Posted: October 20, 2018 by Erin Marie Durcan

The premiere has plenty of twists and turns as well as action sequences this year to kick off the 7th season thanks to the writers of Arrow and James Bamford who directed the season opener. This was definitely an episode fans didn’t want to miss. With Oliver in jail, Ricardo Diaz alive and wanting his revenge, the Arrow team trying keeping Star City safe, and surprise scenes in the mix things are looking mighty good for the start of this season.


Oliver is having trouble coping with jail life. He marks the five months he’s been in jail on the wall of his cell with a piece of stone. His days seem to be a continuous repeat: nightmares of Diaz finding Felicity and William and putting a bullet into his wife, keeping in shape, staring at a family photo, and the prison guards as well as inmates Derek Sampson, Danny “Brick” Brickwell, and Ben Turner try to get under Oliver’s skin and use his family for leverage to get their way. But Oliver is determined to keep his head down to get back to his family and to not get into any fights that may arise from both sides. It isn’t until they horribly beat up a wrongfully accused man and then ambush Oliver giving him a message from Diaz that Felicity is dead, he no longer holds back….

Meanwhile, in a city far from Star City, Felicity is making a new life under a new identity and using her old looks as a disguise working in a coffee shop. She and William are away from everyone they knew and are set up that way by Diggle and ARGUS with Oliver’s instructions to put them under witness protection with a security system set up in their apartment.

But one morning the security system goes on error….

Back in Star City, a new vigilante is in town targeting arms dealers. And the big question is: who is the vigilante who dresses and uses the same arrows as the Green Arrow? No one on the Arrow team knows who it is. Captain Dinah Drake is determined to get him off the street in fear it will bring the FBI back to the city. Renee, who has been teaching self-defense classes to kids, wants to join him in saving what is left of the city to give people back their hope.

The surprise scenes: A return to the island….


All new Arrow, Monday October 22nd , on the CW.

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