Posted: April 30, 2019 by Erin Marie Durcan

John’s past comes to haunt him in finding the Ninth Circle and Emiko in this episode.

When Team Arrow are in search of a weapon, they believe Dante is after, they ask the help of General Stewart. But this isn’t just a person John has dealt with before. He turns out to be John’s stepfather. Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters, Scandal, APB) plays the hard nose General Stewart who, after an awkward conversation, agrees to help Team Arrow. But there is a reason he has been so hard on John over the years. General Stewart and Diggle’s dad were in the same squadron on a mission. But something went wrong. And instead of telling John the truth, he decided to cover it up by telling him a different story and putting the blame on himself.

Speaking of the truth, Oliver finds out who really killed Emiko’s mother. He tells her as they are fighting to get Emiko to stop. She calls him a liar and as they continue to fight, Dante shoots an explosive separating the two and grabs her. Emiko and Dante don’t go very far before one of them is killed.

Why hasn’t there been any talk about John Diggle’s backstory before this episode? The show is ending with thirteen episodes remaining of the series and fans are now getting more backstory on Diggle’s past. But could the episode also be more of a clue with General Stewart and the previous Green Lantern references we have heard over the course of the show? Will fans see John Stewart’s Green Lantern join the characters next fall in the crossover episodes?

Next episode next week!

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