To all involved in making Arrow what is it today:

An announcement had been made about Arrow. Even though it has made it to season 8, it will end after its 10th episode which is probably the crossover episode with everyone involved in the Arrowverse. I have been writing articles about Arrow episodes for the past 2 years now and I as a fan wanted to say some words:

I moved to Los Angeles just before the premiere of the show. Living in the heart of Hollywood right off the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I had no idea where I was going to go and what I wanted to do with my career as an actor. Until the premiere night of this show. Steering me the direction of where I should go next. Finding my passion and inspiration.

Over these past seven years, I met everyone I possibly could who are part of the Arrowverse at comic conventions to regular meetings. They are an INCREDIBLEgroup of people. I even had the pleasure of working on Supergirl the first season it was in Burbank on the Warner Brothers lot. Working on that show was a blast to nerd out on. Seeing the actors (including Grant as The Flash one time) and watching Glen Winter direct is something I will never forget. And that wouldn’t have happened without Arrow.

I will be saying this later, but I’m going to say it now too: Thank you to the amazing cast and crew for these years of love and dedication to the show. To the producers, casting directors, directors, writers, stunt teams, makeup and hair, costumes, lighting and grip departments, and anyone else I know I am missing – the show started with you! The rest was the icing on the cake!

It has been a pleasure to watch this show and see the character development over the span of time. And to see more and more superheroes continue adding to the DC Comic book fanatics dream, including my own.

It is not a full goodbye yet, but it is still bittersweet in knowing the show is slowly going away as the weeks past. And Arrow, you haven’t failed any city but gave fans a fantastic show to continue introducing to the newcomers of superheroes for years to come.

I am grateful for the inspiration Arrow has given me. And the push down a path I wouldn’t have found.

Your forever and in your debt fan,