When the last episode ended, Oliver was being transferred to Level 2 of the prison after attacking the guards. As he was being taken, Brick told Oliver the only way he was getting out of Level 2 was in a bodybag…..


Oliver is tortured with high pitch sounds and flickering lights and is given no food or water. He is soon met with a Doctor Parker, a psychologist for “treatment”. The first visit with the doctor is a short one. But as the days go on, Dr. Parker keeps questioning Oliver on who he is and drives him into guilt tripping himself for what he has done.

Dr. Parker: What happened to Hackett?
Oliver: There was only food and water for one person. My dad shot him.
Dr. Parker: Your father shot him? Then what? He doesn’t matter in this story? Just collateral damage? People without a last name Queen are human beings too. They have hopes. Dreams. Lives. Your father wasn’t a hero. Mr. Queen was a murderer.
Oliver: He saved me.
Dr. Parker: He condemned you. He is gone, but here you are caught in the same vicious cycle. Paying for his crimes.

Oliver is given shots and electric shock therapy until Dr. Parker gets the answers that he wants and frees him to roam around Level 2, giving Oliver wrist bracelets to keep him in check and handing him off to a guard to watch him.


During the night, an inmate makes its way into Oliver’s cell. After a battle, Oliver sees it is Talia and figures out she is “The Demon”. He asks her how she survived getting off the island and finds it came with Diaz’s help. But she doesn’t know where he is. She got into prison due to trouble in Gotham (Batwoman?). She knew Oliver would do anything to get to Diaz, so she lied about his whereabouts to get Oliver to her. She at first wanted to get revenge on Oliver for killing her father, but now she just wants to get out of prison and asks for his help. He doesn’t want anything to do with her and tells her to get out of his cell.


The next day, after thinking it over and apologizing to Talia for killing her father, Oliver agrees to help Talia but he also wants to get proof Dr. Parker is a dirty doctor. There is a room where inmates are sent to if they get out of line and they don’t come out alive. Oliver thinks that is the best place to get information about Dr. Parker. To get in there, Talia and Oliver stage a fight. They act like they are knocked out when they are transported to the room. They are both restrained, but Oliver is able to get free and takes out Dr. Parker and guards. Oliver is able to find a flash drive and downloads the information to take down Level 2. They escape into a room and barricade the doors…..

Talia: They won’t be long. We must go.
Oliver: (handing her the flash drive) I need you to give this to Felicity.
Talia: If you stay, you’ll die.
Oliver: If I leave, I’m a fugitive forever. I won’t do that to my family. All those years ago you were wrong. Giving the monster an identity didn’t contain the darkness. Just gave it power. Separating into two selves. Hiding in the shadows. That was never the answer.
Talia: I will make sure your wife get this. And that she knows her husband is as stubborn as ever.

Talia gets the flash drive to Felicity, but she doesn’t know who sent it to her. They think due to the information on the drive, they are able to get Oliver out of prison.

In the future, Roy and William are back in Star City…..

Roy: Star City’s seen better days.
William: God. This place. I swore I’d never step foot here again.
Roy: Yeah. Me, too.
William: Sounds like I’m not the only one with bad memories.
[GPS beeps and shows coordinates changed]
Roy: Felicity. She must know we’re here.

The coordinates are to Smoak Technologies. They walk into Felicity’s office and find the place completely trashed. William finds an operating system showing on one of the walls and decodes it. When the projection disappears, the wall opens up and reveals a bag. Inside the bag is a rubik’s cube. Before William and Roy can figure out what is going on, they are intercepted by the police and it starts to get a little hostile. A person swoops down to help them and takes the police out. She reveals herself to be Dinah dressed as Canary. Roy asks what happened to her being the captain of the SCPD and it seems she may have been fired (and she also has a scar at her throat; it also seems she cannot do her Canary Cry). She tells them someone burned down The Glades and bought up the property. “Star City feel when The Glades rose.” (This would explain the fires happening in the present. Someone wants Star City to know longer exist and to rule The Glades.)

William then solves the rubik’s cube and it projects a map of the city. Dinah asks them why they are back in Star City. They explain to her that Felicity brought them back. “That is impossible,” Dinah says. “Felicity is dead.”

Next episode, Monday, November 19th.