The results are in and it’s not good news for Superman fans.  Batman trashed Superman in the votes with 66% to 34% respectively.

The character of Batman will now automatically enter our Hall of Fame!

Here’s a little about the creation of Batman, courtesy of NYPost.

“The superhero was dreamed up in 1939 after Kane noticed the success of Superman and promised publisher National Comics (later called DC Comics) he’d come up with something similar.

Over a weekend, Kane sketched a hero in red tights with stiff wings stuck to his back. Kane feared the character wasn’t particularly special and sought the input of Bill Finger, a Bronx high-school classmate and a budding writer.

Finger suggested a dark, caped costume with a cowl, transforming the hero into the nocturnal avenger we now know. Finger wrote numerous early Batman stories, conceiving the character’s origin story and creating or co-created the majority of the well-known supporting characters and villains.

But it was Kane’s name alone — legend has it due to a contract the savvy artist negotiated — that appeared on Batman comics for decades. Finger was almost completely unknown.

And Kane kept it that way. Until the end of his life in 1998, Kane consistently denied that anyone other than he was responsible for the Dark Knight.”

NYPost – The Dark Secret Behind the Creation of Batman

On a personal note, many of you will know that i’m a massive Batman fan, and will be totally pleased with this result.  However, we all know Superman was the original superhero, and for that reason i’m surprised that Superman hasn’t took this.  Batman, Bruce Wayne… he is a character of hope, of protection and of being proud of what you are from.  He’s a symbol of protecting what is true to you, and fighting for what you believe in.  He doesn’t have any special powers, he just kicks ass like a normal person like you and I could if we trained hard enough.

Indeed, the character of Batman has been taken on recently by a real person, to deal with the Killer Clown epidemic that happened a year or so ago.  In the picture below you can just about make it out.

Although comical, this to me shows the hope that Batman brings as a character.  It doesn’t matter who’s played him, there are good and not so good Batmans, just like there are James Bonds and Doctor Whos.  Everybody has their favourite version of a character, but the Batman character as a whole just has enough realism about it, to give you a true connection to the character.

Cartoon or Live Action, Comic or Real Life… Batman gives hope to the people around him.  And he’s just won the DCWorld World Cup!  Congrats to the Bat!