Posted: January 10, 2018 by John Hammond

Batman Comics

The Legend Of Batman 

Those partwork pioneers, Eaglemoss, are at it again; this time giving us the new Legend Of Batman collection.

The collection is said to tell Batman’s life story from beginning to end (although, as Batman is still going strong and will do for many years, this is an unfounded claim I’m sure).

Anyway, the collection is said to, hopefully, go on for around 60 issues, with those who buy/subscribe will be treated to a new book every fortnight. Most stories will be standalone and only take up one book but, obviously, there will be times when the stories take on more than one book.

Once complete and all books received then the spines of the books will create a wonderful image showing various classic moments of Batman’s history.

The price of issue 1 will cost you £2.99, with issue 2 being £7.99 and every issue thereafter £9.99. Now, this may well cost a good bit through a subscription but, for me, as a standard graphic novel/tpb release can cost much more, I find these good value.

If you wish to subscribe, there are 2 options for the reader. The standard subscription comes in at £9.99 per issue but your first delivery will come with issue 1, 2, issue 3 as a free gift and 3 Batman art prints as a further free gift. Various other free gifts follow in later deliveries, you can see all these at the website below but they include a tin mug and bookends among others.

The second subbscription is a premium one. This costs £1 extra per month and comes with all free gifts as well as 4 oversized graphic novels taking in the Bruce Wayne: Murderer and Fugitive story.

This looks to be a fantastic collection of great Batman stories and I have subscribed to the premium edition without hesitation.

Eaglemoss look to be on a winner here and I’m sure that Batman fans will jump at the chance to own these books.

Check out the Eaglemoss website for more information –

Cheers, John

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