  Keisha decides to be clever and climb a bit of a ladder to pop one higher up.  Jennifer isn’t keen on the idea as it doesn’t look safe and tries to stop her doing it.  Keisha takes no notice and climbs up anyway.  As she gets to the top and puts the poster on the wall, she starts to fall.  Jennifer, a rush of adrenaline, tries to rush to her but can’t.  Instead, her eyes light up, her had fires up and her phone fries.  – Yes, Jennifer has found her powers.  Great scene, I think this will be one hell of a story to tell on how it affects her.  Being younger, still at school etc, this could have so much effect on her.  However, more on this at the end.


Jeff and Anissa are back at Gambi’s to discuss how to track the radiation found on Lady Eve’s body.  Gambi has access to a satellite that can help follow the radiation.  Gambi suggests he should go but is overruled by Jefferson and, they head to where a the satellite has found radiation.  Lynne calls and tells them that powder found in a locker owned by Jeffersons father was a vaccine for the drug Green Light. –  A satellite that detects and zooms in on radiation?  How cool are the gadgets here.


Jeff and Anissa make their way to the source of the radiation.  There, they find a shallow grave, as well as one of the guns used in the assassination of Lady Eve and her people.  The body is that of one of her killers.  Jeff calls Henderson to let him know that he has found a weapon that killed Lady Eve and puts Black Lightning in the clear.  Jeff tells him to make sure that he matches that injuries to the bodies found in the morgue to that of the gun.

Back home and Jennifer is in her bedroom trying to come to terms with what happened at the school.  She wants to try to get it to work again.  She closes her eyes but it doesn’t work straight away.  She tries again, makes herself calm and the sparks come from her hands again, further frying her phone.


Lynne visits Gambi at the tailor’s shop.  She wants to know whether there is a possibility of a vaccine for the addiction/effects of Green Light.  Gambi, at first plays it as if he knows nothing.  The look on his face says something else and Lynne picks up on that, especially when the name, Alvin Pierce, comes up.  Lynne tells Gambi that Jefferson trusts him more than any other, something that hits home and Gambi realises that he needs to talk to Jefferson. –  Noooooo, the cracks are a-coming.


Back in the woods, Jeff and Anissa are staking out, waiting for the arrival of Detective Henderson.  Instead of Henderson, an unknown man arrives, dressed in a nice suit.  He makes a beeline for the weapon they found earlier and Jefferson tries to sneak up behind him to stop him taking it.  Anissa has a feeling of a threat and runs towards Jefferson.  The man in the suit is holding the gun, we see a red light and BOOOOOOOM!!!, the gun explodes. Thankfully, thanks to Anissa, she has raced in and saved Jefferson from the blast.

Jefferson is absolutely buzzing, telling Lynne, at home in the knowledge that Anissa just saved him and the she anticipated what was going to happen.  Lynne brings him back down to earth by telling him that Gambi knows more than he has been letting on and suggests he goes to speak to him. – Brilliant couple of scenes and great to see that Anissa is clearly showing great potential as a superhero.  The reaction of Jefferson, after concerns, is priceless and they should make a great team.


Lala is showering – first though,my apologies as I missed earlier that he was being driven by his two men, when the ghost (?) of Lawanda appeared to him and he had a full on conversation with her in the back of the car.  She even told him he should kill the driver as Lala shouldn’t trust him.  Thankfully,he decides against that. – Anyway,he’s showering, when the spirit of Lawanda appears to him again.  She speaks to him and he turns around to her.  They start to kiss before she disappears from view and is back as the tattoo on his chest.  – Loving the story of Lala’s return, even though not much has gone on.  However, William Catlett has been superb so far in the short time he has had on-screen.


Jefferson arrives at Gambi’s  and goes upstairs to find him sitting with a drink, expecting Jefferson to turn up.  Gambi reveals all, his real name (Peter Esposito) , how he turned up in Freeland City over 30 years ago and his time as an ASA agent.  He tells Jeff of the vaccine that was created by the government, something that was created to make the people from Freeland more passive, the black population in particular during times of racial tension.  The problem?  The vaccine ended up giving people superpowers.  Gambi leaked this information to Alvin Pierce, Jefferson’s father but Alvin was murdered for being aware of it.  Gambi, therefore, took on Jefferson, trained him for years in the hopes that he may find redemption.  However, he tells Jefferson that Martin Proctor, ASA boss, is now wanting to rid the city of the metahumans.  Jefferson is furious and, while his eyes light up, he stops and walks away, telling Gambi to stay away from his family. – This was a heartbreaking scene and I hate that the cracks of the relationship are now fully open.  I knew it was coming and I am gutted that it has come to thins, even though it makes for a great story.  I do hope it gets worked out but it’ll be a long way back for Gambi.

Back at the Pierce home, Jennifer walks in to Anissa’s room to talk.  She tells her about what happened with her hands. – Short ending scene and setting up nicely for what will come next.

Wow, what a cracker that was.  Fantastic performances from all involved.  The break up of the relationship of Gambi and Jefferson, the partnership of Jeff and Anissa (proper detective work as opposed to using too many powers)  Great father/daughter team up.

The realization tat Jennifer has powers.  This has the potential for being a cracking story because of how she may deal with it.  She’s young, and not fully mature so how she deals with it is going to be a completely different story to how Anissa has.

Anissa stepping up in such a short space of time was great, brains/anticipation etc.

Love the Black-Cave, the hologram program is something else.

Super story, it’s all gonna kick off very soon.

Loving Lala’s return.  The effects of what is happening to him and the acting have been top-notch.

So much going on, so much to be resolved, awesome stuff.

No Ms Fowdy??  Grrrrr…

Easy 8.5/10 for this episode.

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Cheers, John

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