The 16th episode of season 7 contains nothing but the future of what Star City and The Glades have become. More questions get answered in the episode. Plus, there are some happy reunions and the expansion of Team Arrow.

One happy reunion is the return of Nyssa (Katrina Law). And even though Katrina is in the episode for a small amount of time, it is a welcome sight to see her. She has been missed. Nyssa trains Mia, molding her into the kick-butt girl as the previous episodes have shown. Nyssa starts her at an early age of what looks to be about five-years-old and continuing through her teenage years. But the question yet to be explained is: Where is Oliver?

There is also a bringing together the past and present members of Team Arrow, as well with the recruitment of new members during this episode. It will be interesting to see how the torch will continue in keeping the people of Star City safe. But as usual with Arrow, there continue to be twists and turns with characters and story. Especially with one of the current main characters who seems to be going in a direction that never has looked possible. The writers room seem to like keeping viewers on their toes and guessing throughout this season.

Another great thing about this episode is finally seeing some Green Arrow action from Mia. It seems Nyssa put some good skills into her along with the gene pool from her father’s side. There are some flips, kicks, and arrow shooting to bring in the line “runs in the family”. And with the rumor of CW bringing an Arrow spin-off with Mia as the lead character, it would have the Arrow legacy continuing after next fall.  

Arrow continues next week.