Things are starting to apex as Arrow is midway through its seventh season. Even though there is no solid villain this season as there have been previously, there is still plenty of twists, turns, and action. In this week’s episode there is a stalker who has sights on some members of the Arrow team; and answers, along with surprises, are given in the future scenes.

There are some great scenes between Oliver and William this week. Tension is seen between father and son and how Oliver’s life is impacting on a young boy who just wants to be around his father and be noticed. As any kid does to get some attention, they go to the people who will. So, it wasn’t surprising William calls his grandparents which brings all of them to talk more of their feelings towards each other and what should be done next.

There are also interactions in the future between Black Star, Roy, William, Connor Hawke, and Dinah worth mentioning. Although, there are plenty of spoilers to not go into full detail. But what can be said is more information about Felicity is given by Black Star, William finds he has a half-sister too, and Dinah recognizes Connor.

Here are some other great parts of the episode:

  • -Early training lesson between Dinah and Zoe
  • -Crossover with Central City along with mentions of Gotham and Arkham Asylum
  • -Felicity’s home security system recognizing “The Green Arrow” and her saying “I just thought I give the security system a little personality.”
  • -Answer to how Dinah lost her Canary Cry
  • -Stanley (Brendan Fletcher) is back!!

A sad note:

If Twitter hasn’t already told you, Curtis Holt (Echo Kellum) is moving on from the Arrow team. It is not a total goodbye just yet as Curtis is in the next episode……