Going right into it…..



The Longbow Hunters

Episode 2, starts with Oliver being taken back to the prison yard after two days of consolatory confinement. When he arrives, he finds only one person who seems to not be afraid of him. He asks his new sidekick where the prisoner is who told him about Diaz finding Felicity and is given the issue Oliver wouldn’t be able to talk to him further. Oliver wants to find Diaz and seems to come to a plan to ask Brick.


When Oliver confronts Brick, he is given the option to join Brick, Sampson, and Turner. But to be a part of the group he must get rid of a guard or no deal and Oliver doesn’t get the information he needs to help his family. Oliver sees no other way and decides to comply. But instead of doing it their way, Oliver does it his way. When Turner gives him a makeshift knife, Oliver goes up to the guard and starts to antagonize him using a bit of the guard’s family as leverage. When the guard is close enough, Oliver grabs his hand, the same hand he is holding the knife, and stabs himself. This made it look like the guard had done the deed and not Oliver. The guard is forced out of the prison and out of the way of Brick, Sampson, and Turner.

In the future, on the Island of Lian Yu, William talks to Roy about what happened to his parents. They apparently abandoned him and not just recently but many years ago. William also says he wouldn’t have looked for Roy if the rock he was given by Felicity hadn’t started beeping and showed coordinates inside. The next day we find more information that William has followed Felicity and Oliver’s footsteps in going into the technology business. We also find Roy knows more information about what is going on when they dig up what is thought to be a grave and instead finds Oliver’s bow and arrows with a note inside the bow. Roy reads the note, but doesn’t share what is on it as he burns it. He only tells William they need to return to Star City.

Back in Star City, in the past, Felicity has stayed behind and wants to catch Diaz. When she finds out The Longbow Hunters are in town, she convinces Diggle to allow her to help stop them after they steal a prototype battery. The Hunters are taking a train to get to their next stop. When Diggle’s team arrives they are ready for them. But Felicity and Curtis are on their laptops and communications to make sure they escape by overseeing the doors and getting them out of the gas filled compartments. It isn’t long before Diggle spots Diaz and goes after him. During their fight, Diaz drops the battery and Diggle is able to grab it. Diggle then jumps to another car and tells Felicity to unhook the other cars which lets Diaz get away but the battery is safe. After a long pause Felicity can’t do it and Curtis is the one who unhooks the car. When Diggle gets back to ARGUS, he confronts Felicity and tells her she is too close to what is happening and can’t work with him and ARGUS. Felicity then goes to the one person she knows who can put Diaz behind bars and she has a promise to keep.

Episode 3 – Crossing Lines

Felicity goes to Agent Watson to get her and the FBI involved in finding Diaz and keeping her promise and deal she made to her and Oliver. But Agent Watson is hard to budge and tells her the FBI has other priorities and cannot dive back into the case at the moment. Felicity tells her the Longbow Hunters are in town and tells her she can help with her knowledge of Diaz’s hired team. But Agent Watson continues to say her hands are tied. But she is found to not be 100% honest with Felicity.

Felicity, at her visit with Agent Watson, had a bug but into her office. Renee and Felicity watch as Agent Watson brings the case to the FBI Director. They find the FBI hadn’t had a lead on Diaz until Felicity came in about the Longbow Hunters. But the Director does not see the priority of the case and tells Watson to back down and go in another direction. Knowing Watson wants to keep her word and get Diaz, Felicity talks her and Dinah into going to get Diaz on their own. The next place Diaz and the Longbow Hunters will hit is the CDC.

At the prison, Oliver finds out Brick was just the middle man. A man named “The Demon” knows the whereabouts of Diaz. Brick tells Oliver the cell doors will open after lights out and he can find “The Demon” in his cell. Taking Brick’s information, he goes in search for the cell. When he arrives it’s empty and a trap has been set with Turner and other prisoners ambushing Oliver.

When Oliver defeats Turner and the other inmates, he takes Turner as a hostage to get the information he needs. Turner tells Oliver all the other prisoners are in the mess hall which is guarded by two inmates. Turner is the ticket in and Oliver is able to get in with his help. But when he goes inside, there is no turning back from what happens next…..

How does Oliver survive in Level 2? Will he find “The Demon” and get the information he needs to take down Diaz? Will Felicity be able to catch Diaz without the FBI’s help? What did the note in episode 2 say that made Roy burn it?

Will we find out all our burning questions from the past 3 episodes?!