Oliver continues to fight for Star City when he decides to do the work alone and leave Quentin in charge of the city as mayor. But Diaz continues to get further ahead joining The Quadrant and adding them into the fight.


The Green Arrow goes to Moscow to do an errand for a mob boss in exchange for a debt in which needed to be repaid for Anatoly to be able to go home. Oliver makes a visit to Anatoly himself to tell him what he had done. Anatoly tells him he is no longer an honorable man and uses a taser to take him out. When Oliver wakes up, he finds himself chained to a chair. It is then he finds out Anatoly is still working for Diaz. Oliver is still chained up when Anatoly takes him to Diaz. When he see him, Diaz takes his anger out on Oliver for Dinah, Curtis, Diggle, and Curtis destroying his shipment of weapons on their way out of Star City. Anatoly convinces him to fight him fairly without the chains. He agrees and Anatoly takes the chains off.

Oliver is then taken to a holding cell where Anatoly comes in with bandages. Oliver thanks him. Not just for the bandages, but for helping him try to bring down Diaz. Anatoly turns around and thanks him for showing him who has honor.

Anatoly: You allowed yourself to be captured so I could bring you to Diaz.
Oliver: You know, I just thought that I could count on you to be the man I knew. That man was my friend.
Anatoly: Hurry up with the bandages. I have a plan to get you out of here.
But before Anatoly leaves the holding cell, Oliver is called by Diaz.

The trail begins May 3rd.