The battle for Star City is heating up for the season finale this week! And with the finale we may get a glimpse of what is to come this fall for Season 7!
Here is a recap of the last two episodes….


In Docket No. 11-19-41-73, the trail is beginning for Oliver with Ricardo Diaz in full power of how the trail could end. Not only does he have power over the city’s police, but also the judge and prosecutor who are handling the case. But before things get too crazy, the episode starts with Diggle in Kansia rescuing a man who could help Oliver.

In the meantime, the teams are getting ready to testify. Renee already feels guilty for getting Oliver into the mess that he’s in that he is willing to do anything he can to get him cleared. Quentin talks to the media to tell him he is not the Green Arrow and Laurel says she would take the stand if she is called to say who the Green Arrow is.

When the trail begins, Diggle is called as the first witness. But he is running late, coming from Kansia, and has an hour to appear or he is put in contempt of court. The prosecutor calls Dinah as the next witness. She is drilled by the prosecutor and invokes on the 5th Amendment which doesn’t make her or Oliver look good. Diggle finally arrives just as the judge is about to call him in contempt. He is also drilled and is asked about his unexplained hospitalizations. Then Renee is called. As he is testifying, Diaz brings in Zoe for leverage. In the fear of Diaz harming Zoe, he tells the court Oliver is the Green Arrow and was a part of his team. As Diaz is leaving, Dinah and John jump him as he is leaving the courthouse. But as John is about to punch Diaz the cops arrive to stop him.

The court goes into recess. Oliver and his attorney go into a private room. Things aren’t looking good for Oliver and his attorney asks for some help. And the only way she can do that is by one question: “Are you the Green Arrow?” Oliver admits to her that he is. She then tries to convince him to tell the court, to tell everyone because he has saved Star City so many times. But Oliver tells her he can’t because he would be putting his family and friends at risk.

It is then Defense Attorney’s turn when the court is called back in. The first witness is Felicity. The attorney brings up the picture that was doctored showing Oliver as the Green Arrow. But when it is the Prosecutor’s turn she brings up about her father being a criminal and because she didn’t know he was a criminal how her judgment of character is. Then it is Oliver’s turn to take the stand. He tells the court he is not the Green Arrow but knows who is. He is then drilled by the Prosecutor on his five years he was reported missing. She shows the court a picture of him in Russia. He admits he did not spend all the years on the island. Then the questioned is asked: “What else have you lied about?” Before he can answer a person dressed as the Green Arrow comes through a skylight in the middle of the courtroom. The person reveals himself as “Tommy Merlyn”.

“Tommy” tells the court he has been the Green Arrow since the beginning and that he faked his death. He is taken into custody without much more questioning. When he is taken down to the garage to be taken to prison, Spartan and WildDog team up and free “Tommy”. When they get into the getaway van, “Tommy” is revealed to be Christopher Chance.

The plan was thought to have kept close to only a few people, but Diaz found out about it and threatens Oliver with the news. It is told to Quentin that he threatens the life of his lawyer if it is not presented to the court of what has occurred. With the feeling all is truly lost, Oliver makes plans with Felicity of where she and William should go after the trail is over and he is sentenced to prison.

Laurel then takes the stand. She decides to stand up to Diaz and tells the court that Tommy is the Green Arrow. But even with her testimony, Oliver is still found to be guilty. But the twist to Oliver’s freedom came into Chance disguising himself as the judge who dismissed the case due to the evidence being too conflicting. When they get back to the bunker, Oliver finds out it was Renee’s idea.

Oliver makes a visit to Renee to thank him. Renee apologizes for his betrayal. Oliver apologizes for making Renee feel like he couldn’t come to him and for everything that has happened to him. They accept each other’s apology and shake hands.
Diaz gets a hold of the judge. Judge tries to tell him it wasn’t him but Diaz isn’t listening. He then shoots the judge dead. Laurel then shows up and tries to take down Diaz. She almost succeeds but Diaz has his device that works on Siren’s cry. He then tells Laurel since Plan A didn’t work, he’ll use Plan B to take down Oliver by killing him and everyone he knows.

And he does. In The Ties That Bind, he sends in his men: to Oliver’s apartment where he is having a family dinner with Felicity and William; at the hospital where Diggle is being checked by a doctor on his arm; Curtis is on a date with his boyfriend at his place; and Renee is with Zoe at their home. Dinah, as Black Canary, is attacked on the streets. After getting Curtis’s date to a hospital after taking a couple of bullets for Curtis, everyone meets up at the bunker of team 2. They log into the surveillance cameras at the Green Arrow’s bunker and find it is being ransacked. Oliver asks for trust from everyone in standing down. He doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt because Diaz is going after him. Oliver goes to Anatoly (who is still with Diaz) who agrees to help.

Anatoly meets up with Diaz and sets him up in finding a secure place. Diaz chooses the SCPD and travels there by armored van. On the way there, they are stopped to what looks to be workers with a forklift in the middle of the road. But they are quickly put underfire by the Green Arrow and team. Diaz escapes the truck and runs on foot but not getting too far because he is quickly stopped by Curtis. They fight and during the fight Curtis almost gets a hold of a zip drive that was around Diaz’s neck. But Diaz stabs Curtis in the side and recovers the drive.

When the team gets back to the bunker, they find that the drive has evidence as against Diaz. Lyla volunteers to go in and set up a sniffer that could download the encrypted files. During the download, Lyla is discovered for the real reason for her visit and is cornered. All come in for the fight, with Felicity coming into the precinct to get the sniffer. While Felicity is leaving, she is found by Diaz who points a gun to the back of her head. Just in time, Oliver sees Diaz and the gun and shoots an exploding arrow at Diaz.

When they get back to the bunker, Felicity starts to encrypt the data from the sniffer. It isn’t long before Diaz finds them. To get them out, Diaz breaks the gas line bringing a gas smell into the bunker. Oliver tells everyone to leave. Felicity refuses to leave until the encryption is done. When the gas gets be too much and they can hardly breath, at 80 percent, they start going up the stairs to get out. Diaz is there to meet as they are climbing the staircase. Before leaving, Curtis gave Oliver a remote detonator to blow up the bunker. When Oliver sees his opportunity he presses the button which causes some of the explosion to knock Diaz out. Oliver and Felicity barely make it out before the building goes into full inferno. But they find Diaz was not in the building when it went up.

Oliver then goes to the only one who can help him….

Season Finale this Thursday!!