Posted: February 11, 2018 by John Hammond

As always – this article contains spoilers.  Please don’t read on if you haven’t seen it.

The usual start for these shows as we are treated to a “Previously…” segment before we start.

The show gets going and we are taken straight to Garfield High, where Jefferson is approached by a student who tells of another student who is “freaking out” in the bathroom.  Jefferson races to the bathroom where he sees a student (Bernard) under the effects of…something.  Bernard asks for help but all of a sudden something takes over him, super hum strength is shown and he attempts to attack Jefferson.  Jefferson has no other way to stop him than with his Black Lightning powers, although it takes him 2 goes to stop Bernard in his tracks.  When Bernard is unconscious, Jeff happens across a small plastic bag containing drugs.

Anissa is driving down the street when she comes across 2 girls from the school, talking to 2 drug dealers.  She stops and approaches then, tells the girls to leave and proves herself, thanks to her own powers, that she isn’t intimidated by the dealers, despite their actions.  One of the dealers, however, shows himself to be a little intimidated by Anissa.

Jefferson tells Gambi about the drugs he found on Bernard and the effects that they had on him.  (The drug is called Green Light).  Jefferson believes that The 100 are to blame but Gambi seems to usher him in another direction.  Gambi suggests he talk to his contacts while Jefferson says that he’ll be on the streets that night.

On the streets and Black Lightning is gathering info from a street dealer, who he believes to have information that can help him.  He uses his powers to “tempt” they guy in to giving out the information that he needs.  BL is told a name, “2-Bits” and where to find him, before, as is his usual mark, knocking him out.

Next up, we are taken to Tobias and Lady Eve, who are having a chat over a “dead” body, as Lady Eve sucks/pumps out the body fluids.  Lady Eve speaks of Tobias’ former life as a politician before events had him going “underground”.  She tells him that “her people” are concerned that Black Lightning is back as well as being unsure if he is the person to lead The 100.  Tobias responds by telling her he has made plenty of money for her and feels aggrieved about getting a hard time over 1 mistake.  She suggests it’s not 1 mistake and that his whole criminal career is based on the fact that he “killed” Black Lightning 9 years ago.  He assures her that BL will be sorted once and for all but Lady Eve isn’t convinced and tells him it needs doing quickly, otherwise her partners will “turn him in to dust”.

Oh – the dead body I mentioned above – yeah, not dead at all.

Back at school and Bernard is in Principal Pierce’s office with his dad.  He has been warned that he faces being expelled from school and his father (Mr Lewis) is worried about his prospects of college etc.  Jefferson assures him that won’t happen.  He asks Bernard where he got the drugs from and Bernard gives him a name.  Ms Fowdy, who was also in the meeting, is unsure that Jeff is doing the right thing and that the school board may feel differently.  Jeff tells her to tell them of his decision and, because she is unsure, she tells him to tell them himself and walks out.

Jeff makes a call to Gambi, gives him a name.  Gambi tells Jefferson that he currently looking at the guys dead body.

At hospital, Khalil is taking on some physio in the hope of walking again.  Jennifer is also there with him for support.  She overhears 2 nurses talking of Khalil and brings them to task, telling them that he can also hear them.  Khalil does hear but tells Jennifer he is going to be ok; she walks away in tears.

Tobias, obviously frustrated that Black Lightning is alive, well and back has decided to go see the doctor who gave him confirmation 9 years ago that BL was, in fact, dead.  Well, we know that didn’t happen, so he wants to know why he was lied to.  Ultimately, the doctor owes Tobias a death and, as Tobias has an associate in tow, the doctor obliges by being punched to death.

The Pierce home and Jennifer arrives back as Lynne and Jefferson are waiting.  Jennifer hasn’t turned up for her track training and her parents feel that she owes an apology to her coach.  Jeff and Lynne feel that Jennifer needs to spend less time with Khalil  to concentrate on school things but Jennifer drops the bombshell that she no longer wants to run track, something her parents do not agree with.

Dinner time and Anissa has joined the family to eat.  She talks of Black Lightning, how he is doing a great job and bringing hope to the city.  Detective Henderson is also there for dinner, he disagrees with how Black Lightning does things.  Anissa and Henderson go back and forth over this before Anissa decided to leave the dinner.  Before she goes though, we see how much Jefferson is impressed with the things his daughter says about BL.

Anissa decides to go on to the streets and, fortunately, bumps in to the 2 dealers she met up with earlier.  This time, she approaches them with her hood up and sends them both flying.  However, she notes that she may have been too heavy-handed and one is left struggling to breathe; Anissa phones an ambulance to attend to them.

Jeff goes to visit 2-Bit, we found out that they were close when younger and that shines through when they first meet here.  They talk of times past before they get down to the reason Jefferson is there.  Jeff tries to advise 2-Bit to get out of what he’s doing but is told that as he has a family etc. 2-Bit won’t budge.

Back with Gambi and Jeff and he are talking of the effects of Green Light, how addictive it is and that if you have one taste, then you’re hooked.  Jefferson feels that a visit from Black Lightning may well bring 2-Bit round to his way of thinking.

Therefore,Black Lighting pays a visit to 2-Bit, taking out anyone who stands in his way.  2-Bit pleads with BL telling him that one more strike and he will get 30 years.  BL tells him there will be no coppers, providing that he tells him what he needs to know and that he stops selling drugs.  2-Bit does agree to this but, before BL knocks him out (his calling card?), he tries to get a selfie with him.  Nope, out cold.

A the hospital and Jennifer and Khalil are talking. Khalil has been offered an interview but is worried as he doesn’t want people to see him like he is.  Jennifer tells him that she has quit the track team but there isn’t much reaction from Khalil.  Watching sprint races on tv, he tells Jennifer that he has decided to do the interview, a very quick turnaround.

A member of the school board, Jefferson and Ms Fowdy are talking about Bernard and that the board recommend he be expelled from school.  Jefferson, quite obviously, disagrees while Ms Fowdy seems to understand their concerns and that it’s not Jefferson who makes the decision, it’s the students themselves and their actions.

We see a woman driving a car before seeing Tobias feeding a rat to what I assume are Piranha fish (nice).  The woman arrives to see Tobias and we are told that her name is Tori and Tobias is her big brother.  After the initial greetings, her first question is “How are we gonna kill Black Lightning?”

Black Lightning is staking our a warehouse when he realises that he has x-ray, sorry electric, vision thanks to Gambi.  A the same time Anissa is with Grace coming away from the nightclub that Grace works at.  Anissa talks of her parents and sharing things with them.  Gambi and Black Lightning are in contact, while BL is at the warehouse – where the Green Light can be found.  As Anissa and Grace walk, 3 men approach them with threats of bringing the bar down.  Grace tries to call the police but one of the men grab her phone.  Well, as Anissa has her powers, she takes a deep breath, turns and punches and the man flies across the car park.  The other 2 men approach them but, without seeing it happen, they are dealt with.  Black Lightning hears, what he thinks is, an explosion.  This takes him away from his stakeout as he wants to make sure nothing is wrong and people are not hurt.  The noises come from the area that Anissa was taking out the guys harassing them, Gambi hacks the cctv cameras, as per BL instructions and sees Anissa (although unrecognisable) stamping hard in to the floor, breaking up the surface with her power.  BL asks Gambi if he saw anything, to which Gambi replies he got nothing.  More lies from Mr Gambi and I hope he won’t be a villain.  James Remar is always a villain.  And yes, I still love the guy, not massively famous but a cracking actor.

Gambi visits the place where it happened with a gun but nothing/no-one is there and he leaves with a photo of the surface that Anissa broke up.

Anissa is nursing Grace after what happened, making sure she is ok.  Anissa asks Grace if it’s ok if making bad people pay for what they do is a good thing.  Grace tells her “Yes”.

Tobias and Tori watch the news item that has taken place with Khalil on the tv.  Tori comes up with the idea to show Black Lightning as the bag guy in all that is happening.  If enough people feel that way with Black Lightning then it is felt that someone, other than Tobias, could well end up killing BL.  As Khaili has injuries, he seems to be the most obvious target to corrupt in to this way of thinking.

Jennifer visits Khalil at  the hospital and is amazed at how much new stuff he sems to have.  He tells her that it is all from an anonymous donor and that this donor is also paying for all medical costs as well as his mothers rent.  Jefferson turns up in the room with Khalil’s mum.  They have just been informed by doctors that Khalils spinal cord has been completely severed and that he will never walk again.

Jefferson goes back to school. In his office, Ms Fowdy walks in and tells him the news that Bernard will not be expelled from school, however, there is a condition, Jefferson relinquishes control of the final say on serious infractions by students.  He doesn’t like it but feels he has no choice but to agree.

Jeff phones Lynne, worried about the Khalil situation and that he can’t handle the collateral damage side of being Black Lightning like he used to.  unfortunately, lynne is busy so has to end the call.  Once the phone call ends, he receives a phone call, from Mr Lewis, Bernards father.  Mr Lewis tells Jefferson that Bernard has gone looking for more drugs.  Mr Lewis went after him but ended up being pistol whipped by members of The 100.

As Black Lightning, Jefferson goes to the address given by Mr Lewis.  He enters the building, kicks the ass of various bad guys, before finding Bernard and carrying him out of the building.

At school, Jefferson talks to Mr Lewis about Bernard and assures him that things will work out ok and that he’ll go to college.  Mr Lewis is very thanksful.  After Mr Lewis leaves, Jeff receives a message on his phone.  It’s from Lynne who apologies for being short earlier, tells him she is still angry with him but, either way, she love him.

Final scene – Back st the hospital in Khalil’s room, who has been asleep and wakes up to find that Tobias Whale is sat there.  He is made aware that it is him who is the anonymous donor.  Tobias tries to get in Khalil’s head by telling him that Black Lightning has ruined his life, he is to blame for him being paralyzed.  Tobias tells him what he wants to hear and states that he can show Khalil have to kill his pain.

End of episode

Another solid episode of this new show.  I don’t think that this has fully hit its stride yet but, at only 4 episodes in, it is no wonder.

The cast continue to excel, we have some cracking acting talent on show here.

This is a good story in this episode although, I must admit, that it is one we have seen many times before in other shows/movies.

I love James Remar – please don’t make him a villain.

Krondon is a rea l menace as Tobias Whale – not someone I would say boo to on the street.

The same can be said about the softly spoke Jill Scott as Lady Eve.

I know that it was explained in an earlier episode (the spotlight type light that BL gives off) but people should be recognising who BL is.  If the spotlight thing is correct then it needs to be shown more on-screen how it affects.  A minor thing.

Loving the story of the lovely Anissa, can’t wait for her to join forces with BL when the time comes.

I’m sorry but I find Ms Fowdry a fox.

China Anne McClain is one of the finest young actresses on tv at the moment.

Cress Williams is perfect as BL and I love James Remar, not sure I’ve mentioned that before.

Anyway, another solid episode I’ll give 7/10.

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Cheers, John