Artist: Lord Mesa
Instagram: lord_mesa

Writers Marc Guggenheim and Emilio Ortega Aldrich along with director Glen Winter, bring a new style to the 150th episode called Emerald Archer which hadn’t yet been seen in the show. Since Oliver has brought himself out to the people of Star City about being the Green Arrow, a documentary is being made about vigilantism in Star City, Central City, and Gotham.

There are some great camera scenes. In any documentary, the camera is always running. There is a scene where the camera crew follows the Green Arrow, Dinah, and Diggle to a building where Emiko is being held. They are attacked by Emiko’s kidnapper and the camera follows Oliver as he goes after him. The camera gives a feeling of The Blair Witch Project with the focus of the action in the center of a circle in night vision color.

There are some great surprises in the episode. One of them was bringing back past cast members from over the years: Paul Blackthorne, Caity Lotz, Colton Haynes, Willa Holland, Joe Dinicol, and Bex Taylor-Klause. There is even a surprise appearance from Grant Gustin as Barry Allen. Which is the funniest scene in the episode; trying to play it cool about not knowing Oliver was the Green Arrow until his announcement on television. And a documentary isn’t complete without a narration from Kelsey Grammar. Other surprises are mentions yet encountered in Arrow: Gotham City and Wayne Enterprise Technologies (thank you Batwoman!)

The episode is done half documentary style and the continuation of the story from the last episode. The best thing about the continuation: William is back!! He comes in during the middle of a taping at the apartment and is a bit bewildered by all the cameras (Why didn’t they pick him up at the airport?! Or let him know what was going on?!).  There is also continuation from the storyline of what happens in the future bringing in Connor Hawke and the documentary into the mix. There is also the feeling that Maya may not have given the full story to William, Dinah, and Zoe about the death of Felicity.

Arrow continues this Monday, February 11: