Posted: May 4, 2019 by Erin Marie Durcan

WATCH THIS EPISODE!! Things are seriously starting to heat up for the season finale happening in two weeks!

Two subway guards are killed while Team Arrow stop Emiko and the Ninth Circle from distributing the biochemical through the main airshafts of a subway tunnel. Back at police headquarters, the team is questioned by a hardnosed Captain Drake and Sergeant Bingsley. First with Oliver’s story, then Felicity, Diggle, Renee, Roy, and then back to Oliver. Each giving where they were when the guards were killed, convincing Sergeant Bingsley they were not involved and were too late to save them. So, who killed the two guards with a lead pipe in the subway tunnel?

Roy Harper is back! Oliver calls Arsenal for his help in taking down a company involved with the Ninth Circle. After taking down their security system, Arsenal finds Emiko with a weapon that will help distribute the bioweapon. Although he puts up an impressive fight with the Ninth Circle, they still get away with the weapon. But he gets a second chance when he joins the rest of the team at the subway station.

There are some great fight scenes (thank you James Bramford) in this episode that have been missed for some time now. Fans of the show are in for an episode with great surprises and shocks that aren’t going to be mentioned in this article. Except for this since it is shown in next week’s trailer:

One more confession was brought out to the open. This one from Emiko to Oliver. Emiko comes clean that she was involved in “The Gambit” sinking all those years ago. She tells him she knew about the setup of the explosion on the ship but kept it quiet. She then sets an explosion around Oliver burying him alive in rubble.

Next week:

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