If twitter and the internet haven’t brought it to attention, Arrow is on for Season 8!! And more news, the show is celebrating its 150th episode! Wow! A big congrats to the cast, crew, and all involved (past and present) with the show!!!

Now onto what happened in Episode 11: Past Sins, directed by David Ramsey!! (Directorial Debut!)

Arrow — “Past Sins” — Image Number: AR711b_BTS_0514r.jpg — Pictured: Behind the scenes with David Ramsey — Photo: Dean Jack Rowand/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


Oliver finds his sister at their father’s grave. Oliver greets her with open arms and tells her he wants to prove to her he’s not like his father. But she expresses she wants nothing to with him or his family.

Her words seem to ring in Oliver’s ears as he and Laurel are being interviewed by a reporter about changing their ways as vigilantes. Laurel as the District Attorney and Oliver as Green Arrow working with the Star City police. When the interview is done, Felicity senses Oliver’s distress and assures him Emiko will see the good.

Later that day, the reporter is kidnapped and held for ransom saying Oliver needs to pay for his crimes. With the surroundings shown on the ransom video Green Arrow and the SCPD were able to find the warehouse where the reporter is held. When they find him, he is strung up high in the air with a man holding the end of the rope. Just as the man lets go of the rope Oliver shoots an arrow which releases a net catching the reporter, but the kidnapper gets away.

With evidence the SCPD find from the scenes, they track the kidnapper to a Sam Hackett. The last name sounds familiar to Oliver and recalls the name of the bodyguard who was on the life raft with him and his father. The bodyguard his father shot before taking his own life to save Oliver. When the SCPD and Oliver arrive at his apartment, Oliver finds newspaper clippings and maps showing Sam is still holding out hope that is father is still alive.

Sam goes after Oliver by taking the police as hostages. Rigging a device that uses the electricity of the building to further electrify anything running a current. Including taking a few police officers as hostages wearing wired vests to electrocute them by pressing a switch Sam is holding. As Oliver tries to talk him down and tells him what happened to his father, Dinah is able to get the device off the electrical box outside rendering anything in the station and the vests useless for Sam to electrocute anyone with.

The following day, the reporter who was kidnapped brings Oliver back to his program to have him further explain the situation that happened the day before. Oliver confides that he wasn’t truthful about what really happened on the life raft saying his father was a murderer in taking the life of his bodyguard before taking his own.

At the end of the episode, it seems Emiko has a change of heart after seeing the interview.

Arrow’s 150TH episode, The Emerald Archer, on February 4th!!