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It’s been a couple of weeks since the finale of Season 6. But I’m sure fans will be talking about this episode until the premiere of Season 7 next October.
Here’s what happened….


As we saw the week before, Agent Watson had agreed to help Oliver get Ricardo Diaz under two conditions. After admitting to Agent Watson that he was the Green Arrow, Oliver is able to get closer to taking down Diaz with the FBI’s help, as well as working alongside WildDog, Diggle, Black Canary, Mr. Terrific, and Felicity. But Diaz stays one step ahead until he decides to hold Laurel captive and calls Mayor Lance. In exchange for her life Mayor Lance has to get the FBI out of his city.

Quentin tells Oliver and the FBI about the situation with Laurel and what Diaz wants. Agent Watson convinces him to have Diaz do a proof of life to get Diaz out into the open. But in fear for Laurel’s life, he disagrees right away. After talking with Diaz again, he changes his mind and tells Oliver about his peacemaker. At the time, Oliver doesn’t know this would be crucial information to finally bringing Diaz down.

Diaz agrees to meet Quentin at a meeting place. Diaz does not bring Laurel and in a risky move Quentin tells him the FBI are near and they need to move quickly to avoid them. When Oliver and the rest of the cavalry arrive at the spot, Diaz and Quentin are already gone. But Oliver remembers the comment about Quentin’s peacemaker and realizes Felicity can track him down.

The teams arrive taking down Diaz’s men. They each go their separate ways with Dinah getting Quentin and Laurel. She frees Laurel who is wearing a dampening collar and helps Quentin who has been shot by Diaz in the stomach by taking the bullet aimed for Laurel. Oliver goes after Diaz chasing him to the roof. But he doesn’t take him down right away. (Fans get to see some awesome fighting in the rain between the Green Arrow and Diaz.) When Oliver finally corners him, Laurel shows up and knocks him off the roof and into the river below with her canary cry. With regret he did not take out Diaz himself, Oliver is still able to take down Diaz’s men with the sniffer device in his suit that was able to download the information from the disc around his neck. But Diaz is still thought to be alive since his body was not found in the river.

Everyone then comes together at the hospital to wish Quentin a speedy recovery before he goes into surgery. When Oliver comes to see him, Quentin knows what sacrifices he had to do to get the FBI involved.
Oliver: Quentin, I hope I took the time to tell you…’re a really good father.
Quentin: So are you.
Oliver: I had a good example
Quentin: Yeah. Your dad was a good man.
Oliver: I’m not talking about my dad.
Quentin: Thanks Oliver. For everything.

Little does Oliver know, those would be the last words he would say to him. As Agent Watson arrests Oliver (the second condition: for immunity for his team, Oliver would go to jail), the doctor comes back to tell everyone, including Sara who had just arrived, that Mayor Lance suffered a seizure during the operation and had died.

The time leading up to his arrest, Oliver made amends with everyone. Saying his sorry’s and asking for forgiveness, even making a suit for Diggle to be the Green Arrow again.


So here’s what we know for Season 7 so far:
*Roy Harper will be back in Star City (What happened to Thea?)
*Oliver is in jail
*Star City knows who the Green Arrow really is
*Diaz is still alive
*The FBI knows who everyone is (WildDog, Mr. Terrific, Overwatch, Green Arrow, Black Canary)
*Who is the new mayor of Star City?
*Diggle can suit up as the Green Arrow

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