Before Arrowverse fans were immersed in the 3 part crossover of “Elseworlds”, which will bring “Crisis on Infinite Earths” next fall, Arrow fans were getting some questions answered before the holiday break. Not that “Elseworlds” wasn’t intense with the bringing of Batwoman and other DC characters fans have yet to witness in the Arrowverse. But things are getting fairly interesting the world of Oliver Queen and friends.



Oliver is out of jail thanks to the help of Felicity and Laurel. Diaz is finally in jail. But now the question that looms on everyone’s mind: Will Oliver take up the green suit again?

Oliver makes his first public appearance at a gala made in his honor. Just as he is about to make a speech, arrows are shot at three targets. Oliver stops one of the three by catching it in mid-air. He notices the culprit is a copycat but a murderer and wants to stop him before he hurts anyone else.

Because they didn’t get a good look at the archer, Dinah and Oliver suspect the person responsible is the new Green Arrow. But Renee doesn’t think so and believes he is innocent. Renee then sets up a meeting with the new Green Arrow allowing Dinah and Oliver to tag along. But when the new Green Arrow sees Renee didn’t come along, he runs away which makes him look guilty in the eyes of Dinah and Oliver. But later the next day, Dianh finds evidence the new Green Arrow was not able to be at the gala due to taking out robbers across town.

Oliver then goes to Max Fuller, an old acquaintance from before Lian Yu, to question him about the two men who were targeted at the gala believing he knows information on them. After questioning him, he arrives home. After a couple minutes have passed, Felicity realizes her home security system did not go off. The door is then blown off by the copycat and Oliver is targeted. When Oliver has taken him down, he finds Felicity holding a gun and pointing it at the copycat. She then shots the copycat in the arm when Oliver’s grip has given a little which knocks the intruder back down. After the police take the intruder away, Oliver realizes what Diaz said about Felicity becoming a different person confronts her about the gun:

Felicity: While you were gone, I had to figure out how to survive. And I am glad that I did because the old me, she was weak.

Oliver: How can you possibly think that. The old you is the person I feel in love with.

Felicity:  Well, she’s gone. And she’s not coming back.

The person who came to kill Oliver worked for Max Fuller. After strategizing how to bring him in, Renee talks Oliver into suiting up again as the Green Arrow and working with Dinah and the SCPD. After they arrest Fuller, Dinah declares to the mayor and the city that Oliver Queen, as the Green Arrow, will be working with the SCPD.

But that was not the unmasking in which the title of this episode implies. Who is the new Green Arrow? Oliver’s half sister, Emiko.

My Name Is Emiko Queen

Emiko is taking out names written in her black book of people who she believes is responsible for her mother’s death. But when she breaks into a company to get more information on the whereabouts of the last man on her list, she runs into trouble with the security guards and is shot. She then goes to Renee for help.

The next morning, Renee tries to talk her into having his help in protecting The Glades. But she continues to say no. After a couple of days, she gets back in touch with Renee and sees he really wants to help her. She accepts his help and shows him her evidence board for getting justice for her mother who was shot in the head before a fire broke out in their home to cover up the incident.

Curtis comes to help with the surveillance tech surrounding Emiko’s target. When she takes him down and tells him why she is after him. He tells her he couldn’t have done it because he was not in the country when her mother was killed. He tells her he must have been set up to look like it was him. She checks his story out and comes to find his alibi is true and she is back at square one.

Meanwhile for Oliver, he is brought to the scene of Emiko’s break in. He finds she has left some blood on a piece of shard from the window she broke. With Dinah’s permission, he takes the shard to Felicity to have analyzed. She then tells Oliver the DNA matches his father’s side. To find more information on his sister, Oliver says his father has an off-shore account. There they find there is a storage unit still being paid for. But the unit is not registered under his father’s name. It is under his mother’s.

When they bring some boxes form the storage unit back to their apartment, Oliver finds a letter written by his father to Walter Steele, at the time may have been Oliver’s soon-to-be stepfather. In the letter, Oliver’s dad confesses about his affair and writes about Emiko and her mother asking to have them taken care of in the event of his death.

Oliver then feels frustrated that his efforts to make good on his family’s name over the years has been a waste. Especially in the knowledge his mother must have known about the affair since the evidence was in the storage unit registered under her name. And Emiko and her mother were not taken care of as they should have been. But Felicity feels it is now time for Oliver to reach out to his sister since he knows the information about her. Oliver goes to his father’s grave where he finds Emiko looking at his grave.

On the next episode….